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Shredcbd DisplayedShredCBD is a new, premium CBD supplement with a fat burning edge. It uses premium CBD Isolate to help reduce appetite, eradicate fat and improve daily lifestyle and focus.

Each capsule contains 20mg of CBD, with a 2 capsule serving per day. Maximizing the potential effects that CBD can have.

ShredCBD is a product that can be used to help customers cut unwanted weight, or by anyone looking to unlock the performance benefits that CBD has to offer.

ShredCBD Formula

Per capsule (2 capsules per day):

  • 20mg of Hemp Derived CBD Powder
  • 50mg of Green Tea and Garcinia Cambogia Blend

ShredCBD is a product that utilizes 1200mg of CBD Isolate per bottle. Alongside this we also use a proprietary blend of proven natural fat burners Garcinia Cambogia and Green Tea.

The focus of ShredCBD is of course the high dose of CBD, with an addition of Green Tea and Garcinia to help give the product that fat burning edge.

Ingredients Examined

CBD Isolate

CBD offers multiple effects that can influence a persons body fat and weight.  CBD is an extract from the cannabis or hemp plant and is one of many cannabidiols.

CBD plays a major role in human physiology through its ability to influence the endocannabinoid system. By doing this CBD has been studied for promising results impacting metabolic rate [1], fat oxidation and also helping to suppress your appetite [2].

A 2016 [3] study found that CBD can also affect white adipose tissue cells, which expressed more elements of fat growing during cod supplementation. In summary, hard to burn fat was made easier to burn.

CBD isolate, as used in ShredCBD is the purest form of CBD, without any risk of unwanted side effects from another major cannabidiol, THC.

Research is ongoing with CBD, but the range of positive effects it can have are staggering. It also comes without any known side effects or interactions with other supplements.

Green Tea and Garcinia Cambogia

Green tea is one of the most widely used fat burning ingredients available. It can help your body target stored fat as fuel and in studies has been shown to increase metabolic rate by over 15%.

A major study on the effects of green tea found that this nutrient can help with weight loss and ensure that the weight stays off [5].

Garcinia Cambogia can play a role in the biosynthesis of fatty acids. It’s a South East Asian plant extract that is also widely used in weight loss aids and fat burners. Studies support the use of Garcinia Cambogia as an effective weight loss aid [5].

Serving Size

2 Capsules per day, 60 capsules in a single month supply.

Shredcbd Supplement Facts Label

Where Can I buy ShredCBD?

ShredCBD is sold direct from The company pride itself in keeping stock regularly refreshed and coming from our manufacture to avoid any older and outdated stock.

ShredCBD is manufactured in the United States. In a cGMP approved facility and they ship our orders quickly from California.

All orders of ShredCBD come with free, fast tracked shipping via USPS. 

Wrapping Up

ShredCBD is a product that is designed to help people who are looking for a safe and reliable introduction to CBD, whilst also helping them meet their weight loss goals.

Their customer base ranges from people with low physical activity, right the way up to professional athletes looking to improve their recovery and performance.

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