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Where to Buy BSN Cell Mass

BSN Cell Mass 2.0 Overview

Cell Mass is a supplement that is made to be used after a workout. This supplement is made with creatine, glutamine, protein, and amino acids. These ingredients are great to help you start the post-workout recovery process.

Post workout beverages can repair sore muscles and grow new muscle tissue. The creatine and glutamine found within Cell Mass are great ingredients for recovery. In addition, the protein and amino acids in this supplement will help to repair micro muscle tears that occur after a workout. These smaller tears happen to everyone that lifts weights, as this is how you grow new muscle.

The ingredients contained within this supplement shows how well BSN knows sports nutrition. Cell Mass can be used by anyone from new weightlifters to the most experienced bodybuilders. BSN knows that no one wants to spend their time after a workout feeling sore. Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients for Cell Mass.

What’s in it?

BSN Cell Mass contains the following ingredients:

Recovery Composite which contains:
Whey Protein Hydrolysate
L-Glutamine; and
Glutamine Peptides
Myogenic Matrix which contains:
Creatine Monohydrate
Creatine HCL; and
Creatine Anhydrous
Insulino Interfusion which contains:
Taurine Extract; and
Banaba Extract
Natural and Artificial Flavors

BSN Cell Mass supplement facts label


BSN Cell Mass is a supplement that is packed with beneficial recovery ingredients. However, it is best that this supplement is used after a workout. This supplement is very effective at reducing overall muscle soreness. Drinking Cell Mass after a workout will, in most cases, stop soreness from happening the next day.

In addition, Cell Mass is effective for growing new muscle tissue. The mixture of protein, creatine, and amino acids in Cell Mass are proven ingredients for growing lean muscle. You will want to use Cell Mass after every workout, in order to get the most muscle gains possible. It is recommended that you consume Cell Mass within thirty minutes after a workout, if possible.

Cell Mass can be mixed with protein shakes which makes it versatile. This supplement is made with fruit flavors so you’ll want to drink it alongside a protein shake, not mixed within it. However, consuming too much protein can cause stomach issues. Therefore, you really don’t have to consume Cell Mass with another protein supplement. Over time, you can find out if your stomach can handle Cell Mass combined with the addition of another protein powder.

Overall Quality

The BSN company must have worked hard to put Cell Mass together. This supplement contains exclusive creatine from the Con-Cret company, a well-known maker of creatine. Cell Mass has even won awards, including Creatine Supplement of the Year.

However, Cell Mass is about so much more than just creatine. Cell Mass includes a protein that is made by the BSN company. BSN has been behind some of the most well-known protein supplements, including Syntha 6 and True Mass. Also, BSN has been creating supplements for decades which makes them a trustworthy company.

The exclusive ingredients and the legendary company behind Cell Mass have made a quality supplement. Cell Mass delivers a delicious taste and beneficial recovery ingredients with every serving. This supplement also includes exclusive high-quality ingredients from other companies, like Con-Cret.



Superb Ingredients: Cell Mass is filled to the brim with some of the best recovery ingredients around, including protein, amino acids, creatine, and glutamine

Good Value for the Money: BSN Cell Mass retails for only about $30 which a small price to pay to rarely feel sore after a workout.

Wide Selection of Flavors: There are four flavors currently available for Cell Mass. Each fruit flavor tastes just like what it was supposed to. Also, each flavor of Cell Mass had a perfect amount of sweetness, without being overpowering.

Less Muscle Soreness: The joy of not dreading flights of stairs after leg day is an incredible feeling. Cell Mass helps to you feel great after even the most grueling workouts.

Quicker Muscle Growth: Cell Mass provides your exhausted muscle with the sustenance they need to grow quickly.


Sometimes Slightly Chalky Consistency: One common annoyance of amino acid supplements is keeping them mixed. A few users have reported there is sometimes a chalky taste associated with Cell Mass. However, a quick extra mixing will get rid of that chalky taste.


BSN is a company that is known for making especially delicious supplements. That trend continues with the amazing taste of Cell Mass. This supplement comes in four different flavors including Arctic Berry, Blue Raz, Grape, and Watermelon. It is recommended that you mix one scoop of Cell Mass with 4 to 6 ounces of water.

The Arctic Berry flavor is great if you want a fruit mixture taste. Blue Raz is BSN’s version of blue raspberry and has a great sourness to it. The grape and watermelon flavors are self-explanatory, in regards to what they taste like. However, every drink nailed the flavor that it was made to replicate.

Supplements that contain protein can sometimes be hard to mix. BSN has taken special care to ensure that Cell Mass mixes smoothly, although it does contain protein. Having a protein supplement that mixes in water is great for those with issues with consuming dairy products.

Cell Mass also contains amino acids within its ingredient base. You most likely know that amino acid supplements are easier to mix in water. However, Cell Mass mixes very easily in water. You may choose to use either a shaker cup or a spoon to mix Cell Mass powder with water. If you do mix this beverage with a spoon, be prepared to mix for about thirty seconds. There was no clumping that occurred while mixing together BSN Cell Mass with water.

Value for Your Money

One of the most important aspects of Cell Mass is the value you get with this supplement. Most major retailers will stock the 50 serving size of Cell Mass for around $30. BSN recommends using two servings of Cell Mass per day. Only spending around thirty dollars to use a supplement for nearly an entire month is a good deal.

The high-quality ingredients in Cell Mass make this supplement well worth $30. BSN has always worked to provide their supplements to the public at the lowest costs possible. Cell Mass provides you with many superb ingredients which makes the $30 price tag a low price to pay.

If you’ve got a supplement cabinet that is overcrowded, Cell Mass can definitely come in handy. You can get value from Cell Mass because it can replace your creatine and glutamine supplements. Cell Mass also contains enough amino acids to ensure you won’t need an extra BCAA supplement.

Final Verdict

Cell Mass is a great post-workout supplement that is filled with beneficial ingredients. If you don’t like feeling sore after a workout, reach for Cell Mass. The glutamine found within Cell Mass has been shown to reduce post-workout soreness.

This supplement doesn’t just provide relief from soreness, it also helps to grow new muscle tissue. After a workout, your muscles will develop small tears in them. Cell Mass fills those tears with new muscle tissues, thanks to the addition of creatine, whey protein, and amino acids.

In addition, Cell Mass contains no caffeine meaning it can be taken after nighttime workouts. Each serving of Cell Mass contains 10 grams of amino acids, 5 grams of creatine, and 3 grams of glutamine in each daily serving amount. You will definitely receive daily amounts of muscle building ingredients with Cell Mass.

Cell Mass is highly recommended for people who want better post-workout recovery. You will experience a great reduction in soreness while using this supplement. Also, you should expect an increase in the rate you grow new muscle tissue. Cell Mass is an inexpensive post-workout supplement loaded with many beneficial ingredients.

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