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  • Super high-calorie mass gainer supplement
  • Provides 52 g of protein and 251 g of carbohydrates per serving
  • Available in four delicious flavors
  • Also contains creatine monohydrate and digestive enzymes
  • Contains 1,300 calories per serving
  • Includes a wide range of vitamins and minerals
  • Ranked #5 on our Best Mass Gainers List
Where to Buy Dymatize Super Mass Gainer

Dymatize Super Mass Gainer Overview

Dymatize Super Mass Gainer consume huge quantities of carbohydrates and protein without having to track down endless amounts of solid food.

With an incredible 1,300 calories in each serving, Dymatize Super Mass Gainer is one of the most calorically dense weight gainer supplements you are likely to find on the market.

On top of the 52 g of protein and whopping 251 g of carbohydrates in each serving, you can also expect to receive a much-needed dose of digestive enzymes, vitamins, and minerals for everyday health and well-being.

What’s more, Dymatize Super Mass Gainer comes in four fantastic flavors that will have you looking forward to your next shake every time.

Super Mass Gainer Ingredients

Dymatize Super Mass Gainer contains the following ingredients:

  • Maltodextrin
  • Creatine Monohydrate
  • Zytrix Advanced Digestive Enzyme Blend, containing:
    • Protease;
    • Lipase; and
    • Lactase
  • Super Mass Whey Blend, containing:
    • Milk Protein Concentrate;
    • Whey Protein Isolate; and
    • Whey Protein Hydrolysate
  • Super Mass Pro Matrix, containing:
    • Milk Protein Isolate;
    • Micellar Casein; and
    • Egg Albumin Protein
  • Sunflower Creamer, containing:
    • Sunflower Oil;
    • Maltodextrin;
    • Sodium Caseinate;
    • Mono- and Diglycerides;
    • Natural Tocopherols; and
    • Tri-Calcium Phosphate
  • Cookie Pieces
  • Natural & Artificial Flavor
  • Fructose
  • SMG Vitamin & Mineral Blend, containing:
    • Vitamin A Palmitate;
    • Cholecalciferol;
    • Calcium Phosphate;
    • Sodium Ascorbate;
    • D-Alpha Tocopherol Acetate;
    • Niacinamide;
    • Calcium D-Pantothenate;
    • Zinc Oxide;
    • Pyridoxine Hydrochloride;
    • Thiamine Hydrochloride;
    • Folic Acid;
    • Biotin;
    • Riboflavin;
    • Potassium Iodide;
    • Cyanocobalamin;
    • Chromium Chloride;
    • Chloride; and
    • Sodium Selenite
  • Potassium Chloride
  • Cellulose Gum
  • Xanthan Gum
  • Carrageenan
  • Sucralose
  • Acesulfame K

Super Mass Gainer by Dymatize nutritional label

How and When Do I Take It?

As per the manufacturer’s recommendations, you are to mix 2 scoops of Dymatize Super Mass Gainer with 24 oz of cold water.

The amount of water you use can be adjusted depending on the consistency you prefer.

Consume 2-4 servings per day or as required based on your own protein and caloric needs.

To add even more protein and calories to your diet you can mix Dymatize Super Mass Gainer with milk instead of water.


Dymatize Super Mass Gainer has been designed for those of you who either have extremely fast metabolism is or otherwise find it difficult to consume as many calories as needed each day to make consistent progress in the gym.

The bulk of the calories in this product come from the 251 g of carbohydrates found in each serving, so it is definitely not for you low-carb dieters out there!

The problem that a lot of people tend to have with mass gainer shakes like Dymatize Super Mass Gainer is that they are extremely dense and can lead to gastrointestinal issues such as bloating, gas, and so, and this is somewhat remedied thanks to the inclusion of the Zytrix Advanced Digestive Enzyme Blend.

This enzyme blend combines protease, lipase, and lactase, which help the body to process protein, fat, and lactose respectively.

