Optimum Nutrition BCAA Train + Recover Review

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Where to Buy BCAA Train + Recover

Optimum Nutrition BCAA Train + Recover Overview

When you work out hard, you need a supplement that can help to minimize recovery time and get you back in the gym quickly. Optimum Nutrition BCAA Train + Recover does exactly that, and it uses high-quality ingredients to help you accomplish more and put on muscle without unwanted fat.

What Is It?

Optimum Nutrition BCAA Train + Recover is a premiere supplement that is designed to help athletes to keep the much-needed muscle gains while still engaging in endurance activities. Typically, when you perform an intense endurance activity that lasts more than an hour your glycogen stores begin to deplete.

This results in your body harvesting muscle to continue training, which can work against your bulking goals. The supplement also acts to kickstart the muscle-building process after an intense workout, and it can help you to have more energy throughout your day.

The supplement has been tested against the standard banned substances list for competitive athletes, and it provides a superior form of nutrition to help fuel your workouts. You’ll get electrolytes, antioxidants, and performance-boosting, enhanced ingredients to help you perform and feel your best.

The supplement is designed to boost your immune system, help you maintain better endurance and build the muscle you need to stay active and competitive in your field. This is a serious supplement for athletes who want to obtain superior results.

What’s In It?

Branched Chain Amino Acids are important for fast recovery times and more effective workouts. The supplement uses an intelligent formula to ensure that your body can actually use the ingredients included in the supplement. There are only 15 calories and four carbohydrates in a single serving, so you won’t have to worry about exceeding your macronutrient goals.

You’ll also get the necessary supporting nutrients that are required to help you get the best nutrient absorption, and they also work to support your immune system and keep you healthy for better workouts.

Vitamin C, Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium are all included in the supplement. The supplement also includes a BCAA blend that includes L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine. You’ll also get 250 mg of Bakers Yeast Beta Glucan (Wellmune) and 200 mg of Rhodiola Extract root.

The five grams of BCAAs are included in a 2:1:1 ratio and they serve to jump-start the protein synthesis process. Rhodiola is well-known for its ability to support endurance, and it can help keep you going in the gym or on the track for longer periods of time. Wellmune is designed to help support the immune system, which is important if you want to stay in the game and maintain a steady workout regimen.



The supplement is designed to provide you with only what you need to help maintain high levels of endurance and experience exceptional muscle gains. This makes it easier to stack the supplement with other nutrients. It also helps maintain immune system support, which is essential for athletes who are pushing themselves to the limit in their workout regimens.

The supplement has been proven to provide superior results when it comes to muscle building and recovery. All of the BCAAs included in the supplement are well-known for their ability to kickstart the muscle building process. For people who aren’t seeing the muscle gains they want, it’s possible that their bodies are going through a process of catabolism. This can be due to not getting the right level of nutrients in your diet.

You’ll still need to take in the right amount of protein for your body weight. However, if you’ve got your diet down, you can see definite improvements by including a branched chain amino acid supplement like this one.

Additionally, Wellmune has been studied for its effectiveness. It’s been shown to boost the recovery enhancing the potential of the BCAAs included in the supplement. It boots innate immune system functions and it also helps to reduce tension, fatigue and mitigate the effects of high-intensity exercise.

Rhodiola has also been shown to be effective in much the same way as Wellmune. This gives you double the protection for your immune system, and it ensures that you can get to the gym as often as necessary to achieve your goals. It helps to reduce stress on both the physical and mental level, which can lead to more effective workouts and less anxiety regarding your results.

Overall Quality

Optimum Nutrition is a well-known supplement company. They have the world’s best-selling whey protein powder, and it’s safe to trust them to provide you with exceptional supplementation for your BCAAs as well. The company is one of the few supplement manufacturers that own and operate their own production facilities. This helps them to keep complete control over the entire operation. You’ll benefit from their high-tech labs and be able to get the best possible nutrition to supplement your workouts.

The company regularly tests their finished products, and it’s not unusual for a technician to reject an entire truckload of the product if it doesn’t meet their high standards. The company is part of Glanbia, which is an international cheese and nutritional ingredients group. The company requires a Certificate of Analysis for every ingredient used in the product. Once the ingredients have been approved, they are then tested intensively to ensure quality compliance.

Daily inspections of the facilities are conducted to ensure that the facilities used to manufacture the supplement are compliant. All of their products must also be certified for sport by the NSF. The Optimum Nutrition BCAA Train + Recover is essential for people who want to get the best nutrition possible and perform at their best. The company also provides a quality guarantee no matter where you purchase their product from, which makes it easy to ensure you’re getting a product that fits your needs.

