New CBD Gummies by Charlotte’s Web (Hemp Extract-Infused)

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Charlottes Web Cbd Gummies Sleep Calm Recovery

Charlotte’s Web has expanded its line of CBD products with three reportedly delicious CBD products in the categories of Sleep, Calm, and Recovery.

In a few words, they claim these supplements will help you stay calm and focused, enjoy quality sleep, and recover faster after a workout session. What makes them so special? Let’s find out what’s inside and where to get them.

Key Ingredient Breakdown

Sleep, Calm and Recovery gummies have different purpose and properties, therefore, each product has a different nutritional formula.

CBD Gummies Calm formula:

Supplement Facts Cbd Gummies Calm Charlottes Web

Contains 10 mg of CBD L-theanine + 75 mg of Lemon Balm.

Combo of CBD and Lemon Balm is claimed to give the following health benefits:

CBD Gummies Recovery formula:

Supplement Facts Cbd Gummies Recovery Charlottes Web

Contains 10 mg of CBD + 25-50 mg of Ginger + 50 mg of Turmeric.

This supplement is claimed to aid with:

  • Reducing oxidative stress and inflammation
  • Relieving muscle pain and soreness
  • Improving post-workout recovery

CBD Gummies Sleep formula:

Supplement Facts Cbd Gummies Sleep Charlottes Web

Contains 10 mg of CBD + 3 mg of melatonin.

Such a combination is claimed to have several pros:

  • Strong antioxidant properties
  • Quality restful night’s sleep

Flavors & Servings

Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies are all flavored with natural juices:

  • CBD Gummies Calm – Lemon Lime
  • CBD Gummies Recovery – Ginger
  • CBD Gummies Sleep – Raspberry

Each jar has 60 gummies. The recommended dose of Charlotte’s Web Calm and Recovery per day is 2 gummies (each supplement). As for the Sleep supplement, it’s recommended to take 2 gummies 30 minutes before going to bed.

Where to Buy

You can buy Charlotte’s Web Calm, Recovery and Sleep from the online store of the company.