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transparent-labs-CoreSeries-Krill-Oil review

Where to Buy CoreSeries Krill Oil

Transparent Labs CoreSeries Krill Oil Overview

Humans have been using fish oil as a medicine and health supplement for hundreds of years. Modern medical science has conclusively established the benefits of omega 3 fatty acids for the general health and fitness of the human body. And fish oil has been considered as the best source of the highly beneficial omega 3 fatty acids readily available in nature.

But as our understanding of the oceans and marine life grows, better, safer and even more potent sources of omega 3 fatty acids have been identified. Transparent Lab’s Core Series Krill Oil is the direct result of this breakthrough finding.

In this review, we will look closely at the latest health supplement from Transparent Labs and try to ascertain the long term benefits, if any, of substituting krill oil for regular fish oil.

Transparent Labs Core Series

A highly reputed performance nutrition company at the forefront of supplying high quality supplements at clinically effective doses. The company prides itself on strictly adhering to a full transparency policy, meaning that you know at all times the exact ingredients that go into any and all of their supplements.

Their supplements have been clinically proven to contain zero artificial sweeteners, food dyes or other harmful chemical substances. The company also puts a high priority on R&D, placing them at the forefront of advanced nutrition research and development.

Their Core Series Krill Oil is direct result of the effort put by the company into researching new and improved natural sources active nutrients and health supplements.

What Is Core Series Krill Oil?

Simply put, the product is in the form of liquid soft-gel capsules not unlike your regular fish oil capsules. The difference is not in appearance, but in the contents of the capsule.

Instead of regular fish oil, each capsule contains krill oil, extracted from a single species of krill found in the Antarctic ocean near South America. Each container of Core Series Krill Oil contains 30 servings of krill oil. One serving amounts to 2 soft-gel capsules, containing 1000mg of Superba krill oil.

What is a Krill?

The krill are basically extremely tiny shell fish, not unlike shrimp and usually not longer than 1-2 cm in length. They are found in massive groups in all major oceans in the world. The world oceans can contain massive amounts of these tiny creatures and they are a very rich source of proteins, vitamins and amino acids.

They feed on algae and are in turn eaten by other fish and even blue whales! The species of krill used in this supplement is the Antarctic Krill (Euphausa Superba). This particular species is found deep in the cold waters of the Antarctic and has a superior concentration of healthy amino acids, phospholipids and astaxanthin. Krill harvested, frozen and then the oil is extracted from it.

What Are The Ingredients?

There is one and only one ingredient in this supplement from Transparent Labs and as the label says it all, it is krill oil, extracted from the best Antarctic Krill. Each 1000mg serving of Core Series Krill oil contains the following active nutrients:

  • 400mg of phospholipids
  • 220mg Omega-3 fatty acids with EPA (120mg), DHA (55mg) and Astaxanthin (80mcg)


What Does These Ingredients Do?

We all know the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids. There are many kinds of omega-3 acids, but krill oil contains 2 of them in significant doses:

– EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid)- Plays a vital role in our body’s major systems and helps in fighting among other things: Heart disease, depression, obesity and weight gain, Diabetes, Joint troubles and arthritis, and some forms of cancers
– DHA.(Docosahexaenoic acid)- Key role in body growth and maintenance of brain functions. Useful in keeping away Hypertension, Cancers, Arteriosclerosis, Depression, Diabetes and Thrombosis, among many others.

Another key ingredients found only in krill oil is Astaxanthin, which is the most stable carotenoid and of special interest to athletes and fitness conscious individuals for the following reasons:

  • It increases blood flow velocity
  • Improves erythrocyte antioxidant status and oxidative stress biomarkers
  • Improves LDL Cholesterol and ApoB
  • Improves overall physical/athletic performance
  • Protects against UV light and skin damage

But the game changer in krill oil are the high concentration of phospholipids that differentiate it from ordinary fish oil. Phospholipids are a key component of our cellular makeup, one of the key building blocks of our cells and hence muscles and tissue. You can find them in soy, eggs, milk, fish etc. But in krill oil, the phospholipds and astaxanthin bind themselves in large quantities to the omega-3 fatty acids, making them directly absorb-able into our cells. When you ingest omega-3 fatty acids which are bound to phospholipids and astaxanthin, the omega-3 gets directly absorbed in larger quantities. Essentially, the omega-3 fatty acids found in krill oil are literally turbo-charged.

