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Musclepharm Combat Powder

Where to Buy MusclePharm Combat Powder

MP Combat Powder Overview

MusclePharm Combat Powder is a powerful protein powder that provides a blend of five different proteins, each of which offers differing rates of digestion.

What this does is provide you with an initial spike in your blood amino acid levels before sustaining those levels with a more tapered release via the more slowly-digesting proteins.

Add to this the inclusion of BCAA and digestive enzymes and you’ve got yourself a well-rounded protein supplement that offers just about everything your body needs to stay in an anabolic state of recovery throughout the entire day.

What’s in MusclePharm Combat Powder?

MusclePharm Combat Powder includes a range of five different proteins plus some amino acids thrown in for good measure, so let’s have a look at exactly what is on the ingredients list:

  • Micro Filtered Whey Protein Blend, including:
    • Whey Protein Concentrate;
    • Whey Protein Isolate; and
    • Whey Protein Hydrolysate
  • Micellar Casein
  • Egg White Albumen
  • L-Glutamine
  • L-Leucine
  • L-Valine
  • L-Isoleucine
  • Digestive Enzyme Blend, including:
    • Protease; and
    • Lactase

musclepharm combat powder nutritional label

What are the Benefits?

If you’ve ever used a standalone whey protein isolate powder then you probably have noticed how you drink your shake, feel good for maybe an hour or so, and then start to feel hungry again.

The main reason for this is that whey protein isolate is a highly refined form of protein that requires very little digestion, especially in a hydrolyzed state, so you enjoy a rapid rise in your blood amino acid levels before seeing them quickly decline.

These short and sharp spikes in our amino levels are great for initiating protein synthesis within the body, but they do little to offer sustained and prolonged anabolic support while we go about our daily business.

MusclePharm has done a great job of offering fast-digesting proteins such as whey protein isolate and whey protein hydrolysate, but while also including the slow-digesting Micellar casein to ensure prolonged digestion.

What’s more, egg white albumen is considered to be a protein that digests at a more moderate pace, so you really have got all of your bases covered in that regard.

It’s also great to see a healthy dose of BCAA thrown in as the L-Leucine helps to trigger protein synthesis so that your body is primed to use the proteins you are digesting.

Taking Combat Powder

As per the manufacturer’s guidelines you are to mix one or two scoops of Combat Powder into 8 – 12 oz of water.

You are free to adjust the quantity of powder and water you use depending on the consistency you desire and your protein requirements.

Consume 2 – 3 shakes per day to supplement your whole food protein sources.

Note: Speak with your doctor before taking this product and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the label.

Are There Any Precautions?

If you suffer from a milk allergy then you will definitely want to exercise caution when trying MusclePharm Combat Powder for the first time because it contains casein which is the main allergen in milk besides lactose.

You should also ensure you are using this as a supplement and not your sole or primary source of protein in your diet.

Available Flavors and Serving Sizes

MusclePharm Combat Powder is available in the following flavors:

  • Banana Cream
  • Chocolate Milk
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • Cinnamon Bun
  • Cookies ‘N’ Cream
  • Mint Chocolate Chip
  • Orange Creamsicle
  • Peach Swirl
  • Strawberry Cheesecake
  • Triple Berry
  • Vanilla

You’ll also find it available in the following serving sizes:

  • 7 servings
  • 2lbs
  • 4lbs
  • 10lbs


MusclePharm Combat Powder has a very solid concept behind it. If you’re serious about your training then you really shouldn’t skimp on the most fundamental bodybuilding and athletic supplement – protein powder – so we think it’s well worth investing in a tub of MusclePharm Combat Powder to ensure your body is being steadily supplied with amino acids for a few hours rather than a half-hour!


The formulation of Combat Powder has clearly had a lot of thought put into it, so you’re getting a blend of fast-, medium-, and slow-digesting proteins along with all of the branched-chain amino acids or BCAA your body needs to facilitate protein synthesis.

Such a potent blend of proteins might cause a little digestive upset in more sensitive people so it’s also good to see that the manufacturer has included protease and lactase as these will help you to digest both the protein and lactose respectively.

Is it Worth the Money?

You’re always going to pay a little extra if you want a decent protein blend, and while a lot of comparable products include just three proteins such as whey concentrate, whey isolate, and egg albumen, this one offers five.

For this reason, plus the fact that it tastes so darned good, I’d say it’s definitely worth the money.

It is going to depend on your requirements, of course, if you live a busy lifestyle and you want a couple of shakes to rely on when you’re at work through the day then MusclePharm Combat Powder is a good choice.


If you’re just in the market for a low-cost protein source then MusclePharm Combat Powder probably isn’t the one for you.

On the other hand, if you’re more concerned about the quality of your protein powder and you want something that is going to be a touch more conducive to your bodybuilding and athletic goals then you’re definitely in the right place.

It is important to make sure you’ve got plenty of amino acids available in your body when you’re training hard on a regular basis, especially if you happen to find recovery to be an issue that you struggle with.

This is why a blend of five proteins is so useful because you’re getting all of the benefits of a regular old whey protein isolate shake but with the more sustained release of slower proteins like Micellar casein.

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