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1Fury Pre-Workout









  • Transparent label
  • Lots of energy
  • Synergistic approach
  • Advanced creatine technology


  • Moderately dosed overall
  • Weak pump
  • Pricey

1Mission Nutrition 1Fury Formula FAQ

  • One container: 30
  • Price: $39.99
  • Serving Size: 8.7 grams
  • Serving Suggestion: On their website, they say to take one serving of 1Fury 15 to 20 minutes before exercise.
  • Refund Policy: Returns are accepted on 1Mission Nutrition supplements within 30 days of purchase. Shipping charges are non-refundable. Returned clothing or gear items must be clean, not worn and in original packaging. Refunds will be credited back to the original method of payment within 7 -10 business days.

The industry is filled with companies that mass-produce products that are “either great, but pricey” -or- “cheap, but weak.” Not to mention products that look like carbon copies of an older and better formula.

No matter what angle you look at it from, supplement companies are and will always be for profit. But then there’s 1Mission, a supplement company that not only wants to sell high-quality gym products; but also help out deployed US Soldiers in return!

To help with that cause they produced one of their, now flagship, products called 1Fury. 1Fury is a pre-workout that promises to deliver energy, focus, and pumps among other perks. One of its main selling points is the use of a rare form of creatine that is said to be absorbed better than traditional creatine monohydrate.

Is 1Fury pre-workout as good as 1Mission’s charitable cause? Let’s go find out!

Who Makes It?

1Fury is sold by 1Mission Nutrition, a supplement retailer based out of Kalispell, Montana [1]. They derived their name from the reason they founded the company, and that is to provide deployed US soldiers with a Strength Box which is partially funded by consumers with each purchase.

Marketing Claims Made

The following claims were made about 1Fury:

  • Fat burning: The angle they took on fat burning isn’t that good, but given that they do contain stimulants means there is some form of weight loss benefit here.
  • Focus: One of the surprising benefits to come out of this pre-workout, their combination of theobromine, tyrosine, and DMAE should help keep your brain’s attention towards exercising and nothing more.
  • Pumps: Weak pumps in general, but it’s better than nothing.
  • Energy: Lots of energy, even if you’re the type who chugs down stim powder like there’s no tomorrow. The 300 mg caffeine plus yohimbine stack is a classic fat burning and energy combo.
  • Strength: The performance perks aren’t as hard-hitting as some of the supplements we’ve recently reviewed, but they still did manage to add that in their formula.

What’s in it?

Now, let’s take a closer look at what’s inside 1Fury pre-workout:

  • Beta-Alanine: Beta-alanine is considered the most popular ingredient in pre-workouts, right next to creatine (or perhaps even on top of it). It is loved because it gives users enhanced performance, delayed fatigue, and better muscle recovery [2]. We have the plain form, so you might experience itchiness and some tingling under your skin. But don’t worry, some say it’s a sign that the ingredient is working.
  • Kre-Alkalyn (Buffered creatine monohydrate): This form of creatine is supposedly capable of being absorbed and utilized better [3]. The science is, creatine is more likely to be converted to creatinine due to the effects of stomach acids. This explains the need for creatine loading and large doses. However, buffering helps “protect” creatine from acids which can lead to better strength and muscle improvements. How reliable this new ingredient is up to anyone’s experiences, though.
  • Betaine Anhydrous: Betaine has become a staple in pre-workouts only recently, thanks to its dual benefits for pump and recovery [4]. However, we can’t help but feel that it’s a weak ingredient for pump purposes. It’s not meant to be the direct source, but rather a complementary ingredient meant to enhance a stronger, pump-inducing ingredient like citrulline. The dosage is also really weak.
  • Taurine: If you’ve been chugging down sports drinks, there’s a chance you’ve seen or heard about taurine. Taurine is often taken alongside caffeine because it helps with muscle hydration [5]. Better muscle hydration leads to better physical performance. Pair it with caffeine, and you’re off to a running start at whatever it is you set to do.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous: Caffeine is perhaps one of the best and cheapest ingredients for pure energy [6]. If you can tolerate the side effects, or have ways to reduce or prevent them, the better your life would be. The 300 mg dosage is a bit too high for us, though, given that it’s equivalent to three cups of coffee. With nothing to reduce the harsh side effects (jitters, crash, nausea, etc.), taking this much caffeine would be a gamble.
  • DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol): DMAE is known for its nootropic benefits. It boosts neurotransmitters in the brain, specifically acetylcholine. It also helps with brain cell health. as for why it’s in a supplement, it’s said to help with memory, mood, and learning [7].
  • n-Acetyl Tyrosine: Tyrosine is another nootropic. It’s often taken for focus, attention, and relaxation [8]. It mainly acts as an anxiolytic meaning it helps decrease stress, and when you’re working out, you’re really, really stressed. A thoughtful addition, but the better one would have been Acetyl-L-Tyrosine for max absorption and effects.
  • Theobromine: As the name implies, theobromine is the very compound found in chocolates [9]. It is an antioxidant that has general cardiovascular benefits. In supplements, theobromine is added as a nootropic, it’s thought to possess “feel good” effects although we’re not sure if it’s due to the compounds itself or because it was ingested as chocolate.
  • Yohimbine: In small doses like the one we have here, yohimbine is still considered a good stimulant [10]. Granted, the dosing could have been easily doubled without incurring some of its side effects (temporary hypertension being one), we’re still glad to see it now in newer products.

