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Where to Buy Transparent Labs Fat Burner

PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner Overview

Fat burners are some of the most potent supplements available to us. As their name suggests, these supplements have just one main objective: to help cut down unwanted body fat while leaving healthy lean muscles intact. But unfortunately, their name can also lend itself rather too easily to misconceptions, especially to those outside the fitness enthusiast crowd. You see, obesity and increasing body fat is a growing concern for a lot of people in our societies today. The name fat burner may imply that consuming these concoctions alone will magically get rid of unwanted fat. So to set the record straight, we need to understand exactly what fat burner supplements can and cannot do, before we proceed with out review of the product in spotlight today: the Transparent Labs PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner.

Fat Burners: A word of Caution

They are a mix of certain groups of compounds which have a powerful effect on your body’s metabolism and energy levels. These supplements are designed to provide a boost, not do all the hard work alone. This is so important, we simply cannot stress this enough: fat burners cannot and do not work alone removing fat from the body. A healthy diet and exercise regimen are what does the actual heavy lifting (pun intended). You simply cant get the job done without that effort and determination. Consuming fat burners without adequate diet or exercise will do precious little to remove body fat, and will in all probability lead to serious health issues.

Transparent Labs PhysiqueSeries

Supplements are often complex concoctions involving many diverse compounds and active ingredients. Fitness enthusiasts and professionals have to take a lot of different supplements. It helps if you can actively keep track of each and every ingredient in the supplement you consume, because there are so many compounds out there that are incompatible with each other and can cause severe health problems if combined. Transparent Labs are a company that puts openness and transparency as their core commitment to the consumer. You know exactly what you get from their supplements, which helps you plan your supplement intake schedules betters to ensure optimum effect as well as safety. The company is well known for their emphasis on and R&D, which helps them to distinguish themselves from the rest of the competition. Instead of the same old proprietary blends, Transparent Labs extensively research on new and potent compound combinations to create blends that are exceptionally effective yet safe for the body.

What Is PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner?

The most effective fat burner mixes are based on the principle of thermogenics. Thermogenic substances are those compounds that provide a boost to your metabolic system, increasing the rates at which your body burns fats and calories even at rest. Transparent Labs Fat Burner is a supplement that contains two of the most potent theromogenic compounds out there, along with other useful compounds to assist you along the hard road to a fit and fat free body. It comes in capsule form and the full ingredient list in one serving (2 capsules) is:

  • Forslean (10% forskolin) 500mg
  • Green Tea (50% EGCG) 400mg
  • L-Tyrosine 300mg
  • L-Theanine 240mg
  • Caffeine Anhydrous 120mg
  • White Willow Bark extract (Salicin) 120mg
  • Cayenne Pepper Extract 100mg
  • Synephrine Hcl 50mg

How The Listed Ingredients Work

The PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner supplement works mainly on 3 principles:

1. Thermogenic ingredients: Green tea extract is one of the most effective compounds in increasing metabolic rates and burning calories at rest, along with caffeine and forslean. The forskolin in forslean stimulates fat loss even in the most stubborn adipose fat tissues, prompting the release of fatty acids, decreasing fats and increasing lean muscle mass in the process. EGCG in Green Tea Extracts stimulates fat breakdown and metabolism. EGCG works best in conjunction with L-theanine, a naturally occurring amino acid. White Willow Bark Extract and Cayenne Pepper Extract are two other compounds noted for their extreme thermogenic fat burning capabilities.

2. Reducing appetite: fat burning supplements have to aid the user during the extremely challenging process of strict dieting and exercise. The psychological effects of a diet can be significant. Transparent Labs supplement has got your covered there with the inclusion of 5-HTP, which prompts the release of Serotonin in the body, aiding the overall dieting process. It effectively reduces appetite, which helps in adhering to a diet. It also leads to a reduced carbohydrate intake, further reducing any potential weight gain during the diet.

3. Improving Energy Levels + Reducing Stress: a strict fat burning diet can have adverse effects on energy levels both in the body as well as the mind, adversely affecting exercise plans and execution. With the stimulating effect of caffeine, Fat Burner supplement ensures that your focus and energy levels do not drop during the diet plan. Diets can also introduce mental stress and distraction. L-Tyrosine is a potent amino acid which effectively combats stress and mental fatigue. It will help you maintain your diet and exercise regimens.


Quality of Ingredients

Transparent Labs insists on using only high quality ingredients primarily sourced for natural extracts. Green tea extracts, Cayenne pepper extracts, Salicin from natural White Willow Bark, Synephrine from natural Bitter Orange extracts, L-theanine from green tea, natural caffeine; the entire list of ingredients come from healthy and safe natural sources. And since there are no added fillers, flavoring agents or colors, you only get the benefit of the ingredients, precisely measured and added at their most effective doses.


The Fat Burner supplement comes in the form of capsules. Recommended dosage is 2 capsules twice a day between meals. The first dose has to be taken first thing in the morning.

Since this is a capsule meant to be swallowed with the aid of water/juice, taste is not a factor that enters the equation. Likewise, mixability with other supplements is not factor as in the case of most compounds that come in powder form.

Pros & Cons, Risks

There are no artificial stimulants or drugs involved. This Fat Burner substance contains zero illegal or banned drugs. So this is a perfect supplement for athletes and sports persons who are regularly subject to drug testing. But different drug tests have different impacts, so it is always advisable to cosnult with your trainer or sports administrator with the ingredients list.

This is a fat burning supplement that meets all FDA regulations and quality standards for dietary supplements. So its safety is guaranteed.

Though it can be safely taken with other supplements, keep in mind that this Fat Burner has caffeine as an active ingredient. One should be mindful of the daily recommended limit for caffeine when mixing with other supplements that include caffeine as an active ingredient. You may have to cut down on your daily intake of dietary caffeine when on Fat Burner supplement. Consult your physician/nutrition expert if you have any doubts.

It is advisable to take this supplement at a reduced dose (1 pill twice a day) to ascertain the effects of caffeine on your system. Different people react differently to caffeine, and some people might experience increased jittery feeling from caffeine.

This supplement is healthy and free from any dangerous chemicals. But its ingredients have strong and potent effects on the body’s metabolic system. This supplement is not suitable for pregnant women/nursing mothers. If you have a history of previous medical conditions related to the heart, blood pressure etc, it is always advisable to take expert medical advice before taking supplements.

And last but not least, this supplement is intended to provide a significant boost to any fat burning endeavors. It does not burn away fat on its own in the absence of a focused diet and exercise plan. Only use this supplement in conjunction with a diet and strict exercise regimen to get best results.

Value For Money

A single bottle of PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner costs $49 and contains 120 capsules. At a daily dose of 4 capsules, you are looking at 1 month’s supply for that price. That is a great deal considering the fact that this is a supplement that uses all natural ingredients. And even cursory look at the ingredient profile shows that these 9 compounds were carefully chosen for optimum efficiency. For the price, you get an excellent supplement with a balanced multi-pronged approach towards aiding your fight against unwanted fat.

Final Thoughts

Fat Burning supplements are often a hit and miss when it comes to delivering on their claims. But this particular supplement from Transparent Labs looks different. They have kept their promise about using only clean natural ingredients and have steered clear of any harmful chemicals or fillers. The list of ingredients also show that a lot of careful planning and consideration has been put into the creation of this supplement. The fact that it balances thermogenic fat burning with appetite reduction, energy boosting and stress busting shows that the company knows exactly what the consumers need when they are in the midst of taxing diet and exercise plan. Burning fat effectively is not the easiest of tasks. But with this PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner from Transparent Labs, the whole ordeal can become a lot more tolerable.

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