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Instant Knockout Review

instant knockout review


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Where to Buy Instant Knockout

What Is Instant Knockout?

Instant Knockout is a fat burning supplement marketed for everyone from professional athletes to the average Joe. With its range of natural ingredients, it provides a sucker punch to your fat cells to help your body mobilize its stored triglyceride before burning it off and utilizing as fuel for your daily activities.

Is Instant Knockout Only for Men?

Nope! Instant Knockout was specifically designed to benefit men and women! Which is why we also ranked it our #2 fat burner for women. You can also check out the official women’s guide to IK on their website for more specific information.

If you’re a woman looking to lose weight we recommend reading the above guide. It’ll give you some great insight on weight loss and using Instant Knockout in your daily routine.

Overall Quality

Instant Knockout is a fairly run-of-the-mill fat burner supplement in the bigger picture of what is available on the market these days, but it does feature an intelligent formulation with purely natural ingredients.

A daily serving of Instant Knockout racks up a 350mg dose of caffeine anhydrous, and while this is going to be quite high if you add coffee on top, this will be spread throughout the day.

What’s more, 500mg of Green Tea Extract is a fairly reasonable dose spread through the day.


If you are eating a poor diet and not exercising intensely or frequently then then don’t expect much in the way of fat loss results from this supplement.

When taking a capsule you’ll probably notice a rise in your body temperature, so this is the thermogenic properties hard at work!

Is it Worth the Money?

Absolutely, but it will all be for nothing if your diet and training aren’t where they should be, so get them in order first and then consider adding a fat burning supplement to your regimen.

Where to Get It

Currently Instant Knockout is only available to buy through their official website. Which isn’t a bad thing since they offer a good price and ship worldwide. I’m sure in the future they’ll make it available for sale on sites such as amazon.com and bodybuilding.com, but for now you can get it for $59 at the link below.

Package Deals:

  • 1 month supply – 1 Box
  • 2 month supply – 2 Boxes + FREE Delivery (USA & UK)
  • 3 month supply – 3 Boxes + 1 FREE Box + FREE Delivery (Worldwide*) + Free T-Shirt + 90 DAY GUARANTEE

Available Flavors and Serving Sizes

Instant Knockout comes in pill form and is therefore not available in any flavors.

Each bottle contains 120 capsules, which is designed to provide a one month supply.

What’s more, there are discounts and special offers available when you purchase multiple bottles.Instant Knockout Ingredients

Instant Knockout contains the following ingredients:

  • Green Tea Extract
    • Highly researched and very popular nutrient when it comes to weight loss. Full of catechins.
    • Sometimes referred to as a super food, green tea is known to have many benefits.
  • Cayenne Pepper
    • Fear not! You won’t be burned by this ingredient.
      Known to increase metabolic rates, which allows your body to burn more calories, and in turn fat.
    • Because they raise your body temperature, some spicy foods like hot peppers can boost your metabolism. Only a very small amount is used in this product, so don’t worry to much about the spicy part!
  • Glucomannan
    • Taken from the roots of Konjac plants, that contain high amounts of dietary fibers, it is suggested to curb appetite.
    • The way it works is by absorbing liquid, which makes you feel full and less likely to snack/cheat during the day.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
    • What this does is quicken your metabolism and heightens your body’s ability to break down stored fat and use it as energy.
    • Caffeine anhydrous is the most pure and effective form of caffeine. It is used in this product to enhance the effects of green tea and cayenne pepper.
  • Vitamin B6
    • Added to Instant Knockout in its natural form of pyridoxine.
  • Vitamin B12
    • All B Vitamins aid your body in turning carbs into glucose, which is then burned by your body for energy.
  • Chromium
    • This product contains a small amount of chromium.
    • Thermogenesis is restricted when insulin is limited and blood sugars are high.
  • Zinc
  • Piperine
    • Piperine is suggested to make nutrients more bio-available, which in turn allows your body to absorb and use them more effectively.
  • Green Coffee Bean
    • These are coffee beans BEFORE they are roasted. This makes them high in chlorogenic acids, which can limit the rate at which your body absorbs fat from foods.


Taking Instant Knockout

As per the manufacturer’s recommendations, you are to take Instant Knockout in the following manner:

  • One capsule first thing in the morning
  • One capsule before lunch
  • One capsule in the afternoon
  • One capsule before dinner

Taking it in this way will ensure that it is being dosed evenly through the day so as to prolong the fat-burning effects, and using it between meals will only serve to enhance this further.

We’d also suggest taking a week off after every 4 weeks of use. This will help you avoid a tolerance build up, and also give your body a break.

Note: Speak with your doctor before taking this product and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the label.

Are there Any Precautions?

Instant Knockout does contain caffeine so if you are particularly sensitive to stimulants then you might want to start with a lower dose to assess your tolerance.

What’s more, it would be advisable to take periodic breaks and discontinue use every month or two so that your body remains sensitive to the ingredients and you do not develop a tolerance.

As we suggest with all supplements, do not take any without consulting with your doctor first.

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