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Centra Peak Vitality Booster

I’m often struck by how similar the human body is to a motorcycle. They’re both impressive machines which, when handled correctly and well looked after, are capable of incredible performance. The most crucial thing they have in common though, is the need for balance.

Okay, losing our natural internal balance may not be as messy as losing physical balance at high speeds. But both will badly slow us down, damage pristine bodywork and prevent our engines hitting their heights.

The makers of new low test booster Centrapeak seem to understand this balancing act. Healthy testosterone – helping to improve muscle mass, strength, stamina, libido and sexual performance – is a main goal, but the assistance doesn’t stop there. Centrapeak’s all-round approach also supports positive mood and cognitive function.

Just as testosterone will start to gradually drop beyond the age of 30, mental sharpness can equally slip with age. Unless we take action to stay at our peak. An effective, natural booster can be a big part of that.

Ingredient breakdown

Centrapeak’s formula consists of 11 ingredients. None are wrapped up in proprietary blends, there’s no hidden info. Everything is right there on the label, name and number, just as it should be.

Vitamin D

It’s hard to understate the importance of vitamin D. Or how easy it is for levels to drop without us realizing. It’s called the sunshine vitamin because it’s created when sunlight interacts with skin, which is fine if you’re regularly in the right place at the right time. But if you can’t rely on the weather, supplementing is advisable.

Centrapeak’s 4000IUs of D3 is at the levels where the vitamin is known to trigger a rise in T. Getting enough is also crucial for good bone health as we age and has been seen to guard against depression. The perfect multitasking start for a multitasking supplement.

Vitamin B6

If you’re still not convinced how key balance is to performance, vitamin B6 is the perfect example. Ironically, an effective T booster isn’t all about boosting T. To make a real difference, it’s also got to remove certain obstacles which hold levels down. Obstacles like the female hormone, estrogen. On the opposite end of our hormonal balance, it rises as we age, slowly lowering testosterone.

Even a modest 10mg of vitamin B6 will help us back in the right direction. It not only slows output of the estrogen, it reduces the influence of what’s already in our system. This safely restores natural testosterone’s dominance and the benefits which come with that.


The best brands don’t tend to assign just one ingredient per job. So vitamin B6 is given backup on estrogen control. Centrapeak has gone for Indole-3-carbinol (I3C). When I3C, found in most green leafy veg is digested, it becomes Diindolylmethane (DIM).

It’s important to note that DIM is not terribly efficient in supplement form. Allowing your body to convert the I3C to DIM itself means far more is readily absorbed by the digestive tract.

The right amount DIM not only reduces levels of estrogen we make, but also speeds up how fast we metabolise what’s made. Even better, it reduces the influence of what’s leftover.


If strong testosterone is the foundation of good health and performance, then zinc is the foundation of strong T. Poor zinc levels are repeatedly seen in men with low T and that’s no coincidence. Three essential building blocks of male hormone – growth hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone – rely on a steady supply.

That supply is not always the easiest to get though. Although zinc is present in our diets, we don’t absorb it easily. Meaning, again, supplementing is a smart idea. It is important not to overdo this mineral, but in another example of good balance, Centrapeak’s 20mg per serving is right on the money. A great boost for both high T and low mood.


At almost exactly the 500mg available here, ashwagandha acts as an effective adaptogen. Basically helping your body adapt to and better cope with stress. Whether that’s physical, allowing you to workout for longer, or mental, keeping you relaxed, it cuts down on the stress hormone cortisol, which blocks T.


Sorry to keep banging on about balance, but nothing sums up why it’s useful quite like boron. The mineral not only boosts testosterone, but lowers estrogen at the same time. Even better, it does this in handily small amounts, so the 10mg included here is spot on.

Being a mineral you would expect boron to have more general upsides too. Sure enough, our cardiovascular and bone health will thank us for keeping it coming regularly.

Panax Asian Ginseng

This is a choice needing no introduction as it’s such a staple of alternative medicine, thanks to multiple benefits. Benefits Centrapeak takes full advantage of with 100mg. Ginseng is a great means of balancing blood sugar levels and regulating insulin, stopping it from interfering with proper T production.

