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Endo Line by Emerald Health Bioceuticals (EHB) is the first Cannabis-free solution in the form of nutritional supplements supporting the human endocannabinoid system.

This line of supplements claims it can help you deal with various health problems, including sleep disorders, depression, inflammation and brain function support.

Ingredients Overview

Endo Omega, Endo Omega Vegan, Endo Sleep, Endo Bliss, Endo Calm, Endo Inflame, Endo Brain

Endo Line consists of 7 supplements:

  • Endo Brain
  • Endo Sleep
  • Endo Calm
  • Endo Bliss
  • Endo Inflame
  • Endo Omega
  • Endo Omega Vegan

Each product is non-GMO and gluten-free, however, they all have different active ingredients to help you deal with your health issues and feel better overall. Let’s have a look at each product separately.

Endo Brain formula:

Endo Brain Supplement Facts

Contains 173 mg of PhytoCann™ Complex + 50 mg of Bacopa + 100 mg of Huperzine-A.

  • Claims to improve memory and cognitive function.
  • Claims to reduce oxidative stress, helping prevent brain aging.
  • Claims to enhance brain cell transmission.

Endo Sleep formula:

Endo Sleep Supplement Facts

Contains 173 mg of PhytoCann™ Complex + 62 mg of Passion Flower Dry Extract + 40 mg of Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (from PharmaGaba®) + 2.5 mg of Melatonin.

  • Claims to help fall asleep faster.
  • Offers a deep restful sleep.
  • Claims to reduce waking up in the middle of the night
  • Claims you’ll wake up in the morning with revitalized body and mind.

Endo Calm formula:

Endo Calm Supplement Facts

Contains 173 mg of PhytoCann™ Complex + 20 mg of Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (from PharmaGaba®) + 200 mg of Ashwagandha Root Extract Powder

  • Claims it can improve mental and emotional health.
  • Claims supporting changes in brainwaves, reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Claims to improve adrenal function and regulates cortisol levels.

Endo Bliss formula:

Endo Bliss Supplement Facts

Contains 173 mg of PhytoCann™ Complex + 30 mg of Saffron Extract Stigma Powder

  • Claims to improve mood and relieves depressive symptoms
  • Claims to positively affect neurotransmitters to regulate mood
  • Claims it relieves depressive symptoms and reduces anxiety.

Endo Inflame formula:

Endo Inflame Supplement Facts

Contains 173 mg of PhytoCann™ Complex + 90 mg of Casperome® Boswellia Serrata in Phytosome form + 45 mg of Theracurmin® as water-dispersible Turmeric (Curcuma Longa) (rhizome)

  • States that it has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
  • States that it reduces pain and inflammation.
  • States that it helps fight age-related chronic diseases like arthritis.
  • States that it aids in balancing vital biological processes.

Endo Omega formula:

Endo Omega Supplement Facts

Contains 1600 mg of Total Omegas + 700 mg of EPA & DHA + 40 mg of GLA + 1000 mg of MCTs.

There is also a vegan-friendly version – Endo Omega Vegan: 2200mg of Total Vegan Omegas + 400mg of Vegan DHA + 80mg of GLA + 1000mg of MCTs.

Endo Omega markets itself an optimal solution to support your overall health:

  • States that it improves heart health.
  • States that it enhances cognitive function and boosts mood.
  • States that it helps maintain eye health.
  • States that it improves the inflammatory response.
  • States that it supports hormone balance.
  • States that it helps optimize blood sugar levels.

Flavors & Servings

Endo Brain, Endo Sleep, Endo Calm, Endo Bliss, Endo Inflame are sold in bottles, each containing 60 vegan soft gels.

Take 2 soft gels daily, however, do not take more than 6 soft gels per day. Consult your doctor regarding the optimal dose for better results.

Endo Omega comes in oil emulsion, each bottle contains 16 fl.oz.

Take 1 tablespoon every day. You can mix it with your favorite beverage, smoothie or food. After opening the bottle, make sure to refrigerate it.

Endo Omega is available in Caramel flavor. Endo Omega Vegan is available in Cafe Mocha flavor.

Where to Buy

You can learn more about the Endo Line and order their dietary supplements for your needs on the website of Emerald Health Bioceuticals.

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