Advantage Over Ordinary Fish Oil

Fish oil too contains significant amounts of omega-3 fatty acids like EPA and DHA. But the mega-3 concentration found in ordinary fish oil is in triglyceride form, which has a very poor absorption rate in the human body. And these fish oils do not contain either phospholipids or astaxanthin. These two powerful ingredients together make the omega-3 fatty aids found in krill oil a whopping 48 times more potent that fish oil.

But that is only a part of the equation. In normal circumstances, if you eat a diet with lot of fish in it, you should be able to get the required amount of omega-3 fatty acids. But the problem with fish caught in the 21st century is that you get more than you bargained for, in the forms of harmful industrial contaminants, pollutants and heavy metals. Eating more fish or fish oil supplements will only make your body weaker with all these toxins.

Krill caught in the Antarctic contain none of the toxins found in fish found closer to our coastlines. They are hence a purer and safer source of highly beneficial omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. This is what makes Core Series Krill Oil an amazing supplement choice.


According to all major studies conducted on the toxicity of krill and krill products, they are totally safe for human consumption. Krill oil will not cause any adverse reactions in the human body, except in the case of individuals with Shellfish allergies. As we have already seen, krill are kind of crustacean, or shellfish not unlike tiny shrimp in appearance. If you are allergic to shellfish, chances are high that you might have an adverse anaphylactic reaction to krill oil as well. You should not buy krill oil in this scenario. For individuals with no history of allergy to shellfish or marine products, Core Series Krill Oil is a completely safe and highly beneficial nutritional supplement.

Overall Quality

Transparent Labs Krill oil do not involve multiple ingredient or artificial chemicals in the manufacturing process. The main ingredient is an all natural organism which has been proven to have none of the toxins ordinarily found in fish. The krill are sourced from the best possible suppliers who catch it in its pristine natural environment, freeze it at supply it to the manufacturers. The oil is extracted under safe laboratory conditions and packed with the utmost care. There is absolutely no question regarding the quality or safety of the product ingredients or its manufacturing process. This is a high quality supplement ideal for anybody looking to improve their fitness and the general health of their bodies’ vital systems.

Taste and Mixability

We are talking about a supplement in the form of soft-gel capsules that can be easily ingested by swallowing with a glass of water or juice. Taste is not a factor that comes into the picture so long as you ingest the supplement without chewing. Since this is an oil extracted from a shellfish, chewing is really not recommended. Nor does mixability become an issue since it is supplement in a small but clinically effective dose. You don’t have to worry about mixing it with anything else. Just remember to keep yourself hydrated to get the best results since the active nutrients get readily absorbed into your cells via water absorption.

Value for Money

One bottle of Transparent Labs Core Series Krill Oil retails at $29 at the manufacturer site. This supplement is available is available at most other suppliers at rates below $30. Each bottle contains one month worth of supplements. That adds up to less than a dollar a day for your daily dose of valuable omega-3 fatty acids like EPA, DHA along with phospholipids and healthy astaxanthin. Generic brands of Krill oil may be found going for cheaper rates in the market today, but with them you don’t the quality assurance that you are guaranteed by Transparent Labs. At the stated price, and taking into consideration all factors, this is a great value for money product.

Final Verdict

Omega-3 fatty acids are crucial to the well being of almost all major organ systems in the human body, ranging from brain to metabolic system, the heart and circulatory system to the muscular-skeletal system. Perhaps no other essential nutrient is capable of offering so many positive benefits our body. Yet worryingly, our main source of omega-3 fatty acids are getting heavily contaminated and facing acute reduction in supply due to overfishing. In this day and age when the average American’s daily intake of omega-3 acids are plummeting, Transparent Labs Core Series Krill Oil offers you a healthy, potent and dependable alternative source of this vital nutrient.

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