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Hunter Focus









  • Premium ingredients from reputable sources
  • Both short- and long-term brain benefits
  • Multi-faceted approach to brain health
  • 100% natural, science-backed nootropic ingredients
  • Prepared to stringent cGMP and FDA standards in the US/UK
  • No proprietary blends
  • No harsh stimulants


  • Premium price - $75 makes this one of the most expensive nootropics on the market
  • Not suitable for vegetarians or vegans – uses gelatin capsules

Hunter Focus Nootropic FAQ

While not as well-known or as popular as some other supplements, nootropics are becoming big business. The trend started in California as Silicon Valley when tech entrepreneurs scrambled for ways to sharpen their minds and gain an edge over the competition.

And as nootropics grow in popularity, so too does the number of products all promising to unlock the power of your mind.

For this reason, you may be finding it difficult to choose the right nootropic for your needs.

During your search, you may have come across Hunter Focus. While newer and not as well-known as some other pre-made brain boosters, Hunter’s flagship nootropic is already making waves – with a bunch of very positive online reviews attesting to its quality and performance.

What is Hunter Focus Nootropic?

The name ‘Hunter’ conjures up many images of animals with prey in their sights.

And considering this nootropic is designed to help you give you relentless focus, “succeed where others fail and “gain an edge over your rivals”, it’s fair to say Hunter Focus is aptly-named.

This supplement contains a blend of nine, all-natural, nootropics, all of which promise a host of compelling benefits.

These ingredients address some of the biggest issues any entrepreneur – or otherwise busy man – can face as he tries to navigate the pitfalls of his work and home life.

Some offer immediate brain-boosting effects, while others promote long-term brain health and reduce stress.

What’s in It?

Before you take any kind of supplement, you need to make sure you know what’s in it.

Unfortunately, many users source their nootropics from less-than-reputable sources – usually in the Far East.

Several pre-made nootropics also use proprietary blends as a way of hiding vital dose information and disguising ineffective formulas.

By law, companies have to tell you what ingredients a nootropic contains, but proprietary blends are a sneaky way to hide amounts that are too low to be effective. 

Fortunately, Hunter Focus boasts a transparent list of ingredients, with dosages also clearly on view. More in-depth information is also available from the Hunter website.

This nootropic supplement includes:

  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom – Contains erinacines and hericenones which are said to help increase Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) in the brain. This helps repair and protect your nerves to promote longevity.
  • Ashwagandha – Repairs and regenerates axons and dendrites in the brain to improve your memory, learning capacity and your ability to recall names, faces and other important information.
  • Citicoline – When ingested, the body divides Citicoline into uridine and choline. Uridine promotes long-term brain health by repairing brain cells. Choline is shown to sharpen your memory and improve attention.
  • Passion Flower – An anxiolytic which increases dopamine – a feel-good hormone which reduces stress and increases subjective well-being.
  • Bacopa – Also known as Brahmi, Bacopa Monnieri is an herb that’s rich in bacosides A and B – active compounds which increase blood flow in the brain to shorten reaction times and help you stay sharp as you age.
  • N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine (NALT) – Promotes the release of dopamine, epinephrine and norepinephrine – neurotransmitters which can help increase mental energy and improve your problem-solving skills.
  • L-Theanine – A calming agent which boosts serotonin levels in the brain to help you think clearer and stay alert – even under pressure. It works by increasing alpha brain waves.
  • Phosphatidylserine – A phospholipid (fatty substance) which offers neuroprotective effects on every cell in your brain, while also improving plasticity (brain health and capacity). As one of the best-tested nootropics out there, phosphatidylserine may even improve golf performance.
  • Maritime Pine Bark Extract – Research suggests Maritime Pine Bark may improve your decision-making and planning skills. It’s thought to do this by increasing blood flow and allowing more nutrients to flow around the brain.

Hunter Focus Ingredients

How to Take It

According to the manufacturer’s “directions for use”, you should take two capsules with a glass of water, twice per day. This translates to a daily dose of four capsules.

