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Transparent Labs RawSeries Taruine

Where to Buy Transparent Labs RawSeries Taurine

Transparent Labs RawSeries Taruine Overview

A long and healthy life full of fitness and energy is a cherished dream for almost all of us today. There is no single magic elixir to guarantee long life expectancy and full health. There are numerous factors at play.

But if we manage to cover all the main bases, like exercise diet and proper lifestyle choices, it is a goal that is well within our grasp. And with intensive and focused fitness regimes, well planned diets and a positive and active lifestyle, a lot of us are on the right track.

There are no shortcuts down this path, but having the right nutrients can certainly give a significant boost. Taurine is one such nutrient. Numerous studies have shown that populations across the world that have higher than average lifespans tend to have a diet rich in this naturally occurring amino acid.

Japan has one of the largest population of humans over the age of 100 and researchers have identified taurine as the key ingredient responsible for the longevity of the Japanese people.

Transparent Labs is one of the premier manufacturers of health and fitness supplements in the market and their Raw Series Taurine is product well worth a try for fitness conscious individuals looking for a safe and effective source of this wonder nutrient.

In this extensive review, we will explore the utility and significance of taurine and whether this Transparent Labs product is worth your while.

Transparent Labs

They are a leading manufacturer of high quality nutritional supplements targeted at the health and fitness conscious consumers. The company has a reputation for focusing extensively on research and development, enabling them to bring to the market innovative and products that have been tested extensively for their effectiveness as well as safety.

One principle that sets Transparent Labs apart from the competition is their commitment to avoid using artificial sweeteners, food dyes and other chemicals in all their products. True to their name, the company maintains a completely open transparency policy when it comes to informing their consumer about the ingredients used in all their products.

What is Raw Series Taurine?

It is a supplement in powder form, constituted entirely of the non-essential amino acid Taurine. It is available packaged in tubs, each containing 200g of the product. One single tub contains 100 servings of taurine powder (1 serving = 2g =1 scoop of powder).

This supplement is designed to work as a daily pre-workout nutrient. It contains no other additives and taurine is the one only active ingredient in Transparent Labs Raw Series Taurine.

Key Ingredient: Taurine

Taurine is not a novelty or breakthrough product. It was identified and isolated by scientists long ago as a vital nutrient. Its properties and capabilities have been extensively researched by doctors and scientists.

Taurine is essentially a type of naturally occurring amino acid. Amino acids are a group of chemicals that are crucial building blocks of proteins in all living things. They can be classified in two types. Essential amino acids are those that cannot be produced by the human body. We need to consume specific foods like meat or fish to get these amino acids.

Conditional amino acids on the other hand can be synthesized within the human body. Taurine is one such conditional amino acid, produced in significant quantities in the brain, heart and blood cells of young and healthy human beings.


Taurine: What Does It Do?

Taurine is a super nutrient that positively affects several vital systems and functions in the human body. It vastly improves the cardio-vascular system, leading to better heart function and circulation. In fact, patients with congestive heart failure and high blood pressure are prescribed taurine as a medicine.

Taurine is also excellent in maintaining insulin balance and preventing diabetes. A potent anti-oxidant, it is extremely beneficial for the liver and an effective tonic for several liver disorders. Of special significance is taurine’s relation to obesity.

Studies have shown that taurine has a direct role to play in preventing fat accumulation in the body. In fact, studies on obesity have shown that obese humans tend to have lesser amounts of taurine in their body, suggesting a close inverse link between the two.

Taurine is also important for the brain and the central nervous system, effective in the treatment and prevention of epilepsy and seizures, ADHD, autism and even alcoholism. The following is a short list of the benefits of taurine to the human body:

  • Protects against heart disease and high blood pressure
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Prevents obesity and diabetes
  • Improves health of retinas
  • Prevents epilepsy and seizures
  • Helpful in treating autism and ADHD
  • Helps in reversing tinnitus of the ear

Why Take A Taurine Supplement?

