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Where to Buy MusclePharm Creatine

MusclePharm Creatine Overview

Among the most popular supplement add-ins, one will find creatine near the top of the list. The benefits creatine provides outweigh that of the popular ingredients we find in whey protein or other supplement mixings. You may be asking yourself, what is creatine? We’ll get into the details below and highlight MusclePharm’s unique blend in the process.

What is Creatine?

Creatine is something our body produces naturally. This organic acid can be found stemming from the liver and the kidneys. It’s goal in functioning processes is to recycle energy obtained from adenosine diphosphate or ADP. The ADP is converted into adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, and provides energy to brain and muscle tissues.

We can also obtain creatine through a well-balanced diet. A diet that gives us the recommended nutrition intakes on a daily value scale. Creatine can also take the form of a supplement. As a supplement, creatine is used to promote muscle mass and muscle growth.

Its main function is to increase energy amounts in quick fashion, giving you more free energy to use during a workout. As a supplement, creatine takes the form of an amino acid and can be found in the powder or capsule form.

MusclePharm creatine comes in a natural powder form. Their blend is tasteless, meaning it can be mixed in with a variety of foods or liquids and still produce results. The tasteless nature also helps with stomaching this supplement. Add it to a bowl of cereal or your daily protein shake to reap the benefits this supplement holds.

What is in the MusclePharm Blend?

MusclePharm’s creatine blend contains a short list of ingredients, but that doesn’t hinder the effectiveness of this supplement. The list of ingredients includes: Creatine Monohydrate, Creatine AAB, DiCreatine Malate, and three other proprietary creatine additions. Creatine monohydrate is a simple way of stating that it is creatine mixed with a water molecule. This helps with digestion and retention, causing less dehydration from your training routine. Creatine AAB is the short form of a chemical bond that comes from amino acids in our body. As a supplement additive, creatine AAB helps increase blood flow throughout the body, helping vital organs gain sufficient stamina and energy.

It also increases the oxygen intake, producing additional stamina benefits. It also helps to slow the breakdown of protein in your muscles, which can account for larger periods of muscle growth during and after a workout. DiCreatine Malate is added to help creatine freely flow to the muscles. It adds malic acid, which helps the creatine reach the muscles in a quicker fashion. This infusion helps the described creatine processing take place in half the time. The three proprietary blends add to help with the areas described above. They work with rentention of water, muscle growth, free flowing blood and oxygen, and other such areas to ensure your body is functioning at a peak level. The blend is designed for those who already feature a structured workout plan as part of a healthy diet. The ingredients work as a benefit for those who have these structured plans in motion.

MusclePharm Creatine supplement facts label

What Does Creatine do for me?

Creatine helps to free up the natural flow of blood and oxygen to the essential organs in your body. The most highly targeted area for creatine to process is in the muscles. It will expand your muscles as it draws the water from them. Therefore, it is vital to stay hydrated when taking creatine. 8-10 glasses of water should be consumed each day to ensure results and effectiveness. As mentioned previously, those already featuring a structured workout plan can benefit greatly from the use of creatine. It can help you add more weight to your sets and increase muscle growth at a quick pace. It can be paired with other supplements and proteins and works well with them. MusclePharm has a whole list of other products that can complement this creatine blend.

Since creatine is naturally produced in your body, you don’t need much to supplement your diet. Take one serving per day and stay true to this amount. The best part about creatine is that your body can store it for usage. If you are sleeping or in a less active state, the activation will not occur. When you are ready to work out, it will signal your body and prepare to take form. Increasing the uptake and availability allows for muscle growth to occur rapidly. Daily use will promote this growth and keep you at a steady increase, creating size gains in a matter of weeks or months.

The tasteless nature of this powder makes it easy to consumer. It mixes well, meaning it can be consumed in water without hesitation. This makes it an easy component to your daily food or liquid intakes. It does not require a preparation phase, meaning it is safe to add to your diet in immediate fashion. This is a nice feature due to the fact that it is naturally produced in your body. It is a no brainer to add this supplement into your pre- or post-workout routine.


With any supplement, there are things we love and things we dislike. Below we’ll discuss a few of these things. Detailing each bullet point can help you decide if this is a product that would suit your needs or not.

  • Simple to take. The tasteless nature allows for mixing with almost anything. The power dissolves easily, which allows you to add it to both foods or liquids.
  • It is naturally produced. Your body can produce creatine through your liver and kidneys. When adding creatine to your supplement routine, it heads straight to the muscles. Doubling up on this substance helps produce quick results.
  • It is very cheap. The MusclePharm Creatine mix contains 60 servings. You only require 1 serrving per day. The math comes to a little over $0.25 per day. This makes it cheap, and when you add in the effectiveness and benefit factors, it makes this purchase a great buy for the consumer.
  • The ingredient list is short, but very sweet. The added benefits gained from the chemical make-up of this supplement are phenomenal. You gain some additional water support, extra blood flow capabilities, and the stamina increase. The gains are too good to ignore and they suit all the needs you could come up with.

Final Verdict

MusclePharm’s creatine mix makes for a great add to your diet. Creatine naturally stores itself when not being used, making it intriguing for periods of inactivity. The included ingredients add benefits that can’t be obtained from a pure creatine. The price point cannot be met by other, similar creatine supplements, making it a great investment for your money. The gains come in quick fashion, so this makes it a good target for those who crave results. MusclePharm Creatine mix gets a thumbs up from us, so get your hands on some today.

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