Supplement Facts Label

1fury Pre=workout Supplement Facts Label


Though the dosage could have been better, it’s not to say 1Fury doesn’t have any benefits.

1Fury can still provide a massive energy surge, help reduce fatigue, and build on muscle recovery for the workout tomorrow. It also has decent nootropics to help with the stress of intense exercising. Yohimbine also works well with caffeine, so not only will be energized but you’ll be wanting to lift for longer periods too.

And hey, yohimbine also has some fat burning effects which are always a nice-to-have benefit to pre-workouts.

As for the pump, we can’t really say you’ll feel pumped. However, there could be some extra benefit but nothing too extreme or intense.


The one thing to worry about is the combination of caffeine and yohimbine. These two stimulate your brain and make your body do stuff that it wasn’t in the mood for 10 minutes ago. However, the risks of intense stimulation are the side effects. In the case of caffeine, you might end up being jittery, crashing, and just have a bad day during or after the effects wear off.

For yohimbine, there’s a risk of temporary heart palpitations and elevated blood pressure.

We always recommend you speak with your doctor before taking any supplements featured on this site.

How to Take It

The website said to take one serving of 1Fury 15 to 20 minutes before exercise. Nothing else, not on the frequency or water level.


Currently, 1Fury has three flavors to choose from:

  • Sweet Tart
  • Huckleberry Rush
  • Watermelon Rage

Their bestseller seems to be Sweet Tart.

Number of Servings

There are 30 servings in one jar which should last approximately 30 full days worth of training.

Top Alternative to This Product

1Fury vs Insane Labs Psychotic

The closest supplement that comes to mind when it comes to rivaling 1Fury is Insane Labs Psychotic Pre-workout.

Below are ingredients Psychotic pre-workout has that also parallels that of 1Fury.

  • Beta-alanine
  • Creatine monohydrate
  • Caffeine
  • DMAE
  • Yohimbine

While the dosing is hidden for Psychotic pre-workout, we’d like to assume that they’re similar or close.

Between 1Fury and Psychotic pre-workout, we think 1Fury is the better pre-workout. They show transparent dosing and make use of a more advanced creatine form. 1Fury also makes use of a lot of helpful nootropics as well as ingredients that work well with caffeine.

Customer Feedback

Aside from their official site, 1Fury is not available on many other online retailers, but we did manage to find a few Facebook reviews of the product. We were not able to locate any of Amazon. The customers praised the mission of the company, the flavors of 1Fury, and some of the benefits of taking it for exercises such as energy and focus.

Have you tried this product? Leave a review below and let us know what you think!

Bottom Line

There wasn’t much to expect from 1Fury pre-workout, other than the usual benefits associated with a typical pre-workout formula. It generally helps with added energy, stimulation, focus, better lifts, and some muscle recovery.

We like how they used a rare form of creatine which is a sign that the people behind 1Fury have done their research. More than that, we also praise their charitable mission dedicated to deployed US Soldiers.

Dosaging aside, 1Fury is a decent pre-workout that should be a good brand for those who want to start taking supplements and at the same time help the hard-working people in the army.

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