This is a very valid question. We have already observed that taurine is naturally produced in young and healthy human bodies. The key qualifiers in that statement are “healthy” and “young”. Amount of taurine produced by the body varies from person to person.

Some individuals have genetic makeup that reduces their capacity to produce taurine naturally. And these individuals may develop any of the above mentioned disorders or illnesses at some point in their lives and may require taurine as regulation medication.

Various diseases like diabetes, kidney and heart disease, liver disorder all cause a reduction taurine levels in the body.

Even if you are otherwise healthy, your body’s capacity to produce taurine is based on various external factors like the quality of your diet and lifestyles. Vegans usually have a lesser intake of protein rich foods and tend to have lesser taurine in their systems.

People with obesity and poor lifestyles also see a reduction in their taurine levels. Also, aging bodies tend to produce lesser taurine, so as you get older the taurine levels in your body will inevitably decrease.

Just because something is produced naturally in your body doesn’t mean that you don’t have to take it as a supplement. The optimal level of taurine required by a healthy human body will require a combination of healthy diet, regular exercise and active life style, as well as nutritional supplements to safeguard against any dietary shortfalls.

Taurine is an extremely potent nutrient with numerous positive benefits to the overall fitness and health of the human body. So, supplementing your body with a regular doses of taurine as a pre-wrokout supplement boosts your blood circulation, muscle development and repair as well as efficient transportation of other essential vitamins and minerals throughout the body.

Risks And/Or Necessary Precautions

You might have already heard of taurine in connection with energy drinks like Red Bull, which claim to contain this amino acid an active ingredient. Concerns have been raised from various quarters about the possible negative health effects of these energy drinks, especially to young adults and adolescents.

But what needs to be understood here is that all these energy drinks tend to contain high levels of caffeine and sugar, which are directly responsible for reported instances of seizures and sudden death from over consumption of these drinks. Caffeine intoxication is a serious problem and it is best to keep consumption of energy drinks to a minimum.

Daily intake of taurine from a balanced diet tends to be in the range between 10 – 400mg in the average human societies. The wide variation is caused by variations in the amount of meat and dairy products consumed by people.

For individuals with an active fitness regime, a 2000mg daily supplement of is safe and optimal, taking into consideration any excess taurine that might be available from the daily diet. Always take taurine as pre-workout supplement and take care not to exceed 2000mg dosage for one sitting.

Going beyond this dosage is not considered ideal and should not be attempted without expert consultation to figure out your natural taurine levels and dietary intake. Taurine is a safe and natural nutrient and in clinically effective doses it can have a transformative effect on your fitness and energy levels.

Taste and Mixability

Many of the so called taurine supplements are loaded with artificial sweeteners and additives like caffeine which can a a net negative effect on your health in the long run. Raw Series Taurine powder from Transparent Labs is 100% pure and unadulterated taurine with no additives.

As a result it is a completely taste and flavor neutral powder with a heavy mass. It can be ingested by mixing with water or any fruit juice/smoothies/health drinks of your choice. It doesn’t adversely affect any flavors and can thus mixed with a wide variety of healthy liquid.

Value for Money

One tub of Transparent Labs Raw Series Taurine powder retails at around the $16 mark. At that price you get 100 servings of the supplement which should last you 2-3 months at a low-medium dose of 1 serving per day.

Even with a higher intake, 1 tub should comfortably see you through more than 1 month. That in itself is fantastic value for money. When you consider the fact that ordering in bulk results in even lower prices, you could realistically buy a 6 months supply of the taurine at under $50. For a pure and unadulterated product, that is a real steal.


Taurine powder is a well researched nutrient which has been shown to have minimal to no side effects. Its benefits to the human body health and fitness is beyond question. Running contrary to the deplorable industry trend of dosing taurine supplements with additives like sweeteners, artificial flavors and caffeine,

Transparent Labs has taken the initiative to create a product that is 100% pure with no frills attached. If you want 100% pure taurine, Transparent Labs Raw Series Taurine is the best that your money can buy, period.

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