SkinnyFit Tea Detox Review

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SkinnyFit Detox Tea









  • Contains proven ingredients for stress and immunity.
  • Can be enjoyed hot and cold.
  • No laxatives added.
  • Low caffeine content.


  • Lack of formula focus.
  • Too much emphasis on diuretics.
  • Expensive compared to competition.
  • Problems with customer service and subscription charges.

SkinnyFit Detox FAQ

  • One pouch: 28 servings
  • Price: $69.95 per pouch
  • Serving size: 1.7 g
  • Serving Suggestion: Steep SkinnyFit Tea Detox in 8 oz. of hot water for 5-7 minutes or do a cold brew by leaving it in the fridge overnight.
  • Refund policy: 60-day money-back guarantee

We’re living in a world that is increasingly becoming more and more dependent on processed ingredients and synthetic fillers to produce something that not only looks good but also tastes good. Over time, these artificial ingredients pile up and could cause problems in our body that can lead to stomach and gut problems as well as impair our immune system, making us susceptible to disease.

SkinnyFit Detox Tea wants to be that one cleansing and detox product that fights against all our toxin-related problems, and all it would take is one cup of their all-natural tea a day.

SkinnyFit claims that their tea can help you with bloating, excess toxin buildup, stress management, and a decent immunity boost all without the use of any laxative – a common function in the “cleansing and detox” industry.

Is SkinnyFit Detox Tea the real deal or is it all just a fancy bag of leaves? Read our comprehensive review to find out.

Who Makes It?

There are only two sources to buy SkinnyFit Tea Detox: The official website and Amazon.

According to BBB, they do have an office in Denver, Colorado but we’re not sure if it functions as a retail store (8).

Their BBB profile is not the best; they have a B- rating, a 1/5 star rating based on an average of 10 customer reviews and they also have 15 customer complaints logged.

The website seems to have a problem with hidden subscription charges based on some of the complaints found on BBB. They also seem to be bad at answering emails from customers who were wrongly charged through their credit cards.

Marketing Claims Made

SkinnyFit makes the following claims about their Detox Tea:

  • Fight bloating: Bloating can be due to a number of causes ranging from eating too much dairy to actual cancer. From the ingredients we’ve analyzed in SkinnyFit Detox Tea, there’s barely anything that reduces bloating. The bulk of the ingredients focus on diuretics, adaptogenics, and antioxidants.
  • Release toxins: Detoxing is such a popular buzzword in cleansing products, but the truth is that some of the companies that promote such a function don’t seem to know what detox means. The liver does a really good job of detoxing because it’s the very thing it was meant to do, and the only real way to improve its functions is to either directly take liver support supplements or increase water intake. But let’s humor SkinnyFit Detox and take the word as what they think it means. The question now is what compounds is the user being detoxified of? How do you measure levels of detoxification? We flipped through their scarcely informative website and did not find much on the subject.
  • Reduce stress: Among all the marketing claims SkinnyFit makes, this one may hold the most weight. The formula contains a lot of tea extracts and other herbs known to function as adaptogens, and the science around tea and herbs has been pretty sound so far.
  • Boost immunity: This is a claim that’s hard to sell. You can’t exactly measure how strong your immune system is because the only time you find out it’s not as strong is when you get hit by infections. Otherwise, you won’t even notice your immune system fighting off millions of invaders on a daily basis.

What’s in It?

Let’s take a look at what’s inside SkinnyFit Detox Tea:

  • Sencha green tea: Being the first ingredient in the list means it has the bulk of the serving size. And from the context of a stress-reduction product, this is good news. Sencha tea has been shown to exhibit anti-stress effects, making it a proven adaptogen (1).
  • Nettle leaf: This not-so-common herb is often taken by middle-aged men for its prostate benefits. You may find it under its alternative name of stinging nettle. It also works as a really good diuretic or an ingredient that helps you urinate more (2).
  • Oolong tea: As with many tea extracts, oolong tea is known for its antioxidant compounds. Although it’s not the most potent in this area in terms of antioxidant content (3).
  • Dandelion leaf: Another diuretic. Many weight loss supplements that target bodybuilders include dandelion because it helps them achieve that “vascular” look or the look where you’re so dehydrated that their skin shows veins popping up when they flex (4).
  • Goji berry: If you’ve been researching superfoods and superfood-related drinks and powders, chances are you stumbled on goji berry. Goji berries have a good number of benefits assigned to them, but they were probably added in SkinnyFit Detox for its antioxidant and immune system benefits (5).
  • Yerba mate: Yerba mate is often added as an alternative to artificial caffeine (caffeine anhydrous) in fat burners and energy drinks and pre-workout supplements. It’s a bit more expensive than plain caffeine, but its delayed-release effect helps the user to get a sustainable energy boost as opposed to a short-lived spike in energy (6).
  • Lemongrass: Lemongrass possesses various therapeutic benefits including antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti amoebic properties (7). While all these benefits check out among the scientific community, the dosage needed to actually have these effects are in the hundreds of milligrams at least – a dosage SkinnyFit Detox likely doesn’t have at this point in the ingredient list.
  • Milk thistle: Milk thistle contains the active ingredient silymarin, a compound found in most liver supplements in the market today. Studies show its liver generation and detox pathway stimulation benefits (8).
  • Guarana: Another herb taken as an alternative to synthetic caffeine. On top of the energy boost, it also contains antioxidants (9).
  • Ginseng: Ginseng is one of the longest-standing energy ingredients in the supplement industry. Other than energy benefits, ginseng can also help reduce stress levels as well as improve the way the immune system works (10).
  • Matcha green tea: Matcha green tea is the most potent green tea ingredient in terms of EGCG content. Short for epigallocatechin gallate, EGCG has potent fat burning and antioxidant benefits with many scientists saying most of the benefits of tea are derived from this exact compound (11).

