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Where to Buy RawSeries Betaine

Transparent Labs RawSeries Betaine Anhydrous Overview

The supplement market is chock full of numerous compounds and cocktails that claim to do a lot things. Even the most well known brands have a tendency to go overboard, creating complicated mixtures containing too many different compounds, trying to do too many things at the same time.

And to make matters even worse, these supplements also tend to contain a lot of chemicals in the form of artificial sweeteners, flavor enhancers and food dyes, fillers basically. As a result, nowadays it is becoming harder to keep full track of what exactly we put into our bodies for fitness and bodybuilding.

Thankfully there is a growing trend against this sad state of affairs and today we will look at a product from a brand who are at the forefront of the movement to keep things simple and straightforward in the supplement market.

The company is Transparent Labs and the product Betaine Anhydrous from their RawSeries line of supplements.

RawSeries – Keeping it Simple

These guys don’t over-complicate stuff. They have a very straightforward model when it comes to product development: research on the safest and most effective active nutrients and compounds out there and deliver it the customer with zero fillers or additives.

Their RawSeries line is the purest expression of this approach. The supplements under this brand usually have just one powerful ingredient packaged in the most effective form for consumption, be it as powders or capsules or otherwise.

They are excellent for fitness professionals and enthusiasts who make it a point to know exactly what goes into their body and at what doses. Transparent Labs are very particular about providing full information regarding the effective doses in their supplements.

If you don’t like being kept in the dark by a supplement company regarding the ingredients used in their products, this is the brand you need.

What is RawSeries Betaine Anhydrous?


As we already explained, the RawSeries are a range of single ingredient supplements at exactly measured doses and zero chemicals or fillers. This supplement contains betaine anhydrous in a fully active powder form and nothing else.

The active ingredient is sourced from natural sources Each tub of the supplement contains 500g of betaine anhydrous. The recommended serving size is 1 scoop or approximately 2.5g, which contains 2500mg of betaine anhydrous. You cant get anymore straightforward than that.

What does it do?

This compound is also known as trimethyglycine, or TMG. It is a non-essential amino acid, essential building blocks of protein, muscle and healthy tissues in all organisms. A non-essential amino acid, as opposed to essential amino-acids require no external sources.

A healthy human body has the capacity of producing it on its own TMG in minute doses and doesn’t have to depend on external food sources to provide it. In the body, it is created by the chemical synthesis/breakdown of choline, a naturally occurring amino acid.

Betaine was first derived from sugar beets, but some of its richest sources include wheat gram and other cereals, spinach, seafood and wines.

The primary function of betaine anhydrous in all these plants and animals (including us humans) is in protecting living cells from stress of various kinds. It performs this vital function by being actively involved in the methylation of homocysteine. Methylation is a

vital chemical process that takes place in our bodies whereby various compounds (often toxic ones) are broken down and converted in to highly useful and beneficial chemicals. Homocysteine is a potentially toxic amino acid produced in our body from the digestion of meat.

In high levels it can lead to diseases like arteriosclerosis and other heart issues, osteoporosis and other bone related illnesses as well as several other potentially serious health issues. Betaine anhydrous controls and regulates the homocysteine levels and helps promote overall good health.

Even more importantly, it converts the homocysteine into the highly beneficial methionine. Methionine plays a vital part in the synthesis of creatine, testosterone as well as increasing the level of protein synthesis.

Betaine Anhydrous- Impact as a Supplement

Thanks to the above mentioned benefits, betaine anhydrous has already found favor in the medical community to combat cardiovascular diseases and prevent diseases related to bones, eyes, liver etc. It is also usually prescribed for individuals who have its deficiency in their bodies.

Increasing your body’s betaine anhydrous levels by taking it as a supplement can have significant positive impact on fitness. As a fitness supplement, its benefits are firmly rooted in its impact on protein synthesis and creatine synthesis.

* Increased methionine levels in the body leads to increased protein synthesis, promoting muscle growth and strength in a big way. Thus betaine anhydrous can help you add bulk faster

* Creatine needs no introduction in fitness circles. Many of use directly consumer creatine as a supplement. Betaine anhydrous has a more positive impact by stimulating the synthesis of healthy natural creatine in your body. This will result in added muscle mass, strength, endurance and heightened energy levels.

* Studies have also shown that betaine anhydrous also promotes burning of fat while simultaneously promoting muscle growth. It also aids significantly in bulking up by promoting appetite.

The primary impact of betaine anhydrous as a supplement is in boosting muscle growth and energy levels, resulting in an alpha level performance during even the most strenuous workouts. The impact on bulking up is marked with impressive double digit growth reported by various studies.

For those looking for a serious and speedy boost to their bulking up and energy levels, betaine anhydrous is a great supplement. And best of all, it is actually vital compound found in the body with numerous benefits to long term health and vitality.

And its overall beneficial effect on the health of various critical systems like the heart , kidneys and liver is just the icing on the cake on what is already a great choice for adding muscle and strength.

Dosage, Taste and Mixability

Transparent Labs has a no nonsense approach towards their products, especially in the RawSeries range. You get none of the sugar coated nonsense with their supplements. They don’t enhance taste with chemicals. So what you get is often bland but very healthy powders.

They may not taste great but they are pure and can be mixed with any juice or health drink to improve overall palatability.

RawSeries Betaine Anhydrous is certainly no exception in this regard. Transparent Labs recommend mixing one scoop of the powder with water or any liquid for easy consumption.

Dosage should be consumed half an hour to 15 minutes before your daily workout. The dosage should never be increased beyond 2.5g (1 scoop) per sitting. Theoretically, the upper limit for daily dosage would be within 6g limit for safety.

Mixability should not be an issue since pure betaine anhydrous is a natural supplement with no contra-indications. You can easily mix it with your juice or supplement mix of choice. For best results, mix with supplements from Transparent Labs, preferably from the RawSeries.

Risks and Precautions

Betaine anhydrous is a chemical that is already present in our bodies. As such they have no serious side effects. The only probable risk comes from consuming excess of the supplement. More is not necessarily better, especially when it comes to powerful fitness supplements.

First and foremost, do not exceed your daily recommended dose of the supplement. It might cause you more trouble than good. A balanced approach is the best route to increased fitness and health.

If you are consuming any other mix of supplements, make sure to check their ingredient profiles. There is a fair chance that other supplements might contain betaine anhydrous as an active ingredient. Check the dosage quantity to figure out if consuming RawSeries Betaine Anhydrous will lead to excess consumption of the nutrient.

Value for Money

Each single tub of RawSeries Betaine Anhydrous retails at $17 from the manufacturer and contains 500g of supplement in powder form. That is enough for exactly 200 doses of the supplement, which should last around 2-3 months depending on daily dosage.

With discounts for larger batches, the cost should come down even more. That is a fantastic value for money proposition considering the positive effects of the supplement and relative lack of risks and side effects.

Final Verdict

Transparent Labs RawSeries range provides a supplement experience that is quite uncommon in the market. The stance against additives and chemical fillers is a very welcome change. Even more importantly, by providing single ingredient supplements at chemically effective doses, they allow the consumers more freedom in setting their own supplement intake plans.

Each individual is unique and their own unique fitness and supplement requirements that often get ignored by mainstream supplement manufacturers who focus more on providing a one size fit all experience. Transparent Labs provides a healthy and safe alternative that should not be ignored by any fitness professional or enthusiast.

From such a perspective, their RawSeries Betaine Anhydrous is a supplement certainly worth your interest and money.

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