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Where to Buy RawSeries Agmatine

Transparent Labs RawSeries Agmatine Overview

There are a lot of supplement mixes out there aimed at body building and active lifestyle enthusiasts claiming to do literally everything under the sun! And a lot many of these supplements are blends or cocktails of several active ingredients/nutrients, often mixed with artificial sweeteners, food dyes and flavoring substances.

Not exactly the healthiest mix out there, not by a country mile. And many supplements are not entirely honest or transparent about the ingredients and the actual dosage in their concoctions.

The bottom line is, if you are enthusiastic about leading an active lifestyle and attaining a sculpted healthy body, you really have to be careful what you put in your pre-workout supplements.

Transparent Labs

On that note, if you are a fitness enthusiast who hasn’t heard about Transparent Labs yet, you really need sit up and take notice!

This is a company that prides itself of doing things the right way. They do a ton of research to ensure that only the safest ingredients go into their supplement products, that too at safe and optimal doses. And most importantly, they take great pains to live up to their name.

When you buy a Transparency Lab product, you know exactly what nutrients you are buying and in what quantities. And they only provide the purest nutritional supplements with ZERO additives or flavor enhancers. In the case of potent compounds like Agmatine, this matters a lot.

Read on to find out why in our review of Transparent Labs’ Raw Series Agmatine product review.

What is RawSeries Agmatine?

Agmatine was discovered relatively a long time ago but its significance as a supplement understood and explored relatively recently. It is a by-product derived from Arginine, which is a very potent amino acid and an essential nutrient for all animals including humans.

Arginine is already quite popular in the supplements industry due to its effects on the nitric oxide production as well as benefits to heart, circulation, recovery and healing. Agmatine, derived from Arginine via bacterial decomposition (chemically known decarboxylation) has slightly different, though equally remarkable effects on the body when taken as a supplement.

Both arginine and agmatine occur naturally in the human body, though in relatively low concentrations and that too unevenly distributed. They are both formed by the breakdown of proteins that we get from foods like meat, fish, certain fruits and fermented food.

What Is In It?

As with a lot of supplements sold by Transparent Labs, Agmatine is sole active ingredient in this Raw Series product. No additives, no flavor enhancers, and no sweeteners. You get the stuff raw. As for the product, it is a pre-workout supplement available in powder form.

One tub of Raw Series Agmatine contains 100g of the powder, which translates into 100 servings of 1g each (recommended). Next we will closely examine the benefits of agmatine as a supplement.


What Does It Do?

There are a lot of good things to say about agmatine as a supplement in how it affects the body. The following effects have been noted by researchers:

  • Agmatine has been shown to have a marked impact on pain reduction, especially in cases of inflammation and neuropathic pain.
  • It helps in reduction of blood glucose levels and indirectly helps insulin creation and absorption of blood glucose by muscle tissue
  • It has anti-stress and anti-depressant capabilities.
  • Like arginine, agmatine also has a positive effect on nitric oxide production.
  • It helps regulate blood pressure.
  • It improves appetite.
  • In some instances, agmatine has been shown to increase testosterone production.

How It Affects Fitness and Body Building

Thanks to the above mentioned effects, agmatine is gaining in popularity as an effective pre-workout supplement for body building. Unlike many other pre-workout supplements, it doesn’t directly increase muscle mass. Agmatine provides other benefit which can help you achieve more muscle mass faster and more efficiently.

  • It reduces pain, even those from chronic inflammation, thereby improving your endurance and allowing your to work out more than ever before.
  • It greatly improves muscle pump thanks to its strong neuro-transmittor potential and its role in nitric oxide production. More nitric oxide means better delivery of nutrients to muscles, which has a huge impact on muscle mass growth.
  • Its effects on the brain help improve focus and keep you sharp, alert and positive.
  • Improved blood pressure and increase in testosterone levels further assists in muscle recovery and development.
  • Increased appetite can help hard-gainers to bulk up, while improved insulin production and blood glucose absorption can aid in a muscular body.

Potential Side Effects, Risks and Do’s and Dont’s

Research conducted so far shows that agmatine has little to no toxic effects on the human body. But the following side effects may be noted:

  • As we have already noted, Agmatine improves appetite. This can be bad thing for people on a diet.
  • A small minority of agmatine users may experience some level of gastrointestinal discomfort on daily usage. Nausea has also been reported. But on the flip-side, these effects were only noted in individuals on a higher than usual dose of agmatine (3.5g daily)
  • For people with hypo-tension, agmatine may have potential undesirable effects since it is know to lower blood pressure. Using the supplement may aggravate any existing conditions related to low blood pressure

This brings us to the issue of safe dosage. Though serious toxicity has not yet been noted on ingesting agmatine on a regular basis, daily dose above 3g may bring minor side effects mentioned above. Super dosing or overloading on agmatine should be avoided since there is no study yet on how the body may react of very high doses of this compound. Transparent Labs recommends a maximum dose of 1g in one sitting. A safe daily limit would be somewhere between 2-3g.

It should not be consumed along with protein since proteins may inhibit with the proper absorption of agmatine. There is also some evidence that supplements containing l-arginine, yohimbine, l-citrulline and d-aspartic acid may obstruct effective absorption of of agmatine by the body. Combining these compounds with agmatine may result in reduced or minimal effectiveness of agmatine.

Special mention has to be made about creatine. Agmatine and creatine should not be combined since they will interfere with each other’s absorption. For best results, these two supplements should not be consumed together in one sitting. Failing to do so might result in minimal impact from either supplement.

Raw Series Agmatine: Taste and Mixability

As a Transparency Lab product, agmatine contains no flavoring agents or sweeteners. It is a powder that can ideally be consumed by mixing with water or fruit juices. High protein liquids should not ideally be mixed with agmatine since proteins may hamper agmatine absorption by the body. Other than that there is no restriction on mixing agmatine with any liquids/juices.

Value for Money

As we have already seen, agmatine is not a supplement that goes well with every other supplement out there. Since Transparent Labs Raw Series Agmatine is a pure standalone supplement it helps you plan out your optimal dosing strategy to get the most out of all your supplements.

This is an important aspect. If you regularly use creatine, it helps if you have a pure accurately dosed agmatine supplement. Since these two don’t go well together, you can plan your pre-workout dosing to maximum effect. You have full control over all the substances that you consume. That is invaluable for your fitness regimen.

One tub of Transparent Labs Agmatine retails at $22. At that price, you are looking at around a month’s worth of supplement at maximum recommended daily dosage. That is a fantastic value for money proposition. And if you buy in bulk, you will get to save more cash as well.

Getting a pure and unadulterated supplement at the perfect dosage for that kind of money is a bargain that is impossible to beat.

Final Verdict

Agmatine is a supplement that is gaining in popularity among body builders, athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. As a product that entered the limelight relatively recently, we are still learning a lot about the wonderful effects of this potent compound on the human body.

Though it occurs naturally in human body, its distribution is uneven and further affected by diet and aging. Adding agmatine to your supplement regimen can give significant boost not just to your muscle building rates, but also to overall health and well being. Of special significance is the effect it has on the brain. This is a compound that works indirectly on the body, as a force multiplier.

By crafting a completely safe and pure version of this compound, Transparent Labs continues maintain the high standards that they have set for themselves and the rest of the health and fitness supplement industry. Agmatine is a product that all serious fitness enthusiasts should take a look at and Transparent Labs Raw Series Agmatine is the safest and most dependable version that your money can buy. End of story.

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