As some of the ingredients are fat-soluble (such as bacopa), we recommend taking each serving with an added fat source (a slice of wholegrain bread with peanut butter, for example).

Benefits of Hunter Focus

As long as you take a fully daily dose, the ingredients in Hunter Focus offer an array of exciting benefits. But is it any different to the wealth of other nootropics which promise so much and rarely deliver?

Some other reviewers have claimed Hunter Focus heralds the start of a new era in pre-made nootropic stacks. And while this may seem a little over the top, those reviewers aren’t far off.

With ingredients that play different roles in helping users increase focus and drive, Hunter Focus takes a multi-faceted approach that covers all bases.

From improved attention, to stress relief, clear thinking, memory and long-term brain support – all the benefits you’ll ever need are here in one place. 


We always recommend following the manufacturer’s directions for use  – and Hunter Focus is no different.

Unlike other nootropics on the market, Hunter Focus uses an all-natural formula. However, it’s possible some ingredients could react with prescribed medications you may be taking. With this in mind, we advise consulting your doctor before taking Hunter Focus.

That said, side effects are rare – it’s usually those with allergies who report issues.

Hunter Focus Nootropic Review


  • Nine well-researched brain-boosting nutrients
  • Helps boost mental energy
  • Promotes clear and creative thinking
  • No proprietary blends
  • Ingredients from reputable sources
  • Produced to cGMP and FDA standards in the USA/UK
  • No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • All-natural formula
  • Discounts available on bulk orders

Now you know the background to Hunter Focus, it’s time to delve deeper. It’s reassuring to read that the product is made at facilities which adhere to the FDA’s current Good Manufacturing Practices.

This is a relief as many nootropics are made in the Far East, where manufacturing laws are not as stringent.

Everything about Hunter Focus looks great – from the ingredients to the doses and serving sizes. But can it really be as good as the existing reviews are suggesting?

Let’s find out…

Overall Quality

As we state earlier in this review, hundreds of manufacturers still use proprietary blends to cover up paltry doses and weak formulas that have little or no brain-boosting power. This isn’t true of Hunter Focus – its transparent dose information is a sure sign its makers are confident in the quality of the formula.

The depth of information available on the Hunter website also suggests the manufacturers have really done their homework. The site is full of useful information on the formula – with all claims backed up with references to respected scientific journals.


The signs are good so far. But just because a nootropic is 100% natural, this doesn’t automatically equate to a safe and effective supplement. Luckily, Hunter Focus offers genuine benefits and really does deliver on the promises made on the Hunter website.

We’ve seen the ingredients in other nootropics, but rarely at optimal doses or in such premium forms. As an example of the formula’s quality, it uses a form of Maritime Pine Bark which is standardized to 95% proanthocyandins – making it the most powerful form of the nutrient available.

Meanwhile, research suggests that at a dose of 250mg, Citicoline improves brain energy and improves attention to detail after just 28 days of use.

Other ingredients are shown to reduce stress, promote clear thinking and longevity.

Value for Money

Is Hunter Focus a worthwhile investment? We don’t blame you for asking this question – especially if you’ve spent money on ineffective nootropics in the past.

Admittedly, $75 per bottle puts Hunter Focus firmly in the premium price bracket. That said, the quality of the ingredients and the optimal doses ensure Hunter Focus stands up to scrutiny on all levels – and we say all the brain-boosting benefits it offers makes it well worth the money.

Besides, the manufacturer offers generous discounts when you buy in bulk – making the decision to buy a no-brainer.

Hunter Focus Deals:

  • 1 month supply – $75
  • 2 month supply – $150
  • 4 month supply – $225 (BEST DEAL – 1 FREE MONTH SUPPLY INCLUDED)

Final Verdict

This nootropic is ideal if you’re looking for a way to get ahead and stay ahead in everything you do.

If you’re finding that you get tired more quickly, or you’re worried you may be losing your mental edge, Hunter Focus could make a difference to every part of your life.

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