When it comes to quality, you can trust Optimum Nutrition as they provide the highest quality supplements and constantly push the expectations for other supplement manufacturers higher. Overall, this is a high-quality supplement made with exacting manufacturing specifications that you can feel good about using.

Pros and Cons

There isn’t much to fault with this supplement. The nice thing about this supplement is that it provides the nutrients you need for a very specific goal. There is nothing you don’t need for the purpose of building muscle.

The three active ingredients that you need to improve your recovery time and build muscle are included in the supplement. You’ll get the right proportion to ensure proper delivery, and to make certain that your muscles are getting the right fuel they need.

The only real downside to the supplement is that the inactive ingredients make up a large portion of the supplement. When you consider a single dose is about 10 grams, and the inactive ingredients take up approximately 4.5 grams of that serving size. The inactive ingredients could be reduced for such a simple supplement. However, many of the supportive ingredients are completely harmless if taken in excess, so it’s not a serious issue to dwell upon.

Ultimately, the addition of immune-boosting ingredients can only be seen as a positive addition to the supplement. The ingredients are of a high-quality, in the right proportion and they are proven to speed muscle recovery. You can’t really fault a simple supplement that delivers so much. Provided you’re getting the right level of protein in your diet, this supplement will help you to reach your fitness goals.


One of the biggest issues when choosing a supplement is finding one that will mix well with your favorite juice, milk or water. This supplement has excellent mixability, and it comes in four flavors. Choose from fruit punch, cranberry lemonade, strawberry kiwi and watermelon.

Many supplements like this are traditionally pretty gritty, and that can turn a lot of people off to the supplement. This supplement is very smooth, and it goes down easily. You won’t have to worry about gulping down clumps of undissolved powder, as it mixes extremely easily. You don’t even need a blender to use get the best possible mix. The best advice for mixing is to get a shaker bottle and shake it for about 30 seconds. This will provide you with a smooth drink that is easy to swallow.

The only downside to this concoction is that there is typically a bit of frothing when you mix the shake up. However, this is easily stirred in if it bothers you. Compared to some other options on the market, this is a remarkably palatable concoction that will go down easy. The texture of the shake isn’t enough to detract from the overall flavor. It’s a good tasting drink that will keep you healthy, recharged and prepared for the next workout.

Value for Money

The supplement contains 28 servings and will last you an entire month. It doesn’t need to be taken every single day, but you’ll see the best results if you take it six days a week. This is enough to have plenty of powder to last the month, and you’ll have a little bit extra while you wait for your next shipment to arrive.

It costs less than a dollar a day, but you’ll experience better workouts and a more efficient muscle-building regimen. The days of shedding fat through endurance exercise will be long gone, and you won’t have to worry about losing muscle when you supplement with this item. It’s going to help you to get the best possible workout, and purchasing these ingredients individually would likely end up costing you more money.

Overall, the value for the money is very good, and you can rest easy knowing your getting the essential BCAAs to help you achieve your athletic goals. The supplement will help you get more done in the gym, and users have reported that the cost is easily negated by the extra energy and stamina they bring to their workout sessions.

Buying all of these ingredients separately could potentially cost you two to three times the cost of this product. Additionally, since this is specifically geared toward helping you perform better during your workouts, you can limit the intake to 30 to 60 minutes before your workout regimen for the best results.

Final Verdict

For the athlete who wants to achieve their full potential, this supplement can provide a tool to help accomplish your goals. You’ll be able to overcome your obstacles and accomplish your goals by getting the necessary nutrients to fuel your workouts.

One of the recommended methods of using the supplement is to mix it up at the beginning of the day. Then, you can use it before your endurance training runs, during any of your training exercises and after a weight training session.

There are few supplements out there that are well-suited to so many different types of exercise routines. The supplement can help the sports player who wants to perform their best during a game or the body-building who is trying to bulk and cut at the same time.

The four distinct flavors mean that you can get some variety in your diet without having to resort to sugary juices to change the flavor. Mix the supplement in water and choose your favorite flavor to prepare for the day.

The supplement will have you maintaining a high level of endurance while supporting your muscles. You can rest easy knowing that the entire supplement has been through a rigorous banned substance testing, and you can feel good about supporting a company that really cares about its products. With just 15 calories a serving, you can’t go wrong with the supplement.

As the name suggests, the supplement is a well-versed supplement that can serve you well in a variety of situations. It can give you the energy you need to train your hardest, and then it provides the support you need to maintain fast recovery times and get back in the gym faster.