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Where to Buy BPI Sports Best Protein Bar

BPI Sports Best Protein Bar Overview

Unlike any other protein bar, BPI Sports Best Protein Bar not only contains a load of essential protein but also has an awesome taste. The improved taste is due to the added flavor. Protein bars can be flat and dull. BPI Sports Best Protein Bar easily solves this problem. It is the ultimate combination of nutrition and flavor designed for those who like their food tasty.

The human body requires a high amount of proteins to build up muscle. Proteins are also necessary for growth and also for repair of damaged tissue. Therefore, protein bars are perfect for those looking to add muscle. They are particularly ideal for those looking to load up with protein but have no time for cooking.

BPI Best Sports Protein Bar is made only of ingredients that have proven record of a high amount of protein. Such proteins include whey and milk. It also has great texture and a good amount of fiber hence it will greatly boost your digestion. Also, it lacks trans fats so you don’t need to worry about piling up bad cholesterol in your system. The most noticeable advantage, however, is the improved flavor.

This protein bar comes in a variety of flavors like cinnamon crunch and cookies and cream. Hence, this protein bar is not only a great nutrient enhancer but is also a fun snack that you can indulge on at any time.

What’s in it?


BPI Best Sports Protein Bar contains twenty grams of protein. The protein comes from three ingredients; whey protein isolates, milk protein isolates and whey powder.

Whey protein isolates

It is obtained from cheese. It is completely purified so that what remains is pure protein. They are therefore absorbed in the body very fast.

Whey powder

This is whey protein in powder form. Contains a huge amount of pure protein

Milk protein isolates

Skimmed milk is purified so that 80 percent of it is protein. The rest is casein proteins. Casein gives the product smooth texture similar to that found in milk products.

Branched chain amino acids

  • Valine
  • Leucine
  • Isoleucine


Isomalt-oligosaccharides are short-chain carbohydrates that are mainly indigestible in the stomach. Therefore, they act as fiber, enhancing the movement of GIT and modulating blood sugar levels. They have low glucose level. It is a prebiotic. Prebiotics promote the growth of healthy bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. They also have sweetening properties further adding the sweetness of the protein bar.


Vanilla, peanuts, almond, cocoa powder, peanut wafers, artificial flavors
Natural sweetener Stevia
Trace additives
Soy lecithin, nonfat dry milk, maltitol, peanut oil, salt, sucralose, palm kernel oil

Overall macronutrients content

Proteins 20 grams
Fiber- 17grams
Carbs-28 grams



BPI Best Sports Protein Bar has three important protein combinations; milk isolates, whey powder, and whey protein isolates. Studies show that the combination of these three proteins supports an increase in burning of fat and increased protein synthesis.

This combination also speeds up the recovery of damaged muscle. This protein bar has a higher concentration of whey proteins than other similar products. This makes it contain more amino acids than the other bars; branched-chain amino acids have a high absorption profile. Hence, they enter blood stream faster and are consequently transported to muscles.

At the muscles, they promote protein synthesis. Its high fiber content (17g) also makes it easily digestible. It will not cause you bloating or any digestion problems. It lacks any unnecessary filler that is likely to prevent you from attaining your nutritional goals. Also, it lacks Trans fats so as you load up, your overall health will not be compromised. Users will especially love the variety of flavors available that they can choose.

Overall Quality

Ingredients of high quality create a high-quality product. There are two processes of getting whey proteins; microfiltration and ion exchange. The ion exchange process is the cheaper of the two processes. It involves the use of chemicals to separate the protein.

These chemicals are harsh and can denature proteins and reduce other nutrients thus resulting in the low quality product. BPI Sports Best Protein Bar is manufactured by an alternative process. The manufacturer of this product uses only the best quality of whey proteins available. The whey proteins are obtained by microfiltration.

The process is carried out in cold temperature. The microfiltration process is good because the product obtained is very pure and has little else apart from protein. There is no denaturation of protein and other nutrients when microfiltration is used.

Quality does not stop at the ingredients, however. After manufacture of the product, the product is tested by a third party laboratory. This laboratory assesses the quantities of ingredients as well as the purity of the bars.

These factors must meet certain specified standards. When these are met, the product receives a mark of quality and can then be distributed for sale. Therefore, whatever you get in the market has not only been verified by the factory, but also by an independent authority. Rest assured that whatever you are consuming is safe.


  • It has an awesome taste. With the wide array of flavorings added, this product will certainly appeal to the consumer with a sweet tooth.
  • There are many varieties to choose from. The bar comes in four flavors; s’mores, cinnamon crunch, chocolate peanut butter and cookies and cream. You can try out different flavors on a daily basis so that you don’t get bored with just one.
  • They are cheap. Twelve bars cost about twenty-five dollars which is affordable for most consumers.
  • It has a huge amount of high-quality whey proteins. These are easily absorbed making the consumer attain their nutritional goals with just one bar.
  • Smooth texture. Other protein bars are either too hard or too soft. BPI best sports protein has managed to strike a balance. It will not stick to your teeth and you will certainly not break your jaws when biting into this bar.
  • Has high fiber content. Fiber is necessary for bowel movement. Therefore, this product will not give consumers constipation.
  • Lacks fillers. Fillers like corn starch if consumed in large quantities have the potential to increase your weight. This would contradict the objective of the protein bar.
  • No gluten, therefore, is safe for people who are allergic to gluten.
  • The protein bar lacks trans fats. It will not give you the lifestyle diseases common with high intake of trans fats.


