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  • Fermented L-Citrulline powder provided in the unflavoured form
  • Offers excellent value for money
  • Provides 2 g of L-Citrulline per serving
  • Helps to stimulate L-Arginine and nitric oxide production
  • Excellent for enhancing your pumps while training
  • Available in packages containing 100 servings
  • Ranked #2 on our Best Citrulline Supplements List
Where to Buy KAGED MUSCLE Citrulline

Kaged Muscle Citrulline FAQ

What Does Kaged Muscle Citrulline Do?

Kaged Muscle Citrulline is a pump-enhancing supplement that you can use either throughout the day or during your workouts to promote increased blood flow and delivery of nutrients where they are needed most: your muscles.

Used either on its own or in addition to other performance-enhancing supplements, Kaged Muscle Citrulline is converted into L-Arginine in your kidneys before acting as a precursor to the production of nitric oxide.

Rather than being eliminated by the liver before entering your bloodstream, Kaged Muscle Citrulline is able to pass right through before being converted into L-Arginine.

What’s in Kaged Muscle Citrulline?

Kaged Muscle Citrulline contains nothing but 100% Fermented L-Citrulline.


How and When Do I Take It?

As per the manufacturers’ recommendations you are to take one scoop of Kaged Muscle Citrulline mixed into water or your favorite protein shake twice per day or as required.

Although not specifically recommended by the manufacturer you may also wish to consider using this as a pre-workout or intra-workout supplement to directly enhance your pumps and vascularity while you train.

What are the Benefits?

The most obvious benefit of a supplement like Kaged Muscle Citrulline is that you will enjoy more intense pumps and overall vascularity throughout the day and while you train, but the benefits do not stop there.

Obviously, if your pumps improve you will be able to develop a more thorough mind-muscle connection for greater contractions and overall better recruitment of the target muscles you are trying to train.

In addition to this, and increased pump means increased blood flow to your muscles, which in turn corresponds to greater delivery of nutrients into the tissues.

The benefit of this is that the amino acids, creatine, and other pre-workout supplements you are using will be forced into your muscles where they can get to work promoting recovery and stimulating the growth and repair of your muscle tissues.

Finally, let’s not ignore the mental benefit of skin-splitting pumps; you will feel like a juggernaut stomping around the gym with your muscles swollen from the intense pumps!

Are There Any Precautions?

Because of its vasodilatory effects, Kaged Muscle Citrulline should be avoided by anyone who has ever suffered a heart attack or other form of cardiovascular disease.

What’s more, Kaged Muscle Citrulline should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women, nor should it be used by individuals under the age of 18.

Consult your doctor or physician prior to using Kaged Muscle Citrulline if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or if you are currently using prescription medication.

Please note that these statements have been neither written nor reviewed by a doctor or medical authority of any kind.

Available Flavors and Serving Sizes

Kaged Muscle Citrulline is available solely as an unflavoured powder with no added flavorings or sweeteners.

Kaged Muscle Citrulline is available in a single serving size containing 200 g.

Do I Need to Use a Pump-Enhancing Supplement If My Carbohydrate Intake Is High?

When you are bulking and eating in a caloric surplus with lots of carbs you will probably find it relatively easy to attain a pump regardless of whether you are using a supplement like Kaged Muscle Citrulline or not.

This certainly does not mean that Kaged Muscle Citrulline if you are not dieting or generally eating a low-carbohydrate diet, but you could potentially see greater benefits if you have been struggling to achieve a decent pump recently.

If you are operating on a tight budget and aren’t quite sure if Kaged Muscle Citrulline for you then begin by ensuring that you are drinking lots of water, consuming plenty of sodium, and eating a good few hundred grams of carbohydrates each day.

If this doesn’t do the trick and you can be honest with yourself in saying that your training is intense enough to elicit the pumps you desire then Kaged Muscle Citrulline may well worth be considering.


Kaged Muscle Citrulline is a great addition to any supplement protocol, offering arguably higher levels of effectiveness than L-Arginine or other nitric oxide supplements.

The fact that this Citrulline supplement has been provided as a free-form unflavoured powder means that it offers potentially higher value for money than other comparable-enhancing products on the market.

If your existing pre-workout supplement doesn’t contain any kind of pump-enhancing ingredient then you might want to think about adding some Kaged Muscle Citrulline so that you can start enjoying some painful pumps and take your higher volume training to the next level.

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