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Hunter Burn









  • More Powerful & Natural formula
  • Premium ingredients
  • Transparent formula – no proprietary blends
  • Contains potent thermogenics for faster results
  • Suppresses your appetite
  • More capsules in every bottle (costs more, but great value)
  • Discounts on bulk orders
  • Easy to order


  • Not suitable for vegetarians or vegans
  • Premium price

Hunter Burn FAQ

Fat burners were once notorious for their low-quality, synthetic and harmful ingredients. But in recent years, this has begun to change – with a number of natural and high-quality products now on the market.

That said, there are thousands of fat burners out there – so it can be difficult to find the right one for you. While they all seem to offer results you can see and feel, not that many really deliver.

So is Hunter any better? Read on to learn more about the product first and then see our verdict.

What is Hunter Burn Fat Burner?

The name Hunter brings to mind a man who will stop at nothing until he hit his targets.

And this image seems to reflect the attitudes of the people behind Hunter Burn. The company says it has “fine-tuned” every part of its formula to create a powerful product that gets results – without side effects.

This fat burner contains a strong blend of natural ingredients – and all are backed by some compelling research. It promises to help you burn fat without losing muscle – which is one of the biggest concerns for any man looking to trim his waistline.

Hunter Burn can also help suppress your appetite – and even promises to prevent weight gain when you eat too many carbs. As hunger cravings are the number-one reason diets fail, it’s great to see the guys at Hunter have covered all possible bases here.

What’s in It?

Before taking any fat burner, it’s vital to know exactly what you’re putting in your body. Unfortunately, many supplement brands use proprietary blends – a sneaky way to avoid disclosing important dose info and disguise weak and ineffective formulas.

We also noticed that Hunter Burn uses larger dosages and serving sizes than we’re used to.

Instead of the usual 120 capsules you get in average cookie-cutter fat burners, Hunter Burn gives you 180.

This translates to a serving of six capsules per day rather than the normal four – which results in a stronger formula designed for better, faster results.

This fat burner includes:

  • Vitamin D3 – Hunter Burn holds 3000IU of D3. More of a steroid sex hormone than a vitamin, D3 is shown to boost testosterone, build muscle and help men burn fat – especially those who are deficient in the nutrient. D3 is the key to Hunter Burn’s claim to help you burn fat without losing muscle.
  • Konjac Root Extract – Also known as Glucomannan, Konjac Root is a dietary fiber which expands in the stomach to make you feel fuller and helps you beat hunger cravings. It can also help reduce cholesterol and balance sugar levels to make more space for healthy nutrients.
  • White Kidney Bean – This is a powerful carbohydrate blocker. It is often taken with carb-heavy meals to stop your body absorbing too many carbohydrates. This the excess energy to pass straight through your body rather being stored as fat.
  • L-Theanine – This amino acid is a calming agent shown to lift your mood, improves and helps lower stress, which in turn helps prevent comfort eating. L-Theanine can also shrink fat cells to promote fat loss.
  • Matcha Green Tea – Green tea is rich in catechins which are shown to have a thermogenic effect on your body. In other words, Green Tea heats up your body and force it to burn more calories to cool back down. Matcha is at least three times stronger than regular Green Tea – an example of the many high-grade ingredients in Hunter products.
  • Cayenne Pepper – Crammed full of a compound called capsaicin – a powerful thermogenic which is said to boost carbohydrate oxidation and helps you burn calories faster.

Hunter Burn Ingredients

How to Take It

The manufacturer’s instructions say you should swallow two capsules with a large glass of water, three times per day. It also says you should take each of the three doses half an hour before your three main meals – so that’s exactly what we did.

The directions also suggest taking the full serving every day for best results. The six-capsule serving sounds like a lot to take in one day, but we quickly got used to the routine.

We always recommend you speak with your doctor before taking any supplements.

Benefits of Hunter Burn

Many brands claim they make premium products – but Hunter seems to. It uses only six ingredients, but every one is backed by credible research.

