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Performance Lab Sport Post-Workout Overview

Performance Lab Sport Post-Workout is a nutritional supplement designed to help with recovery after strenuous workouts. It aims to improve hydration, reduce muscle soreness and speed recovery time.

The product doesn’t have many active ingredients – the main additions are creatine, cranberry extract and coconut water crystals. The aim of these ingredients is to kickstart recovery after workouts.

During exercise, your muscles can become damaged, connective tissues become inflamed, and vital fluids are depleted from your body. Proper post-workout recovery is all about countering these negative effects so that your body can rest, heal and grow muscle more effectively.

A proper post-workout recovery regimen will help restore hydration and depleted nutrients, re-energize your muscles, and keep your body in an anabolic/muscle building state. Performance Lab Sport Post-Workout could make a good addition to your recovery routine – let’s learn more about this product.

What Sport Post-Workout Claims to Do

Performance Lab Sport Post-Workout is designed to help with the post-exercise recovery process. The manufacturer claims that it can help with:

Recovery Speed

This supplement is designed to help speed up the recovery process. The claim is that it helps to protect connective tissues and muscles from oxidative stress and inflammation.

There is some evidence to support this claim. Creatine, which is included in this product, is naturally depleted during exercise. Taking supplemental creatine helps to restore these lowered muscle creatine stores. It appears that creatine has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to limit oxidative stress and muscle damage. Creatine also improves muscle hydration by drawing fluids into the muscle tissue. It’s possible that these effects of creatine could speed recovery – but more research is needed.

Pomegranate may also help speed recovery time. Studies have shown it has potent anti-inflammatory effects. It may also improve blood flow to muscles both during and after exercise, which can help to transport more nutrients to muscles, aiding in recovery. Lastly, the hydrating effects of coconut water and pink salt are thought to potentially help recovery time decrease.

Muscle Growth

The manufacturer claims that this product helps support muscle growth more than exercise alone.

There is limited evidence to support this claim. Creatine has an effect on protein synthesis, an important component of muscle growth. Creatine also affects ATP synthesis and production, which is most beneficial during exercise, but may also help with muscle growth after the fact. More research is needed.


The manufacturer claims that this product helps efficiently rehydrate the body in a similar fashion to a sports drink.

There is evidence to support this claim. The potassium-rich coconut water extract, combined with the himalayan pink salt, provide essential electrolytes that help to rehydrate the body. A study comparing coconut water to sports drinks found that it was equally effective – although, this study used fresh coconut water, instead of a powdered freeze-dried version.

What’s In It

One serving of Performance Lab Sport Post-Workout (4 capsules) contains:

  • 140mg sodium
  • 1000mg creatine (as Creapure pH10)
  • 500mg pomegranate extract
  • 350mg himalayan pink salt
  • 1250mg organic coconut water crystals (freeze-dried)

Creatine Creatine is a molecule that’s produced in the body and found in some foods and supplements. It’s a potent workout booster, but during intense exercise, creatine stores are depleted. Taking supplemental creatine can help replenish these stores, and may help to speed recovery (although more research is needed).

Pomegranate Extract Pomegranate extract is a powdered extract derived from the pomegranate fruit. It may help to accelerate post-workout recovery and minimize muscle soreness – but more research is needed.

Himalayan Pink Salt – Salt provides sodium, an important electrolyte that is lost during periods of intense exercise. It plays a role in hydration, which is vital to proper post-workout recovery.

Coconut Water Crystals Coconut water is a popular hydration drink that’s packed with electrolytes (mainly potassium). This supplement contains powdered, freeze-dried coconut water crystals. Coconut water is beneficial for post-workout hydration, and proper hydration is vital for a good workout recovery.

For Best Results

Performance Lab Sports Post-Workout is designed to supplement your current recovery efforts – which should include stretching, drinking plenty of water, and eating healthy food.

Post-workout recovery should always involve a healthy, balanced meal. It’s important to eat plenty of protein, particularly after a strenuous weight-lifting session. Try to eat a protein-rich meal with plenty of veggies and a decent amount of carbohydrates. You should eat as soon as possible after your workout – ideally within 30-60 minutes.

It’s equally important to drink plenty of fluids shortly after exercise. While this supplement can help with hydration, you still need to consume plenty of water to rehydrate and speed recovery.

There are many other things you can do to speed recovery time after working out. Ideally, you should always use a combination of methods to help your body recover – and you should also leave enough time between workouts to let your muscles fully recover.

Potential Side Effects

The potential for side effects with this product is fairly low. That said, some included ingredients can cause issues:

Creatine can cause dehydration, water weight gain, bloating, and stomach upset

Cranberry can cause nausea, diarrhea and stomach upset

Coconut water crystals don’t typically cause side effects, although allergic reactions are always possible. 

Bottom Line

This appears to be a good product for post-workout recovery. It has a simple formula, but the included ingredients are beneficial and widely studied in clinical trials.

With that said, the product does not contain protein or amino acids – which are important for post-workout recovery. Thus, for best results it should be combined with a protein powder and/or a protein-rich meal after exercising.

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