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Burn AM & Burn PM - Weight Control









  • Moderate metabolic boost
  • Solid appetite suppression
  • Non-stimulant source of energy


  • Expensive
  • Lack of fat burning
  • Contains unnecessary ingredients

Burn AM & Burn PM FAQ

Burn AM

  • One Container: 30 servings
  • Price: $107.00
  • Serving Size: 3 Capsules
  • Serving Suggestion: Workout & Rest Days: As a high potency thermogenic fat burner (lipolysis catalyst), for best effects, take 3 capsules upon awakening with 8 oz water or as directed by your fitness professional.
    • Competitive athletes: With a show, photoshoot, or upcoming event, do not increase dosage beyond 100% of the regular recommended dosage for more than 14 days. And do so at your own risk.

Burn PM

  • One Container: 30 servings
  • Price: $97.00
  • Serving Size: 3 Capsules
  • Serving Suggestion: Workout & Rest Days: For strongest appetite suppression and evening mobilization (without stimulants or sensitization), take 3 capsules with 16 oz water with your last meal of the day or as directed by your fitness professional.
    • Competitive athletes: Do not use the week before a competition, as a dramatic decrease in appetite will adversely affect performance.
  • Refund Policy: If inside 30 days of use, you are not satisfied with the product and would like a refund, contact the Prestige Labs team by emailing [email protected] or calling 1-800-470-7560 Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM CST. Their support team will gladly help you out with the refund process. Upon request of a refund for items, the refund will be granted and credited back to the account it was originally charged to no later than 7 business days after the request. It may take up to 3-5 working days for the bank to recognize the credit on your end and for your account to reflect the credit.

There’s a saying that “it takes two to tango,” and it’s something people say when it comes to couples or partners who work together to solve a problem.

Prestige Labs capitalized on that quote by formulating products that come in two parts, improving their effects when taken together. One of their brands come in the form of a fat burning supplement called Burn Am and Burn PM.

It’s rare to see a two-part fat burning supplement in the industry, as many companies hesitate to create a product to be taken just as you sleep. However, Prestige Labs took on the challenge to do just that and here we are.

Can both Burn AM and Burn PM work seamlessly for weight loss? Let’s check them out.

Who Makes Them?

Burn AM and Burn PM are both sold by Prestige Labs [1]. Prestige Labs is a supplement company that doesn’t seem to have quite a grasp of the industry yet, but we’re seeing a complete lineup of products on their website. We guess this is to show how serious they are at becoming a name in the supplement world.

Marketing Claims Made

Burn AM is described as a high potency thermogenic fat burner. Burn PM is described as a cravings crusher and appetite suppressant.

The following claims were made about Burn AM and PM:

Burn AM

  • Boost fat-melting metabolism: There are ingredients that should help boost the overall metabolic rate. However, it won’t be as potent as it doesn’t have any stimulants as well as proper dosing for the actual fat burners.
  • Improve stamina: With energy comes stamina, so we do think Burn AM can help you train longer.

Burn PM

  • Increase fat burning: We’re not so sure about this angle is given that the formula is mostly for stress and appetite control.
  • Decrease appetite: This is definitely a good claim. The dosage for appetite suppressants is insanely good.
  • Increase energy: Invigorates your system without stimulants, preventing you from being tempted to eat for energy.

What’s In Them?

Now, let’s take a closer look at what’s inside Burn AM:

Hyper Fat Utilization Blend

  • Carnitine as L-CarnitineThe world’s most popular fat burner in the early 2000s. It works mainly by funneling fatty acids into cells, the cells then convert said fatty acids into energy [2].
  • Cyanidin 3 Glucoside: This is a compound derived from blackberry. It’s a potent antioxidant, but not a fat burner [3].
  • Guarana extract: Guarana is one of those natural alternatives to caffeine and is promoted to provide slow-release energy. This helps prevent crashing and jitters [4].
  • Orange extract: Another antioxidant from a fruit [5]. No real fat-burning properties.
  • Grapefruit seed extract: Contains naringin that helps with blood sugar levels, which can indirectly benefit appetite [6].