Despite the inclusion of these enzymes, you might still experience some negative gastrointestinal side-effects, so make sure you start with a smaller serving to begin with so that you can see how well you tolerate it.

Aside from the obvious protein and carbohydrate content, Dymatize Super Mass Gainer also contains the patented SMG Vitamin & Mineral Blend, providing you with 18 additional nutrients to support your immune system, enhance training recovery, and boost your overall health.

Another good thing about it is that it includes a small amount of creatine monohydrate.

Creatine is a very well researched and proven bodybuilding supplement that helps to increase intracellular concentrations of adenosine triphosphate or ATP.

This substance is used by the cells in your body as a former energy currency for all number of different metabolic processes, and creatine supplementation is a great way of increasing your overall strength and endurance.

What’s more, creatine helps to pull fluid into your muscles, which keeps them feeling and looking fuller while also giving you more substantial pumps at the gym.

Are There Any Precautions?

Always follow the usage guidelines provided by the manufacturer on any supplement you purchase.

Dymatize Super Mass Gainer should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women, nor should it be used by individuals under the age of 18.

Dymatize Super Mega Gainer is highly concentrated, and due to its potency, you may want to consider using a 1/2 serving two or three times throughout the day.

Consult your doctor or physician prior to using Dymatize Super Mass Gainer if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or if you are currently using prescription medication.

Please note that these statements have been neither written nor reviewed by a doctor or medical authority of any kind.

Available Flavors and Serving Sizes

Dymatize Super Mass Gainer is available in the following flavors:

  • Cookies & Cream
  • Gourmet Vanilla
  • Rich Chocolate
  • Strawberry

Dymatize Super Mass Gainer is available in packages containing 2.7 kg and 5.4 kg.


The quality of weight gain is containing substantial amounts of maltodextrin is always going to be in doubt because of the sheer amount of sugar they contain.

This is certainly true of Dymatize Super Mass Gainer, and it is hard to justify the inclusion of this product in a truly healthy diet.

Having said that, if you are really struggling to put on size or strength and you don’t mind adding in some arguably less nutritious calories to get the results you crave then that is, of course, your prerogative.

Be sure to shop around and make sure Dymatize Super Mass Gainer is the right option for you.


The convenience of being able to drink in excess of 1,000 calories within a matter of seconds is going to be truly invaluable for a lot of people who either don’t have the time or will to consume all of those calories from solid food.

Dymatize Super Mass Gainer may not be the most nutritional way of reaching your goals but it will definitely help you to get the job done in a convenient fashion.

Taste / Composition / Mixability

If there is one thing that can be said for Dymatize Super Mass Gainer it is that it tastes absolutely incredible.

The Cookies & Cream flavor really has to be experienced to be believed, and you will think you’re just drinking a regular milkshake because of the awesome texture and sweetness.

Despite its volume and density, Dymatize Super Mass Gainer mixes very easily into water or milk, so you can keep a serving in your shaker in dry powder form and then mix it later in the day when you need it.

Is it Worth the Money?

The cost-effectiveness of Dymatize Super Mass Gainer is really going to be dependent on just how much you need to use a weight gain a supplement to consume the number of calories you need to make progress.

If you are simply using this supplement through laziness or because it tastes good then your money would probably be better spent on some eggs, chicken, rice, vegetables, and so on.

On the other hand, if you are already eating several thousand calories from solid food and you simply can’t stomach another meal then Dymatize Super Mass Gainer definitely give you a great dollar-to-calorie ratio.

Final Thoughts

Dymatize Super Mass Gainer provides unparalleled levels of convenience when it comes to chugging down of seen amounts of calories.

You may find that digesting this product is a bit of an issue initially, but starting with a smaller serving size will help you to determine exactly how much of it you are able to stomach in one sitting.

Dymatize Super Mass Gainer is certainly not an essential bodybuilding supplement but those of you with out-of-control metabolisms will definitely find it very useful.

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