Anlit Releases New Chewable Feminine Probiotics

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Chewable Feminine Probiotics By Anlit

Israeli supplements manufacturer Anlit that used to develop supplements mostly for kids, has launched a Feminine Probiotic chewable supplement to help women maintain a natural balance of gut bacteria and support their health.

Highlights Of The Product

Anlit Feminine Probiotic chewable supplement is vegan-friendly, gluten-free, nut-free, and certified kosher and halal formula. It contains:

  • six different strains of beneficial live probiotic bacteria
  • cranberry extract

Cranberry extract prevents adherence of E. coli (which causes many bacterial infections) to the bladder wall.

The combination of probiotics and cranberry extract helps:

  • Improve digestion and support genitourinary tract health
  • Help fight against recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs)

With the help of “ProBites LLP, Long-Life Probiotic” technology they have managed to incorporate a live bacteria into chewy form, maintaining stability in ambient conditions. Also, to provide a high-quality product, Anlit uses a double packaging system with multilayer laminate.

Flavors & Servings

Achieving the perfect flavor was the biggest challenge for Anlit. They wanted to compromise neither quality nor taste. The aim was to create a product different from common unpleasant tasting tablets or super sour cranberry juice.

Anlit has managed to develop a vanilla-cranberry flavor chew that is healthy and tasty at the same time. You can enjoy these probiotic chews being at home or on the go at any time. It is recommended to take 1-2 chews a day.

Where To Buy

The Feminine Probiotic chewable supplement is not available yet on the brand’s website. However, this supplement with a few more other great supplements will be available for purchase in the nearest future, so don’t miss it.