  • It has very many additives. To make this bar tasty, many flavors have been incorporated. These may not be appealing to consumers who have a preference for natural protein bars.
  • It may not be suitable for people who are severely lactose intolerant. The high amount of milk protein isolates and casein may be indigestible for that group of people.
  • This protein bar has sugar alcohols. If you consume a huge proportion of them, you may end up gaining quite a substantive portion of the weight.


The taste of this product is incredible. It mixes protein with a variety of flavors to give an array of mouth-watering flavors that are certainly going to tickle your taste buds. The following flavors are available:

Cookies and cream flavor

No doubt you have tasted this flavor in creative desserts or ice-cream. It will certainly remind you of a piece of Oreo cookie. This flavor makes its entry into protein bar with BPI Sports Best Protein Bar. Imagine the taste of wafer and cream in a mouthful of nutritious protein. After hours of sweating it out in the gym, your senses will appreciate the cookies and cream protein bar. Nutrition does not come in a better flavor than this.

Cinnamon crunch

The taste of cinnamon presented in a crunchy creative way is what this flavor aims to provide. Sweet cinnamon flavors are put in frosting to give the perfect blend. If you fancy the taste and smell of cinnamon, you will love this protein bar. In addition to the twenty grams of protein, you will get, this product will also provide the nutritious benefits of cinnamon. Double nutrition benefits in one product. That is certainly value for your money.


If you love marshmallows, crackers, and chocolate, you will love smores. It has a combination of these three ingredients skillfully blended in protein giving you quite the taste. You don’t need to go or a camp to savor marshmallows. You can have them after each workout with this treat. Do you live for chocolate and crackers? Wonderfully layered together, these ingredients are set to make your mouth water. Enjoy the explosion of wildness with BPI Sports Best’ smores protein bar.

Chocolate peanut butter

High-quality cocoa beans are blended with the choicest peanuts to create the riveting combination known as chocolate peanut butter. This flavor is incorporated into a pure whey protein, and milk isolates to create a perfect mix of chocolate peanut butter flavored protein-rich bars. The peanut butter gives them an extra smooth texture while the chocolate gives it crunchiness. Apart from the flavor, these two ingredients have added a bit of protein to the overall combination, so you have more for the same price. This pre and post-workout bar will make you feel like you are having dessert all day long. Those who love flavored peanut butter will enjoy this protein bar.

Value for money

This product is the perfect blend of cost and value. Each bar gives you about twenty grams of pure protein. Also, it contains several more nutrients. Twelve bars cost twenty-five dollars. This means every bar goes for about two dollars. So you get twenty grams of pure protein for just two dollars! People looking to shape up are advised to consume about a total of one hundred grams of protein per day on average. Therefore, five BPI Sports Best Protein Bars would give you all the protein you need in a day. You would not need to get any more protein from the diet, and it would cut down the need for cooking and preparation. The money and time saved coupled with the nutritional benefits you would get is much more valuable than the cost of this product.

Final Verdict

Protein is one of an essential nutrients required by the body. Its functions are numerous; from growth to repair of damaged muscle to adding bulk to muscles. Therefore, one must ensure that their intake of protein is adequate if their body is to function optimally. It would also be prudent to take enough protein if one is looking to grow their muscles, build their body and maintain their shape. Proteins are also filling, therefore, taking them would aid in weight loss since the consumer will not feel hungry as often as they would after taking a diet loaded with carbs.

Protein bars sufficiently fulfill the protein needs of an individual without the need for consuming other dietary protein. However, for protein bars to give maximum benefit, they must contain enough pure protein. Protein can’t be pure if the method used in manufacture is not sound. Proteins that make BPI Sports Best Protein Bar are obtained through the best technique; microfiltration.

This method ensures that the product has a lot of whey proteins. These combined with milk isolates ensures an increase in absorption of amino acids, increased movement to muscles and increase in their utilization. Hence, customers reap maximum benefits from this protein bar. For a protein bar to be effective, it must sufficiently tasty. A poor taste profile will not entice the consumer to eat it.

Everyone needs to reward themselves with something sweet and nutritious before and after a workout. BPI Sports Best Protein Bar is the ultimate combination. It is delicious enough yet nutritive enough to serve as a treat and as a protein enhancer.

With four tasty flavors to choose from, you will never have to suffer through another flat and boring protein bar. BPI Sports Best Protein Bar will give you all the protein you need in a small mouth-watering package.

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