Despite its potency, Hunter Burn isn’t packed with caffeine, which means it’s also unlikely to cause the jittery feelings that characterize so many other stimulant-rich products.

The all-natural formula is free from gluten, soy, GMO and artificial flavors, colors and preservatives – all of which means side effects are unlikely.


As in the case of any supplement, you should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

As Hunter Burn is 100% natural, it is safe to take. However, we still advise consulting your doctor if you’re unsure about any of part of its formula.

The lack of synthetic ingredients also means this fat burner is safe for daily use – with no need to cycle it.

Hunter Burn Review


  • Extensively researched and tested
  • Highest-quality ingredients
  • 100% natural
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
  • Free from gluten, soy and GMO
  • Transparent dose info (no proprietary blends)
  • More for your money – larger doses and serving sizes
  • Helps you burn fat without losing muscle
  • Contains a proven appetite suppressant (konjac root)
  • Made in cGMP- and FDA-certified facilities
  • Discounts available when you buy in bulk

So Hunter Burn looks great in theory – but is it any good in practice?

For a start, it’s great to see this fat burner is made in the US and UK to the FDA’s stringent cGMP guidelines – always a sign of quality.

And although this is relatively new product, it already boasts a wealth of glowing online reviews.

Let’s see whether all this praise is justified…

Overall Quality

As we mention earlier, so many manufacturers claim to offer premium fat burners, only to fall down under scrutiny.

The first thing we noticed about Hunter Burn was its lack of proprietary blends. Instead, it uses a transparent list of ingredients and dosages – always a mark of confidence in a product.

And the guys at Hunter have every right to be confident. This fat burner uses just six ingredients – but this is a sign that its makers have cut out everything unnecessary and haven’t fallen for the latest ‘miracle’ nutrient.

What’s left is half a dozen well-researched, high-quality ingredients. In fact, so much info is available on these nutrients that some users report being able to pinpoint certain effects to specific parts of the formula.

We were also impressed by the depth and quality of the information available on the Hunter website. The Hunter Burn webpage is a veritable hub of knowledge on the ethos behind the product, but also its formula. What’s more, all the information is backed up with references to reputable scientific studies.


Just because a fat burner contains a 100% natural formula, this doesn’t mean it’s any good. That said, no part of this formula is unnecessary – and every nutrient truly is of the highest quality.

The use of Matcha Green Tea is evidence of this – at least three times more powerful than the common form, Matcha promises to boost your metabolism for faster fat loss.

Konjac Root helps suppress nagging hunger cravings, while White Kidney Bean is on hand to prevent the buildup of fat if and when when you give in to temptation and eat cakes or other simple-carb-heavy foods.

Meanwhile, Cayenne Pepper helps turn your body into a fat-burning furnace.

In addition to the premium ingredients, the larger doses and servings come together to make truly powerful fat burner.

Hunter Burn also contains Vitamin D3. This was a surprise at first, as D3 is a mainstay of testosterone boosters – not fat burners.

Value for Money

As we’ve said several times in this review, Hunter Burn claims to be a premium product. And at $75 per bottle, it’s fair to say the price reflects this. However, each bottle contains 180 capsules, which is 33% more than you get in standard 120-capsule products.

But even if this wasn’t the case, the sheer quality of the ingredients and the depth of research behind the product warrant the extra cash. This is a fat burner designed for real results.

Besides this, discounts are available when you buy three or more bottles at a time. And if you’re not convinced, Hunter offers a full product refund for customers unhappy with their purchase after 90 days of use – which certainly seems fair.

Hunter Burn Deals:

  • 1 month supply – $75
  • 2 month supply – $150
  • 4 month supply – $225 (BEST DEAL – 1 FREE MONTH SUPPLY INCLUDED)

Final Verdict

Hunter Burn is ideally suited to the kind of guy who wants to improve his looks without losing muscle and without compromising his health.

Instant Knockout is still our favorite fat burner as it offers a lot of the same benefits at a lower price. But if you’re willing to pay extra to get the results you want, you couldn’t do much better than Hunter Burn.

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