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Bsn Syntha 6

  • Provides a whopping six types of protein
  • Contains 22g of protein per scoop
  • Includes fast-, medium-, and slow-digesting proteins
  • Helps to provide your body with a steady stream of amino acids
  • Also includes healthy Medium Chain Triglycerides found in coconut
  • Available in 13 delicious flavors
  • Contains no Aspartame
  • Ranked #5 on Our Best Whey Protein Powders List
Where to Buy BSN Syntha 6

BSN Syntha 6 Overview

What Does Syntha 6 Do?

BSN Syntha-6 is what could be considered a time-released protein powder in the sense that it provides six different types of protein, each of which are digested at differing rates.

Whey Protein Isolate is probably the most rapidly-digested protein source in this product, although it is worth mentioning that Glutamine Peptides are also absorbed very quickly because they are essentially already in a pre-digested state.

Whey Protein Concentrate and Egg Albumin (egg whites) are considered to be moderately-fast digesting proteins, while we see Micellar Casein and Milk Protein Isolate sitting on the slower end of the spectrum.

The basic idea behind this is that your body will receive a sudden supply of proteins and amino acids courtesy of the fast-digesting Whey Isolate and Peptides, while the other proteins that digested at moderate and slow rates will offer a kind of trickle effect.

If you consume, say, a standalone Whey Protein Isolate supplement it will be digested very quickly, potentially leading to a more rapid drop off in your blood amino acid levels; this is curtailed effectively by the addition of ingredients such as Egg Albumin and Casein proteins.

What’s in Syntha 6?

bsn syntha 6 whey protein nutritional facts
BSN Syntha-6 contains the following ingredients:

  • Protein Matrix, containing:
    • Whey Protein Concentrate;
    • Whey Protein Isolate;
    • Calcium Caseinate;
    • Micellar Casein;
    • Milk Protein Isolate;
    • Egg Albumin; and
    • Glutamine Peptides
  • Sunflower Powder, containing:
    • Sunflower Oil;
    • Corn Syrup Solids;
    • Sodium Caseinate;
    • Mono- & Diglycerides;
    • Dipotassium Phosphate;
    • Tricalcium Phosphate;
    • Soy Lecithin; and
    • Tocopherols
  • Polydextrose
  • Cocoa Powder Processed With Alkali
  • Natural & Artificial Flavors
  • Salt And Sodium Bicarbonate
  • MCT Powder, containing:
    • Medium Chain Triglycerides;
    • Non-Fat Dry Milk;
    • Disodium Phosphate; and
    • Silicon Dioxide
  • Lecithin
  • Salt
  • Cellulose Gum
  • Acesulfame Potassium
  • Sucralose
  • Papain
  • Bromelain

What are the Benefits?

As you can probably glean from the discussion above, the primary benefit of Syntha-6 over more simple single protein formulas is that it may help to sustain your blood amino acid levels for longer.

Having said that, you may also wish to consider using a casein-based protein powder because this will be more suitable if you are purely looking for a protein powder that will digest as slowly as possible.

What happens when we digest a protein source is that our blood amino acids begin to rise – the speed of this rise is dictated by the rate at which we can digest any given food source. The rate at which our blood amino levels rise can typically be an indicator of how quickly they will subsequently fall.

The example given above of a Whey Protein Isolate shake illustrates this perfectly; a simple shake like this will spike your blood amino levels but the effects will be transient, leaving you hungry and starved of amino acids within an hour or two.

Syntha-6 does, of course, contain Whey Protein Isolate, but combining it with the other five protein sources will ensure that your body is still receiving the amino acids it needs long after the typical drop off would have occurred if you downed a plain old Whey Isolate drink.

Taking Syntha 6

As per the manufacturer’s recommendations, men are to take 1 – 2 scoops of Syntha-6 in 4 – 10 oz of cold water; women can typically get by with just a single scoop.