It also raises nitric oxide levels in the body supporting strong blood flow and preventing erectile dysfunction. Add to that cognitive enhancing qualities and the pros of ginseng, especially as we get older, are obvious.


Estrogen isn’t the only internal snake on the ladder to ideal T. Sex Hormone Binding Globulin is another. The protein attaches itself to some of our body’s testosterone, leaving it unusable. This the vital difference between overall T and free T. Up to 60% of our overall T can be out of action. Cutting down your SHBG count then, leaves higher free T to put to good use.

One of the best natural means of keeping SHBG in check is magnesium. It’s an important mineral with lots of general health benefits so topping up is good idea anyway.

Mucuna Pruriens

Otherwise known as velvet bean, this is another ingredient helping both ends of our body. South of the border research shows it can improve male fertility, something which is very heavily reliant on producing enough healthy T.

Topside, it’s useful by being rich in the amino acid L-DOPA. This converts to dopamine, a feel good chemical in our system. That means a naturally better mood, less stress and a reduction in cortisol. Munica Pruriens also inhibits prolactin, the hormone responsible for man-boobs as we age. 150mg well spent.

Rhodiola Rosea

It’s ingredients like this where this supplement really sets itself apart. Whereas a lot of boosters would skip an ingredient which doesn’t affect obviously testosterone, Centrapeak appreciates the other benefits of Rhodiola Rosea.

While it doesn’t influence T, it does just about everything else. Rhodiola Rosea is most famous for improving concentration and focus to help keep us mentally sharp. Yet research shows it may also have a hand in sustaining physical energy levels, boosting mood and even promoting extra fat burning. Well worth the 100mg Centrapeak makes room for.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Another pick focusing entirely on keeping us in a good frame of mind. Trials have shown it’s an effective organic way of guarding against cognitive decline and improving mental ability. There’s more to Lion’s Mane than keeping academically sharp though.

Quality of life is also about staying in a good emotional state and this mushroom is also useful for protecting against depression and anxiety. 250mg is the perfect volume to notice a difference.


This is just black pepper extract. Found in a lot of supplements, it makes active ingredients more bio-available, or easily absorbed.

Supplement Facts Label

Supplement Facts

Flavors and servings

No flavors, just a capsule taken 3 times a day with meals.

This is the kind of serving schedule I like. Not complex or intrusive. Simply regularly topping up active ingredients throughout the day to keep them working at their peak. A

Is it safe?

Centrapeak is a natural booster, all its ingredients are tried and tested and in the formula in tolerable amounts. This product’s encourages the body’s own supply of inbuilt hormone towards its safe peak. What this product definitely is not is artificial testosterone, pushing T past safe limits.

According to the manufacturer, Centrapeak is made in the U.S.A in cGMP licenced facilities. It’s also free from dyes and additives. Capsules are also vegetarian friendly containing no gelatine, soy or caffeine. Obviously be aware of any individual allergies, but those aside, Centrapeak should give you no problem.

Note: We recommend speaking to your doctor before taking any products.

Is it worth the money?

The million dollar question. Or rather, the $65 question. No small amount, sure, but due to the overall quality of this booster, I’d say worth it. Cheaper options are out there, but price and value are two very different things. What’s the point in getting a bargain if we don’t get results?

Remember, this is a supplement doing the job of two or three and doing them well. It’s a booster and nootropic in one. So for what you’re getting the price is pretty reasonable. If you can budget for Centrapeak, it’s well worth it.

Final thoughts

The key part of any brand is the formula and Centrapeak has among the best we’ve seen. Apart from being potentially light on magnesium (even though it’s in the most bioabsorbable form), there’s no slack here at all.

Everything does a worthwhile job. Even choices which don’t directly boost T support us in other ways; naturally elevating mood or improving cognition. Centrapeak covers all everything we need to keep us in our prime.

Adding Centrapeak to an active lifestyle and healthy diet is the ideal way to keep your inner motor running smoothly, allowing us to slalom through the roadblocks and traffic age normally throws up. Hell, you’ll practically be able to Evel Knievel over them.

Where to Get It:

You can get Centrapeak at their website.

They offer the following:

  • 1 for $65
  • 2 for $120 (8% savings)
  • 3 for $160 (18% savings)

You can read more about their shipping and return policies here.

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