CytoSport Cyto Gainer Review

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CytoSport Cyto Gainer review

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CytoSport Cyto Gainer Overview

Attaining size is a difficult feat to accomplish. Once you get the physique and muscle mass you crave, you would do anything to ensure it stays. That is where gainer products come in. It is a common misconception to label mass gainers as ‘off limits’ for those who have already reached their fitness goals. Mass gainers help maintain your size and keep your strength levels in check.

They are also used by those looking to accomplish their feats due to their high protein and carbohydrate contents. CytoSport developed Cyto Gainer with both individuals in mind. Below we’ll detail the science behind this product, discuss uses, and create a picture of what Cyto Gainer can do for you.

What is Cyto Gainer?

Cyto Gainer is a uniquely designed mass gainer supplement. It comes in a powdered form and delivers 54 grams of protein per serving. The 54 number is important because it makes up for all of your daily protein intake value, hence the gainer terminology. Mass gainers are specifically designed to increase weight and muscle growth. The weight growth usually turns people off, but this shouldn’t be the case. The weight added comes from converting fats into muscle in a natural process. Mass gainers often get confused for weight gainers, and that is a confusion you should erase from your memory when it comes to CytoSport’s product.

The increase in proteins and carbohydrates is met by the loss of sugars and fats. This helps signal your body for how it is to process the materials going in. The carbohydrate and protein infusion is used to speed up your metabolism. The lack of sugars helps this metabolic process take off, not being held back by unwanted substances entering your body and digestive system. The protein enters in pure form, meaning your body won’t have to put in the overtime required to break down proteins containing additives. The main ingredient in this product is whey protein. Whey protein contains amino acids that get absorbed quickly into your body. These amino acids penetrate certain areas essential for fat loss, muscle gain, and muscle strength. Cyto gainer looks to balance your amino acids, provide gains in strength and muscle, and steady the growth of your body in the right proportions and increments.

What is in Cyto Gainer?

The list of ingredients in any given supplement is the most important factor. The combination of ingredients is what makes a blend proprietary, but it is also important to discuss the benefits surrounding the included ingredients. Below we’ll list some of the most important ingredients that make up Cyto Gainer and discuss the benefits each provide.

As mentioned previously, whey protein is the main ingredient in this mass gainer. The main types of whey being utilized are in a concentrate and a hydrolysate form. Whey concentrate is more commonly referred to as whey protein in its purest form. It is not broken down into sub-components, which is important in keeping peptides in place. Peptides are chains of amino acids. When keep to form, they act in quick fashion to help your body absorb these additional proteins.

Whey protein hydrolysate involves the breaking down of a concentrate. This process involves removing some of the lactose that pure whey proteins carry. While this benefits those who may be lactose intolerant, it also hurts the peptides. Combining the two into this mass gainer formula helps balance both the loss of lactose and the loss of peptides. Whey protein is essential in being able to convert your body from a catabolic state to an anabolic state. No, this does not mean this product contains steroids, rather, it mimics the effects of one. The effects it mimics are positive and fashion and simply removes muscles from being placed in a wasting state to one of gains.

Other Ingredients

Maltodextrin is a second important ingredient included in this gainer. Maltodextrin is most commonly used as a food additive. In this sense, it is added to benefit the user. The benefits maltodextrin provides include increased nutrient production, reducing the fat content of the product, and aides in the muscle recovery process. The increased nutrient production allows your body to use these nutrients and convert them into energy components. Reducing the fat content of the supplement helps balance your diet and consume other good fats with your daily meal plans. The muscle recovery process is important because it allows your muscles to quickly absorb these ingredients and put them in motion.

Chromium is often an ingredient that turns people away. The fact of the matter is, people often lack the basic amount of metal they need in a daily diet. This metal is important because it provides the means necessary to keep your metabolic processes in motion. This mass gainer contains half the amount of suggested intake levels of chromium. Chromium also doubles as an agent in maintaining blood sugar levels. Chromium can work with insulin to provide glucose infusion at important cell bodies. These cell bodies can convert these glucose elements into useful energy. It is often an overlooked ingredient, but the benefits it provides the user truly out shines the critics.

There is a bevy of other ingredients included in CytoSport’s mass gainer blend, but their contents work together with one another to provide you with a final goal: to gain lean muscle mass. This product also leaves out some very important elements, enough to make their exclusion relevant to the ingredients list. Three things this supplement leaves off the list are simple sugars, fructose, and sucrose. Eliminating these ingredients helps keep your stamina high, doesn’t cause the crashes other high sugar supplements might, and doesn’t leave your body in a place where it must fend off additional substances. It is also 97% fat free, leaving plenty of room for you to get the good fats out of your diet.

This product also uses creatine monohydrate. Creatine is essential to improving the mass of your muscles. It acts as a muscle feeder and pumps them up to promote muscle gains and gains at the gym. It also doubles as a storing substance, meaning it will stay stored in your body until the activation causes for it to play its part. This product contains only a small amount of creatine, but it is enough to have you reap the benefits of this substance.

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Pros and Cons

Supplements may suit some individuals better than others. Being that this product is a mass gainer, it is going to have a smaller target market than a regular whey protein blend would. Below we’ll discuss some things that may favor or turn you away from this product.


  • Protein content. 54 grams of protein per serving is hard to ignore. This covers your recommended daily value, which works out nicely for those who don’t get enough protein from foods alone. This amount also leaves some wiggle room for your body to adjust to a high protein routine. The benefits to increase your size are uncanny.
  • The unique ingredient inclusion list. This product has everything from pure proteins to simple metals. The list is very compressive and scientifically tested to ensure nothing goes to waste. The aides in muscle growth are met with aides to recover muscle; a relationship we can all grow to love.
  • The price point is crazy good for a mass gainer. The problem with most mass gainers is that they hold a very higher price per serving ratio. That is not the case with Cytosport’s Gainer blend. At a little under $1.25 per serving, it is hard to find something else on the market that can compete with this value.


  • The ingredients may not benefit everyone. It does contain lactose, which will turn some people away. While minimal in amounts, the shear fact that it contains this element will keep consumers away. It also contains creatine, which may cause for an adjustment in your daily water intake. Minimal issues, but they must be mentioned.
  • Only comes in two flavors. People like to become adventourous when it comes to protein flavors. Cytosport keeps it rather basic with simple vanilla and chocolate flavors. If you are looking for chocolate cake or some other exotic flavoring, Cytosport Gainers may not be right for you.

Final Thoughts

As a mass gainer, we love everything about Cytosport’s Cyto Gainer. It carries a price point that cannot be matched with other supplements on the market. The genius that goes into the blends of ingredients really benefits the user. The exclusion of other ingredients such as sugars and glucose has us raving. The only thing we would change would be the marketing stand point. This mass gainer, and all mass gainers, lack the ability to target both the skinny and in-shape individuals. Mass gainers are meant for those looking to keep their form and those looking to convert fats in muscle content. Cytosport’s Mass Gainer gets a thumbs up from us and it is definitely a supplement you should get your hands on.