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Jym Shred By Jym Stoppani

Shred Jym Overview

Shred Jym by Jym Stoppani is designed to help you burn more fat and lose weight. It’s designed to be used in combination with exercise and a healthy diet. It’s formulated by Dr. Jim Stoppani, a famous fitness expert.

The manufacturers make no bold claims about the product – they clearly note the need for a solid diet and exercise plan in order to see actual results. This honesty is refreshing in the supplement industry.

Shred Jym combines 6 active ingredients to target multiple aspects of fat burning. Find out more in our full Shred Jym review below.

What Shred Jym Claims to Do

Shred Jym is designed for weight loss and fat loss, helping people gain better muscle definition and drop stubborn fat.

Here’s what it claims to do:

Fat burning

Shred Jym is designed to boost fat burning efforts by increasing fat oxidation, caloric burn, and other factors.

There is evidence to support this claim. Acetyl-L-carnitine can increase fat oxidation, as can green tea extract. Caffeine can also boost thermogenesis and fat oxidation, and Shred Jym contains caffeine and green tea extract (which also has caffeine).


Thermogenesis is the production of heat in the human body. It’s closely linked to the metabolic rate and increasing thermogenesis can increase the rate of caloric burn. Shred Jym claims to increase thermogenesis.

There is evidence to support this claim. EGCG, a compound found in green tea extract, can boost thermogenesis. Cayenne pepper extract can do the same, while also helping to curb hunger cravings. Caffeine may also increase thermogenesis and the caloric burn rate.

Exercise support

Any weight loss effort should involve a rigorous exercise routine. Shred Jym claims to support the exercise efforts of its users.

There is some evidence to support this claim. Caffeine can help improve exercise performance by reducing the perception of effort. L-carnitine can help to improve post-workout recovery.

For more information, see the data listed in the ingredient section below.

Shred Jym Ingredients

A serving of Shred Jym (6 capsules) contains:

  • 1500mg acetyl-L-carnitine
  • 500mg green tea extract
  • 200mg caffeine
  • 500mg L-tyrosine
  • 50mg cayenne pepper extract (Capsimax® brand)
  • 20mg synephrine (Advantra Z® brand)

Acetyl-L-Carnitine Acetyl-L-Carnitine is a form of L-carnitine, an amino acid involved in many functions in the body. Some research suggests that carnitine may help to improve fat oxidation (1). It appears that acetyl-L-carnitine may help increase fat oxidation during exercise (2), potentially leading to greater fat loss. With that said, notes that most studies looking at the fat-burning potential of carnitine have looked at older adults, with limited research on healthy individuals (3). Even so, L-carnitine may have other benefits that make it worthwhile, including improving post-workout recovery (4) and reducing fatigue (5).

Green Tea Extract – Green tea extract is a powdered extract taken from green tea (camellia sinensis). It can have a variety of effects on energy, fat oxidation and exercise performance. It contains EGCG, a catechin that may help to boost thermogenesis (6), which can potentially increase caloric burn – even in a resting state (7). It can also increase fat oxidation, leading to more fat loss. One study published in 2008 found that green tea extract increased fat oxidation by 17% in research participants (8). Beyond its effects on weight loss, green tea has a wide range of potential benefits (9).

Caffeine Caffeine is a stimulant, and the most popular psychoactive drug, with roughly 80% of adults consuming caffeine on a regular basis (10). Caffeine may also be beneficial for weight loss. For one, it decreases the perceived exertion during exercise, which can make it easier to exercise for longer periods of time (11). It can also improve power output during exercise (12), potentially boosting the intensity of your workouts. It also has more direct effects on weight loss, as caffeine increases both thermogenesis and fat oxidation (13).

L-Tyrosine L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that has effects on mental focus, energy and more – particularly when it’s combined with caffeine. Tyrosine has no direct effect on weight loss. However, it may help in other ways. Tyrosine can positively affect the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain, including dopamine, adrenaline and epinephrine (14). These neurotransmitters can help improve performance in stressful situations (15) and support a better mood (16). When dieting, we often become stressed, and may have trouble focusing due to reduced caloric intake and/or dietary changes. Thus, it’s thought that tyrosine may benefit weight loss efforts supplementally by helping to keep a steady, good mood and a more focused mind.

Cayenne Pepper Extract Cayenne pepper extract is taken from the spicy cayenne pepper. It is rich in capsaicin, a compound that can increase thermogenesis and caloric burn rates (17). Cayenne can also help reduce hunger cravings (18, 19). Combined, these effects can have noteworthy effects on weight loss efforts.

Synephrine Synephrine is an extract of bitter orange that is similar to ephedrine. It may have an effect on metabolism (20). However, most studies have looked at synephrine combined with other ingredients, so more research is needed.

For Best Results

No fat burner is a magic pill. If you want to lose weight, you need to put in the work.

Following a healthy diet, exercising regularly and managing stress levels are all very important to your fat-loss journey – even more so than supplementing.

Based on the science, it appears that Shred Jym may help give you a slight edge towards your fat loss goals – but it’s not going to do the work for you!

Potential Side Effects

Due to the number of ingredients in this supplement, a variety of side effects are possible.

Caffeine can have a variety of side effects (21), including insomnia, jitteriness, anxiety and others.

L-carnitine may cause minor side effects including nausea, stomach upset, heartburn and diarrhea (22).

Synephrine can cause significant side effects, particularly when combined with stimulants like caffeine (23). It can potentially increase the risk of heart attack, fainting, and high blood pressure. It’s also been known to trigger headaches in some people, and it may increase sensitivity to the sun. Of all the ingredients in Shred Jym, synephrine has the highest potential for harmful side effects. That said, some research has shown that synephrine is typically well tolerated (24), so the risk may still be fairly low.

Like most other supplements, this product also has the potential to interact with medications and other supplements. You should speak with your doctor if you have questions or concerns.

Bottom Line

Overall, Shred Jym is a quality fat burner that’s formulated with well-researched and proven ingredients.

It clearly lists all the ingredients and doses, and avoids the use of proprietary blends, which is a big plus. If you’re on a fat-burning journey, this product is worth trying.

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