You can feasibly consume between one and four shakes per day depending on your caloric and protein requirements, but it is advised that you alternate between solid and liquid meals throughout the day.

This protein powder is suitable for use both pre- and post-workout, as well as being ideal for supplementing your existing protein intake in between meals if you are finding it difficult to take in enough protein via solid food.

Note: Speak with your doctor before taking this product and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the label.

Are There Any Precautions?

Consult your doctor or physician prior to using BSN Syntha-6 if you have any pre-existing medical conditions, are pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you are currently using prescription medication.

Syntha-6 is generally not recommended for individuals under the age of 18.

Please note that these statements have been neither written nor reviewed by a doctor or medical authority of any kind.

Available Flavors and Serving Sizes

BSN Syntha-6 is available in the following flavors:

  • Banana
  • Chocolate Cake Batter
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
  • Chocolate Milkshake
  • Chocolate Mint
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • Cinnamon Bun
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Mochaccino
  • Orange Smoothie
  • Peanut Butter Cookie
  • Strawberry Milkshake
  • Vanilla Ice Cream

What’s more, you can find this product available in the following serving sizes:

  • 5 servings
  • 91lbs
  • 5lbs
  • 05lbs

Not all flavors are available in every serving size so be sure to check availability before making a purchase.


BSN Syntha-6 is a fast-release protein powder that can help anyone build muscle or bulk up quickly without missing out on any aspect of nutrition that protein provides. This powder contains everything any athlete would need to develop and sustain muscle, and the nutritional value will give them that extra boost that they need to work out or perform at their peak when they are in the game. Each scoop contains 200 calories, of which fifty are from fat, thirteen grams of carbs, and twenty-three grams of protein. Also included are calcium, sodium, and potassium, all at over one hundred mg. The major ingredient is whey protein.


There are several different flavors to try, such as vanilla and strawberry, and many people who drink it have compared the taste to that of milkshakes from their local restaurant. The vanilla flavor is especially popular, and people enjoy how easily it mixes in with water or milk—there is no problem with clumping or a bad odor that puts them off drinking it. Many now prefer BSN Syntha-6 to their other protein powders or drinks and are even finding new ways to drink it, such as with ice and skim milk.

Is it Worth the Money?

Many of those who use it enjoy that it’s very affordable, with prices coming in at just under twenty-five dollars for a jar with thirty servings. This price is affordable for just about anyone and a jar that size will last a good long time. Those who drink BSN Syntha-6 found it to be well worth their money and more affordable than other protein powders. In addition, it can be purchased online for an even greater discount than one might find at a nutrition store.

I Don’t Like the Sound of All those Artificial Ingredients

If you’re looking to invest in a protein powder then you’re almost definitely going to have to put up with some number of artificial sweeteners, flavorings, gums, and so on.

A good thing you can do is weigh up the pros and cons of using a shake like this if you’ll excuse the pun.

What this means is consider the kinds of snack foods you might have to resort to if you don’t have a relatively healthy protein shake to use when you’re hungry between meals or looking for a decent protein source.

Syntha-6 should not be used as the majority of your protein intake anyway, so speaking speculatively it is unlikely that a couple of shakes each day are going to be particularly detrimental to your long-term health.

In fact, looking at the metabolic and hormonal benefits of whey protein tends to suggest the exact opposite.

Wrapping Up

BSN Syntha-6 offers reasonable value for money; you’re always going to pay more for a premium blend of proteins like this but if this is what you’re looking for then you really can’t go wrong with a product like Syntha-6.

This protein powder is available in more than a dozen tasty flavors which will give you months and months of variety as you cycle through each one, and the inclusion of Papain and Bromelain enzymes should give your body what it needs to effectively digest and absorb the proteins.

Any athlete or bodybuilder who is serious about their performance and recovery will use a protein powder supplement, and the spectrum of digestive rates offered by Syntha-6 makes it as solid a choice as any other equivalent product on the market.

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