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Athlete Sad On A Bench After A Failed Doping Test

Can Supplements Get You In Trouble for Doping?

By Emma Green, PhD / November 25, 2019 /

Did you know you could unknowingly fail a doping test by consuming a tainted supplement? Find out which substances to watch out for and how to be prepared.

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Brown Haired Woman With Allergies Sneezing Into Napkin

10 Best Supplements for Allergies (Natural Antihistamines)

By Emma Green, PhD / August 19, 2019 /

Allergies are never fun; runny noses and itchy eyes are the worst. These are 10 allergy relief supplements that act as natural antihistamines.

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Depressed Woman Laying Down And Hugging Pillow

8 Best Supplements for Depression

By Emma Green, PhD / August 12, 2019 /

Depression is a serious condition that affects 300 million people worldwide. These are 8 natural supplements that can help fight depression.

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Woman Hunched Over In Pain From Pms Symptoms

8 Best Supplements for PMS Relief

By Emma Green, PhD / August 5, 2019 /

These are the 8 best natural supplements that can be used alongside physical activity to help make PMS symptoms more manageable.

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Best Supplements For Pcos Symptoms

10 Best Supplements for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

By Emma Green, PhD / June 28, 2019 /

PCOS is a common hormonal disorder in women of reproductive age and is associated with a number of long and short term health consequences

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Young Woman Holding The Bridge Of Her Nose Suffering From A Migraine

11 Best Supplements for Migraine Relief

By Emma Green, PhD / May 14, 2019 /

We have put together a list of the 11 best natural supplements you should consider taking if you suffer from migraines or extreme headaches.

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Man Checking His Blood Pressure With Machine

13 Best Supplements for High Blood Pressure

By Emma Green, PhD / April 29, 2019 /

Hypertension is a serious condition and affects a lot of people. These 13 natural supplements can help you reduce your high blood pressure.

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Best Antioxidant Supplements

6 Best Antioxidant-Rich Supplements

By Emma Green, PhD / March 28, 2015 /

Antioxidants are crucial to many factors of our overall health. These 6 types of supplements have the highest antioxidant levels we could find.

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Best Supplements With Essential Fatty Acids

7 Best Supplements that Provide Essential Fatty Acids

By Emma Green, PhD / March 27, 2015 /

Both omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids are important for health. They must be obtained from food or supplementation as our body cannot make them.

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