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Where to Buy Nooflux

Nootropics are quickly becoming a popular category of supplements. Nootropics are substances that seek to improve mental function, particularly relating to concentration, cognition, and memory.

There are some herbs, supplements and vitamins that may indeed help to enhance mental function – but there is also a lot of pseudoscience surrounding nootropics.

As the popularity of nootropics increases, more and more products are competing for a piece of the market. One such product that’s relatively new is Nooflux. Let’s take a look at this product to learn more.

What Nooflux Claims to Do

Like most nootropic supplements, Nooflux claims to help improve your brain function. Some of the claimed benefits include:

  • Enhanced memory and a better ability to learn and retain information
  • Better brain function, particularly under disruptive or stressful conditions
  • Increased cognitive function by boosting natural brain processes
  • Protection of the brain from physical and chemical toxins
  • Enhanced clarity and focus for better productivity

These are some bold claims, to be sure – but they are in line with what most nootropic manufacturers claim. Keep in mind that many of these claims may be exaggerated, and don’t necessarily have definitive clinical evidence to back them up – although there are some ingredients in Nooflux that do potentially have some benefits.

Nooflux is Two Products: Flow and Axom

One unique thing about Nooflux is that it’s actually two separate products. The manufacturers recommend taking both in conjunction for best results, but regardless they are sold as two unique products.

Flow is a mix of neuropeptides and adaptogens designed to boost focus, clarity and endurance.

Axomis a mix of plant-based nutrients designed to enhance memory and cognition and support cognitive health.

So, Flow is marketed more as an energy and focus booster, while Axom is marketed as an overall brain health booster. Used together, they are intended to target all relevant aspects of cognitive function.

What’s in It?

As mentioned, Nooflux is broken up into two products, as follows:

Flow ingredients

Axom ingredients

In both products, the ingredients are formulated to work together to target multiple aspects of cognitive function and health. Many of these ingredients do have documented benefits when it comes to cognition, although most of them have not been fully evaluated – particularly when used in combination with one another.

Potential Side Effects

In Flow, the following side effects are possible due to these ingredients:

Noopept has the potential to cause restlessness, headaches and irritability.

Alpha-GPC may cause headaches and nausea.

L-theanine and caffeine can cause appetite suppression, elevated blood pressure, jitters and insomnia.

Rhodiola rosea can cause agitation, headache and anxiety.

In Axom, the following side effects are possible due to these ingredients:

Bacopa can cause dry mouth, indigestion, and increased bowel movements.

Lion’s mane mushroom can cause itchy skin.

Huperzine A can slow the heart rate and alter blood pressure. Axom should not be taken by those with heart disease.

Bottom Line

Overall, Nooflux is an interesting product that seems like it could genuinely help with cognitive function. Many of the ingredients used in the product have proven to be effective in addressing many factors of cognitive performance, memory and brain health.

It’s worth noting, however, that these ingredients have not been studied for extended use, and most have only been examined when used on their own. It’s unclear how this combination of ingredients will perform, simply because there haven’t been any reputable studies looking at this specific combination of nootropics.

The fact that Nooflux comes in two separate products could be looked at as a pro or a con. On one hand, it makes it a bit pricey to get both – on the other, it allows you to select the product that best suits your needs and avoid the rest. Most people will be more interested in Flow, but it may be beneficial to use both in combination. There is a discounted package deal for both Flow and Axom.

Bottom line, this is a good nootropic supplement that’s formulated with well-studied ingredients that could potentially provide noticeable benefits.

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