How We Rank Supplements & Create Our Content

Our mission at Top10Supps is to help you save time by doing the hours of research that it takes to pick a good supplement from a reliable brand.

We do this by presenting you with a list of top 10 supplements in various categories such as BCAAs, whey protein powders, fat burners and pre-workouts… just to name a few (there are hundreds of them).

But how do we make this list?

This is what people want to know the most, and for good reason. Transparency is important to us, especially when it comes to something like your health.

First, here is what we DON’T DO.

We do not do independent lab testing of products and we don’t personally consume every product to test it (that would be insane).

We are not a medical or scientific authority and we do not claim to be one. We are a small consumer guide website with a mission to save you time on research while shopping.

If you are looking for places that do offer stuff closer to that, is a great resource.

So onto what we DO DO (heh):

Here is a look into the process which we undertake to save you hours of research and aimless browsing through shady sites and fake reviews.

Step 1:

We pick a category of supplement. e.g. Whey Protein Powders

Step 2:

We spend hours looking for as many products that are for sale as possible at various different online retailers.

Step 3:

Once we have a big list of products that actually exist, we begin applying certain criteria to continuously narrow down the products until we get to what we think are the 10 best products within that category.

Step 4:

We put together the list into an easily digestible article and write up descriptions of each product with information that we think is crucial for you to know while researching a product.

It’s that simple!

But wait, what is this “certain criteria”?

Of course, you’d like to know what criteria we actually apply while narrowing down our lists, so here is a look into things we consider:

When narrowing down products we consider the following:

Overall Quality

We consider the overall quality and presentation of both the products and the companies behind them. A company should take pride in its products and its presentation of them. We try our best to weed out shady companies that offer low quality stuff and we’ve gotten pretty good at it over the past 10 years.

Brand Trust

Is this a trustworthy brand? What do they stand for? What are users saying about it? Does it have a recall history? Can you contact them easily (very important)? We take all this and more into consideration.

User Feedback

What are people saying about the product? We get into the trenches to aggregate user reviews and feedback of products.

This one is a big one. There are SO MANY fake reviews out there, it would make your head spin. Over the past 10 yrs our team has gotten really good at weeding out fake nonsense and focusing on the reviews that are legitimate.

We also welcome and consider feedback emailed to us.

Ingredient Profile

Any notable, science-backed ingredients? Are they in line with industry standards? Where were they sourced from? Just a few of the many questions we ask when examining ingredient usage.

Label Analyzation

What’s on the label? Does it follow industry standards? Is it misleading? Are there any errors? Just a few of the many things we look for in a supplement label.


Does the company abide by industry standards? Do they send their products for lab testing and clinical trials? Are they created in FDA approved facilities?

Pricing & Value

Is this product worth the price? How does it compare to other products that offer similar ingredients? Is there a money-back guarantee? We try to find the best value for our visitors.


Where can you buy this product? Does it ship worldwide? Is it available from reputable vendors? We want to make it easy for you to buy seamlessly.

Other Factors

Does this company use questionable/spammy practices? Do they make unreasonable promises? Do they misrepresent being a “legal alternative”? You’ve probably seen all the ridiculous claims before and we have too.

There you have it….

These are things that any consumer considers when buying anything, we simply perform the hours of research that you would spend in an effort to save you time to enjoy your life (we have no life).

Wait, who writes the product descriptions, FAQs and need based supplement guides?

Great question!

We have a team of writers who have careers and accreditation in the health and fitness industry!

For our need-based supplement guides, we choose expert writers who have experience in researching/writing each type of need to create a thorough and useful guide for you!