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Now Female Balance

Where to Buy Female Balance

NOW Female Balance Overview

Vitamins are an important part of any woman’s health. They can help manage difficult problems, such as menopause, that can make life difficult. This concern cause pain, mood swings, anxiety, exhaustion, and more. However, that is far from the only problem caused by poor vitamin intake. For example, osteoporosis caused by poor calcium intake is just as serious. Thankfully, there are herbal and dietary supplements that can help.

One of these supplements is NOW Female Balance. It has been manufactured to have high levels of a variety of ingredients that will alleviate many health concerns. While not FDA-approved as a single medical treatment, it does have benefits that may make it beneficial for those who need help avoiding health problems as they age.

A Look at NOW Female Balance

NOW Female Balance is a dietary herbal supplement designed, as you can guess, specifically for women. It claims to have been carefully balanced for the unique needs and demands of the female anatomy. The variety of items includes in each dose are diverse and designed to meet a variety of needs.

In fact, it contains 850 percent of the daily dose of vitamin B6 and 33 percent of folic acid. It also contains 100 milligrams of borage oil powder, 75 milligrams of wild yam extract, 100 milligrams of dong quai, and 50 milligrams of chaste berry extract. It also contains trace elements of rice flour, magnesium stearate, silica, and black cohosh extract.

However, it has been carefully manufactured to avoid contamination with wheat, gluten, soy, milk, fish, tree nuts, and shellfish. It has been packaged in factories that do pack these products, though, which is an important consideration for anyone interested in this product. It is designed as a dietary supplement that is taken three times every day.

Its primary purpose is to help balance a woman’s hormone and vitamin levels in a healthy way. One benefit is the ways it will manage hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause in women. However, it will also help with many other health concerns. Though it is not considered a medical treatment and should not be used as one, many women claim that items included in it help manage health issues.

NOW Female Balance supplement facts label

The Customers are Satisfied

The science behind the success of these items is untested. While they may have been used for centuries to manage health problems, few studies have focused on proving their worth. As a result, it can be hard to gauge whether or not this is an effective supplement. The best way to gauge it, without scientific proof, is to look at what the customers are saying.

Most women were very pleased with the effectiveness of NOW Female Balance. On one site, it received five-star ratings from a majority of the reviewers. One said that “nothing worked better” for her hot flashes than NOW Female Balance. Others have stated that they take it every day and have done so for years. Some, though, have complained about a lack of immediate effectiveness.

In fact, even in the five-star reviews, one notices a time-delay in the efficacy of the product. One reviewer said it would take up to four weeks for it to be effective. For many women, this may be too much time to wait. However, those who are willing to wait find this a useful and satisfying product.

The Cost is Reasonable

One aspect debated about this product is its price. A bottle of 90 capsules costs about $19.99 from most sources, though you can find it for nearly $10 on some discount sites. If this price were for a one-a-day pill, that would be a great deal. However, it is necessary to take three NOW Female Balance pills every day. As a result, each bottle is good for about a month.

This means you are paying about $20 for a month of pills. That comes out to about $0.66 every day. Does that sound too expensive for you? Then you may want to stay away from this pill. However, the mostly positive reviews of this supplement indicate that the cost value does remain high for many of the women who take it.

The hardest part for many women to swallow will be waiting a month for the pills to take effect. For women who don’t find the medicine effective, spending $20 for menopause relief that doesn’t work is likely to be a pretty frustrating experience. That said, the pricing is pretty typical for pills of this type.

Pros and Cons

The major benefit of this medicine is that it does seem to work for the customers who have persisted in using it. While it is frustrating that it may take a month to work, a majority of them found it beneficial. It is also made up of mostly natural ingredients that are safe to ingest and which offer your body a variety of other helpful items.

That said, there are some negative concerns associated with this supplement.

Some may prefer a bottle of one-a-day pills that can last for three or four months. That said, many of these supplements will lack the specific ingredients included in this pill. Any woman who is interested in them may struggle to get them in any other way.

Another negative concern is the fact that is the effect it can have on certain women. Anyone on the first week of their period should avoid it. Using it during this time is a danger because it can put you at risk of developing complications with the medicine. Irritation and agitation are all likely, as are more serious problems related to your cycle.

It is also not designed to be used by pregnant women or those who are lactating. The reasons for this are simple: it could end up in the bloodstream of their baby. While these items are likely not dangerous to infants, the effect they could have on child development has not been studied.

As a result, it is important to avoid adding unknown elements like this into a child’s development cycle. It could interfere with it in ways that are hard to predict. Hopefully, in the future, these effects will be further tested.

As a result, it is crucial to understand this aspect before taking the pill. While not dangerous, it should be known. Generally, though, the positives of this particular supplement still do outweigh the negatives here.

Final Thoughts

While the pros and cons section above did focus more on negatives than positives, the overall quality of this supplement does remain high. It just needs to be taken carefully and by the right women.

Anyone who is pregnant or expecting should not take it. Neither should those who are afraid of spending too much on a pill that may take an extended period to go into effect.

However, its effectiveness as a menopause relief supplement is evident. The number of women who have reported using it daily is higher than those who have found it had no effect. As a result, it is something that any woman should consider when they start reaching the right age.

Make sure to discuss with a doctor, first, to see if any of its ingredients interfere with medication you may be taking. They can do tests to ensure that your child is developing properly and that any supplements you take are not interfering with their positive growth and development.

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