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Where to Get It

Performance Lab Energy Overview

Performance Lab Energy is a unique product designed for mitochondrial support. It’s intended use is to support energy levels and mental focus, without the use of stimulants like caffeine.

The manufacturer claims that this product helps to support the mitochondria of the body. Mitochondria are essentially the energy factories of the cells in the human body. Mitochondria help to produce adenosine triphosphate, or ATP. ATP essentially captures chemical energy made from food and releases it to fuel other cellular processes in the body. This process is a key part of the human metabolism, which is how our bodies fuel our daily activities and burn calories.

A healthy body will conduct these processes automatically. When you eat, your body breaks down the food and the cell’s mitochondria get to work producing ATP and supplying energy to the body.

No supplements are needed for this process. However, products like Performance Lab Energy seek to optimize the production of ATP energy cells. The manufacturer claims that this product can help improve the efficiency of ATP production, among other benefits. We’ll explore these claims in more detail in the section below.

What Performance Lab Energy Claims to Do

Performance Lab Energy is designed for mitochondrial support. The manufacturer claims that the product helps with:


This product is designed to support healthy energy levels, without the use of stimulants. The claim is that this is achieved by helping the cells’ mitochondria to do their job more efficiently.

There is some evidence to support this claim. CoQ10, one of the primary ingredients in Energy, is fundamental in powering the body’s ATP energy production cycle. PQQ, another key ingredient, has been linked to mitochondrial-related metabolism. And L-carnitine, another ingredient, helps to transport long-chain fatty acids to the mitochondria, where they are used for energy.

While these links are significant, it’s important to understand a few things. First, supplemental forms of these nutrients are not necessarily as effective as dietary sources. And second, the amount of research looking at supplements and mitochondrial energy production are limited. More research is needed.

Mitochondria Support

This product also claims to help support the health of mitochondria and aid in their reproduction. The mitochondria can be damaged by free radicals and oxidation, leading to a decline in the number of mitochondria and their efficiency. This happens naturally as we age.

Performance Lab claims that their Energy product helps support mitochondria and helps repair and regrow damaged mitochondria in the body’s cells. This claim appears to be valid, and supported by several studies. Researchers found that a combination of supplements, including CoQ10 and L-carnitine, helped to naturally restore mitochondrial function. With that said, the specific dosages and combination of ingredients used in Energy has not been studied in clinical trials.

Fat Metabolism

The manufacturer claims that this product can help with weight management, because it helps optimize fat metabolism pathways.

This claim has less clinical evidence to support it. While it is true that carnitine helps to increase fatty acid oxidation (essentially the burning of fat for energy), there is simply not enough evidence to support the claim that it helps you lose weight. Nonetheless, carnitine remains a popular addition in fat burning supplements, despite warnings from experts that it’s not effective.

Although the fat-burning potential of this supplement is in question, keep in mind that an increase in energy could help you lose more weight naturally. That is, of course, if you eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly!

What’s In It

A serving of Performance Lab Energy contains:

  • 750mg Acetyl-L-Carnitine
  • 150mg R-lipoic acid
  • 100mg CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10)
  • 10mg PQQ
  • 5mg black pepper extract

Acetyl-L-carnitine Acetyl L-carnitine is an amino acid that helps the body produce energy. It helps to transport long chain fatty acids to the mitochondria, where they are converted into energy.

R-lipoic acid Lipoic acid is a naturally occurring compound that is a natural cofactor in the mitochondria. It may work synergistically with Acetyl-L-carnitine, and also functions as a universal antioxidant.

CoQ10Coenzyme Q10 is a nutrient that occurs naturally in the body and functions as an antioxidant. It’s also a key part of the body’s ATP energy production cycle.

PQQPyrroloquinoline quinone, or PQQ, is a small molecule that is thought to support mitochondrial function. It may be beneficial in countering fatigue.

Black pepper extractBlack pepper extract, and more specifically its active component piperine, can inhibit enzymes that would normally attack other molecules. This can improve absorption and metabolism of various supplements and drugs.

For Best Results

For best results, this supplement should be combined with an overall healthy lifestyle. That means you should strive to eat a healthy, balanced diet, get enough sleep, and exercise regularly.

While this supplement appears to be able to support mitochondria and potentially improve energy, it’s no magic pill. If you want to have more energy and be healthier, you have to put in some work!

Potential Side Effects

Side effects are possible with this supplement. We can look to the potential side effects of each ingredient to determine which negative effects are possible:

  • Carnitine can cause stomach upset, vomiting, dry mouth, nausea, headache, and restlessness.
  • Lipoic acid can cause headache, weakness, sweating, irritability, confusion, dizziness, increased heart rate, and jitters.
  • CoQ10 can cause loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, upset stomach and diarrhea (and occasional allergic reactions)
  • PQQ does not typically cause side effects when taken as directed. Large doses or long-term use may cause kidney or liver toxicity.
  • Black pepper extract can cause stomach upset, but it’s highly unlikely in the small quantities found in this product.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is an interesting supplement that may be beneficial for enhancing energy production. If you have noticed more fatigue than usual, it may be worth a try. In otherwise healthy individuals with plenty of energy, it may not be necessary.

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