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Animal Cuts









  • Great brand reputation
  • Complete package
  • Customizable potential
  • Intelligent choices of ingredients


  • Too many ingredients
  • Generic key ingredient forms
  • A bit too complicated to use
  • Proprietary blends

Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts FAQ

  • One container: 42 Servings
  • Price: $36.95 (On the official website)
  • Serving size: 1 Pack
  • Serving Suggestion: Take 2 packs a day for 3 straight weeks, 1 pack on waking & the other 4-6 hours later. Follow a 3 weeks “on”, 1 week “off” cycle. After the week off, you can run it again. The Thermogenic Complex is in the red capsule & the Diuretic Complex is in the blue capsules.
  • Refund Policy: Offers a 30-day 100% “no-questions-asked” guarantee.
  • Ranked #8 on our 10 Best Fat Burners List

Formulating a fat burning supplement can either be too complicated or just too expensive. With all the companies basically learning from what consumers want and what the competition is releasing, it’s getting more challenging to have a unique take on losing body fat.

What if you just throw everything and see what sticks? It seems that’s what supplement company Animal did with their Animal Cuts fat burner.

Boasting over 40 key ingredients all meant to burn fat in every possible angle, going against the tide of keeping it simple and focused, it begs the question if Animal Cuts knows what they’re doing.

Well, let’s go find out.

Who Makes It?

Animal Cuts is sold by Animal, a New Jersey based company that’s been around since 1983. Apart from supplements, they also sell clothes, accessories, beverages, and even support the Military by offering Special Care Package Requests [1].

Marketing Claims Made

The following claims were made about Animal Cuts:

  • Complete cutting stack: They definitely tried to cover everything, but we think they only got four blends right, with the rest either weak or just not going to work as advertised.
  • Metabolic and Thermogenic: There’s definitely evidence for this claim. Animal Cuts used ingredients specifically known to illicit fat burning and a good metabolic uptick such as caffeine and green tea extract.
  • Water weight loss: The thing with diuretics is, they affect people varies according to a person’s bladder. They have the ingredients, but it’s totally up to you if this would work or not.

What’s in it?

Whats Inside Universal Nutritions Animal Cuts Thermogenic

Now, let’s take a closer look at what’s inside Animal Cuts:

Stimulant Complex, 750 mg

  • Caffeine, Kola, Guarana, Yerba Mate: These are all caffeine sources. Caffeine is the one ingredient we’ve come to love and hate because in regards to energy, it gives us so much and at the same time too much if we’re not careful with the dose. The other caffeine sources are more “tame” versions. They’re not directly injected into our system which can provide a more “sustained” energy boost with a reduced tendency to cause caffeine-related side effects [2].
  • Raspberry Ketones: Contrary to what many believe, raspberry ketones don’t have anything to do with ketones at all. What they do contribute to this blend is stimulate fat burning hormones to produce more energy [3].
  • Coleus Forskohlii ExtractIt helps activate cAMP, a process that triggers the metabolism of stored fat into direct energy [4].
  • Evodiamine: Evodiamine is like the milder cousin of cayenne pepper. It helps burn fat for energy, but without tearing a hole in your gut [20].

Metabolic Complex, 750 mg

  • Green tea extract, Oolong, black tea, white tea: All these tea extracts do is provide antioxidants and polyphenols. These promote an uptick in your regular metabolic rate, forcing the body to burn more fat than it usually does. Too bad Green Tea is the only compound with standardized EGCG – the one compound known to act on fat burning processes [5].
  • Coffee bean extract: Coffee bean extract is not just another caffeine source. It contains CGAs or chlorogenic acids. CGAs trigger fat burning, regulate energy metabolism and even have blood sugar management benefits [6].

Thyroid Complex, 350 mg

  • Tyrosine: While tyrosine is normally included in nootropic blends (which Animal Cuts also has, by the way), tyrosine also produces the T4 thyroid hormone – a hormone that directly influences the metabolic rate [7].
  • Olive leaf: Olive leaf is added for its oleuropein content, a compound that concentrates thyroid hormones in the blood [8].
  • Salvia: This is also known as Sage, and has some thyroid-stimulating activity [9].

Water Shedding Complex, 800 mg

  • Dandelion root, Uva ursi, hydrangea, Buchu, Juniper, Celery seed: These ingredients all do one thing: Make you sweat and use the urinal more [10]. They could have honestly just stuck with one ingredient, but it wouldn’t be a complex now would it? Water weight is a controversial angle when it comes to cutting, but it should be noted that professional bodybuilders and competitors reduce water intake to have that “veiny” look.

Nootropic Complex, 500 mg

  • DMAE: DMAE is an organic alcohol that helps boost acetylcholine and make brain cells more efficient [11].
  • Bacopa Monniera: Bacopa is an all-around study supplement. It’s been reported for its cognitive benefits, mainly on learning, mental processing speed, and even stress management [12].
  • B-Phenylethylamine: Commonly known as PEA, this nootropic helps boost overall mood and mitigate caffeine’s side effects [13]. We think l-theanine would have been a much, much better choice.
  • Huperzine A: Huperzine A is one of the few nootropics out there that can work in doses so small, you’d need a super accurate scale to properly measure the weight. We’re talking about micrograms here, and one milligram has 1000 micrograms. It mainly works on brain cell regeneration [14].

Cortisol Inhibiting Complex, 300 mg

  • Ashwagandha Root, Eleutherococcus Senticosus, Phosphatidyleserine, Magnola Bark: This entire complex exists to help prevent cortisol from taking over your system, reducing the cortisol spike that comes with hard exercise. The most notable members of this group are ashwagandha and phosphatidylserine, two stress-busting ingredients with a solid scientific-backing [15].