SkinnyFit Detox Tea Supplement Facts Label

Skinnyfit Detox Tea Supplement Facts Label


SkinnyFit Detox has 11 key ingredients in its proprietary blend of plant extracts. These 11 ingredients have all been shown to possess benefits of cleansing, stress reduction, and even immune system support.

When it comes to their choice of ingredients, SkinnyFit knows what to include.

The problem is the effective dosages for each of these ingredients range anywhere from 250 mg to a 1,000 mg. While the total serving size is indeed hefty for this kind of supplement, the number of ingredients vying for efficacy reduces SkinnyFit Detox’s overall potency.

We believe synergy in formulas can make an otherwise low-dose supplement work, but 11 ingredients can stretch the serving size too thin. SkinnyFit Detox could cut the formula in half and potentially get twice the potency which can also make their claims stand on more solid ground.

We also noticed how SkinnyFit Detox relies too heavily on diuretics much like pre-workouts and fat burners rely too much on stimulants. We get it; urinating frequently can have that “clean” feeling, but the focus shouldn’t be on urination alone and instead be on the actual benefits on stress and free radical protection.

If all else fails, you will at least have some energy boost from the 18 mg of declared caffeine per serving. Do note that a cup of coffee is around 90 – 95 mg, so depending on your coffee intake, you might not even feel the energy.


When you look at the ingredients, you will realize that almost all of them are natural and in their “extract” form meaning they didn’t go through processes that modified them too heavily.

Usually, natural extracts have little to no side effects and we think SkinnyFit Detox played their cards right when they used an all-natural approach to the formulation.

Needless to say, 11 ingredients in one pouch could pose ingredient-ingredient interactions that could affect the user in a way that we don’t know yet. Some users report abdominal pain which often happens if you drink strong tea on an empty stomach.

Just to be safe, it’s best to check if you have certain allergies to some of the ingredients found in SkinnyFit Detox before taking it.

We always recommend you speak with a doctor before trying any supplements.

How to Take It

Based on what it says on the label, you should consume SkinnyFit Detox on a daily basis. They suggest steeping SkinnyFit Detox in 8 oz. of hot water for 5-7 minutes or you may also choose to do a cold brew by leaving it in the fridge overnight. Enjoy your Detox hot or cold.


It contains peach flavoring, so it probably tastes like peach. It also has citric acid which probably brings out a sharp sourness taste. Some compare its taste to Snapple Peach Green Tea.

Number of Servings

SkinnyFit Detox has a 28-day pouch, so consuming one a day should last you about a month.

Top Alternative to This Product

SkinnyFit Detox vs Total Tea Gentle Detox Tea

We think Total Tea Gentle Detox Tea is better than SkinnyFit Detox because the number of ingredients is much lower while also having a larger serving size.

This makes Gentle Detox Tea potentially much more potent and possibly more effective as an antioxidant and cleansing drink.

One other edge Total Tea Gentle Detox Tea has over SkinnyFit Detox is the price. As of this writing, the former doesn’t cost more than $20 per box while the latter is almost $70.00.

Customer Feedback

According to Amazon reviews, which you sometimes have to take with a grain of salt, a number of consumers do enjoy drinking SkinnyFit Detox.

However, new customers should consider the complaints on BBB regarding hidden charges and auto subscription scams.

There are also customers who complain of headaches and abdominal pains after taking SkinnyFit Detox.

Bottom Line

SkinnyFit Detox isn’t exactly what you would call a standout product among a sea of cleansing and slimming teas. The ingredients are generic, none of the extracts bare their standardizations, and it contains too many ingredients for its own sake.

Outside the actual product, SkinnyFit seems to have problem with their customer service and complaints of hidden credit card charges which are just downright fraudulent in nature if you order from their website.

Amazon reviews, however, do suggest a better experience overall so new customers should try that route instead.

All in all, we don’t see SkinnyFit Detox as a bad product, but it’s not great too and there are better formulated tea supplements out there.