Thermogenesis Blend

  • Garlic Powder: This is taken as an adaptogen and relieves stress [7].
  • Cayenne Pepper: A bonafide fat burner that sends your body into a hot and fiery thermogenic state [8].
  • 7-Keto DHEAThis ingredient is suggested to help with a faster metabolic rate and even promote fat burning hormone production [9].
  • Green Tea std. 98% polyphenols, 50% EGCG, 80% catechins: One of the world’s best ingredients for fat burning. EGCG helps force your body to burn more fat especially during exercise [10].
  • White Willow Extract std. 10% salicin: Not a real fat burner, but helps with inflammation [11].
  • Evodiamine: This is cayenne’s more gut-friendly cousin. Lower fat-burning effects, but you won’t end up with a hole in your stomach [12].
  • Coleus forskohlii extract std. 20% Forskolin: This ingredient helps block fat accumulation [13].

Digestive Stability

  • Aloe VeraIt’s supposed to help promote digestive enzymes for proper nutrient absorption [14].

Now, let’s take a closer look at what’s inside Burn PM.

  • Chromium as chromium picolinate: This mineral is known for working on blood sugar management which lowers appetite [15].
  • 5 HTP (L-5 Hydroxytryptophan): This is a mood-enhancing ingredient. It could help reduce cravings by making you feel happier or calmer [16].
  • Oleoylethanolamide: This molecule is produced in the body and found in our intestines. It regulates the feeling of satiety. Studies are still inconclusive when it comes to appetite suppressant properties [17].

Craving Triggers Blend

  • Rhodiola Rosea ExtractThis extract helps relieve anxiety [18].
  • Ginseng Panax Extract std. 12% ginsenosides: This is more of an invigorator and should help sub for the lack of food in your stomach [19].
  • Ashwagandha PowderAnother adaptogenic herb, but it needs to be standardized for efficacy [20].
  • Beta-Glucan: A compound derived from cordyceps. This increases energy by boosting the ATP process [21]
  • Trimethylglycine: This is also known as betaine. It helps increase endurance and muscle strength [22].

Supplement Facts Label

Burn Pm Supplement Facts

Prestige Labs Burn Am Ingredients


Burn AM:

  • Moderate metabolic enhancement: It does show evidence of ingredients capable of boosting metabolism, but not a lot.
  • Antioxidants: Contains a good dose of antioxidants based on fruits.
  • Some stamina increase: A better metabolic rate leads to more energy. Guarana also provides a non-stimulatory source.

Burn PM:

  • Solid appetite suppressant: The dosage of chromium alone should deal a lot of damage to cravings.
  • Stress buster: Not eating can get you in a bad mood, so good thing this supplement contains plenty of adaptogens and compounds that improve mood.
  • Moderate energy: Non-caffeinated stimulation to help you get through the rest of the day.


The ingredients to watch out for are cayenne and chromium. Cayenne in large doses can hurt your gut, making you feel like you just pierced a hole in your stomach. The chromium dosage is also unusually high, even in a fat burner.

Most would just add a maximum of 400 mcg, but we have it at a full 1000 mcg. We’re not sure of the side effects of taking that much of the mineral, but it never hurts to be informed.

We always recommend you speak with your doctor before taking any supplements featured on this site.


Both Burn AM and Burn PM are offered in pill form, so there’s no real taste or flavor associated with it other than the taste of tablets.

Number of Servings

One bottle of Burn AM will last you 30 days. So will a bottle of Burn PM.

Customer Feedback

We haven’t seen any public reviews for Burn AM and Burn PM. Not even on Amazon. We’re not sure of the real reason (perhaps Prestige Labs is too new in the business), but one factor has to be the price.

Burn AM and Burn PM combine for $204.00 for 30 days or for a whole month. Even if they are of the highest quality, they’re competing with the top of the line brands that have priced themselves between $30.00 to $45.00. We won’t be surprised if the only reviews from both Burn AM and Burn PM will exclusively come from sponsored athletes and celebrities.

Regardless, we didn’t see any reviews of it, so it’s up to our audience to test this out themselves.

Bottom Line

The idea of taking two kinds of supplements to help you lose weight is often not recommended. Some supplements have similar ingredients or have poor interactions with other compounds which can result in unforeseen or even fatal side effects.

In the case of Burn AM and PM, we think this approach is a bit unique in the sense that so few companies even think of making use of two supplements at once.

However, no matter how effective these two are together, the price tag is a good way to make people say no to them. We can recommend this, but we’re not sure if it will make any difference either way because of how expensive these two can get.

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