CCK Boosting Complex, 300 mg

  • Cha-de-Burge: Cha-de-burge is a South American herb known for its antifungal and antioxidant activities [16]. Not sure why it’s in an appetite-suppressant blend.
  • Apple Pectin: Apple pectin is just soluble fiber. Soluble fibers tend to “gel” when it comes into contact with stomach acids, causing you to feel full faster [17]. Problem is, soluble fibers require grams for them to work.
  • Jojoba Seed: Jojoba seed shows some potential for appetite suppressing activity in animal studies [18].

Bioavailability Complex, 500 mg

  • Ginger, Cayenne, Grapefruit, Quercetin, Naringin, Piper Nigrum: We’re a bit confused with the way Universal Nutrition formulated a 500 mg bioavailability booster. Not only did they include extracts that aren’t known for absorption-boosting (Ginger, grapefruit, quercetin, naringin), but they also short-changed black pepper and went with the generic form. Quite an unfortunate situation, since BioPerine, the branded form of black pepper, works in low doses of 5 to 10 mg [19].

Supplement Facts Label

Animal Cuts Supplement Facts Label


The most polarizing part about Animal Cuts is how it both works and doesn’t work as claimed. There’s just too many ingredients in the formula, each with their own quirks and working doses that it would be difficult to say that none of it works while also borderline reckless to say they all work.

What we can infer from the information we have is, for the most part, Animal Cuts should provide benefits for energy, metabolic rate, water weight loss, stress and mood, and bioavailability – which we think is overkill with 500 mg worth of ingredients.

To what extent they work is up to anyone’s guess, as the prop blends make it too difficult to discern which is properly dosed and which ones are just accessory/for labeling and marketing purposes.

What we can’t see working are ingredients involved in the cortisol, CCK, and thyroid complexes. The dosages per blend are too small for both the number of ingredients and working doses per ingredient.


With this many ingredients, it’s not easy to caution users on what to watch out for. However, we think the stimulant and diuretic blends should be put in the spotlight.

We know what excessive caffeine does, and at a total of 750 mg, we’re hoping the bulk of the blend dose isn’t focused on caffeine anhydrous.

The diuretics blend will simply make you want to go to the restroom more, and that could be quite an inconvenience in situations where a toilet or a place to urinate isn’t available.

We always recommend you speak with your doctor before taking any supplements featured on this site.

How to Take It

Universal Nutrition recommends quite a complex serving suggestion. They want users to take 2 packs a day for 3 straight weeks, 1 pack on waking & the other 4-6 hours later. Then, follow a 3 weeks “on”, 1 week “off” cycle. After the week off, you can run it again.

The Thermogenic Complex is in the red capsule & the Diuretic Complex is in the blue capsules. We honestly got Matrix vibes in this part right here.


There isn’t any flavor since Animal Cuts is a capsule-only supplement. However, if you find the particular smell or taste of capsules quite nauseating, then be ready to swallow a lot of them at once.

Number of Servings

The good news is, it has 42 servings. The bad news is, they recommend two packs a day, so that’s really just 21 days worth of servings.

Top Alternative to This Product

Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts vs Thyro 21 Fat Burner

We had trouble looking for the right product that can match the overwhelming number of ingredients in Animal Cuts’ formula, and the closest we found that’s quite trendy is Thyro 21 Fat Burner.

Below are Thyro21 Fat Burner’s ingredients:

  • Acetyl L-Carnitine
  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine
  • Choline Bitartrate
  • DMAE
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Chromium
  • Green Coffee
  • Raspberry Ketones
  • Kelp
  • Synephrine as Advantra Z
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Guggul Extract
  • Diiodotyrosine

With the ingredients Animal Cuts has, it’s hard for Thyro 21 to not have any similar ingredient. For those that they do share similarities in, Animal Cuts has the clear advantage.

Because not only does Animal Cuts manage to “partition” the blends according to function, the supplement at least tells us how much per blend weighs, giving us a bit of insight as to the possible dosages the ingredients in question may have. Despite the blend dosage, Thyro 21’s blend division is messier and just doesn’t give us hints on which ingredients have proper dosing and which are just for marketing.

Animal Cuts also manages to somehow provide some decent dosages for its important ingredients despite the quantity of extracts and stimulants used. One look at Thyro 21 and you sort of already know it’s underdosed from start to finish.

Customer Feedback

Based on Amazon reviews, Animal Cuts is at the very least a working supplement, garnering an average rating of 3.9/5. Users praise it for its potency, energy boost, and overall formula design. Those who rated it poorly were due to it not delivering the promised results, reports of heartburn, nausea, and experiencing stomach problems.

Bottom Line

Whether you like long lists or not, Animal Cuts’ formula strategy is tried, tested, and passed the standards of many supplement users both new and old. Because of the overwhelming number of ingredients, as well as the targeted blends, it seems the last thing it wants users to ask is what else it can do.

Covering all bases is a sound strategy for sure, but not without consequences. You can only fit so much in a capsule, and it doesn’t matter if you take eight of them if you have more than 40 key ingredients. This means there’s a good chance that either less than half of ingredients are properly dosed or all of them are underdosed.

Regardless, Animal Cuts is a one of a kind fat burner. If you want something different or a supplement that requires a bit of courage to take (with so many ingredients, there’s a lot of things that can go wrong), Animal Cuts is for you.

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