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Where to Buy Universal Nutrition Creatine

Universal Nutrition Creatine Overview

What is Universal Nutrition Creatine?

Universal Nutrition Creatine is manufactured by Universal Nutrition, a company that has been making dietary supplements since 1977. Universal Nutrition is a GMP approved facility that produces safe to use and effective nutritional supplements.

Universal Nutrition Creatine is a first grade German-made creatine with a higher bioavailability when compared to most types of creatine. This creatine from Universal Nutrition increases energy metabolism and delays the onset of fatigue. The two qualities improve the training capacity of athletes, body builders, and anyone else who wants to become or remain physically fit.

Creatine is found in organ meats like the liver and pancreas. You can also find creatine in some types of fish like Tuna, salmon fish, and sushi fish. Milk products may also contain minimal amounts of this important compound. Despite the fact that some foods have this important element, most people’s diets do not provide the sufficient amount required to induce the desired benefit. For this reason, Universal Nutrition has formulated its creatine to supply you with adequate amounts.

What is In Universal Nutrition Creatine?

Universal Nutrition Creatine’s primary ingredient is creatine monohydrate, which is the most natural form of creatine. This ingredient is known to improve the brain’s performance, increase muscle strength, and boost the endurance of body organs. Furthermore, creatine monohydrate supports bone regeneration and improves sprint performance.

Other ingredients in the Universal Nutrition Creatine are Pure Micronized Creapure, milk, soy, eggs, and peanuts. The additional components are an excellent source of proteins, a component that promotes muscle formation, supports tissue repair, and is a building block of most body tissues. The ingredients are 100% natural and the creatine supplement is free of artificial ingredients like flavors and preservatives.

universal nutrition creatine nutrition label


Effectiveness is one of the qualities that differentiate a quality creatine supplement from the rest. For instance, when you use a cheap creatine supplement, only a small proportion of it is absorbed into your system. As such, you need more of the cheap creatine dietary supplement to receive the desired health benefits.

Unlike the cheap creatine supplements, this Universal Nutrition Creatine contains a maximum bioavailability. This implies that a larger proportion of it, if not the entire supplement, is absorbed. For this reason, each single dose adds a creatine health benefit into your body.

While this creatine supplement from Universal delivers excellent results, it is not intended for children and people with certain medical conditions. As such, if you are suffering from arthritis, diabetes, migraines, high blood pressure, stroke, and other long-term medical problems, it is advisable not to use it. The creatine supplement may also cause adverse health effects to pregnant women.

Overall Quality

Overall, Universal Nutrition Creatine is recommended and used by top body builders, sports people, and individuals who want to maintain a healthy body weight. Most of these users prefer Universal Nutrition Creatine because of its affordable price.

In addition to its reasonable price, Universal Nutrition Creatine also works as advertised; it has an excellent composition, and it does not trigger unpleasant side effects. Based on these qualities, Universal Nutrition Creatine has a good quality-price ratio.

Users who have used Universal Nutrition Creatine confess that their creatine levels increased significantly after using the creatine from Universal Nutrition. Most of the users observed that they managed longer workouts when using the supplement in comparison to the days they weren’t using the creatine supplement.


1. It does not contain fillers and other harmful additives.
The first advantage of this Universal Nutrition Creatine is that it is free of the common fillers, such as wheat and corn, which are used to formulate some dietary supplements. Also, it is free of GMO. GMO and other fillers are unnecessary ingredients used in supplements and they can cause harmful health effects when used for a long time.

2. It is an unflavored and micronized creatine powder
Universal Nutrition Creatine is ultra-refined to enhance its miscibility in water and other drinks. Almost 80% of this micronized creatine powder dissolves in a drink while 20% does not. Furthermore, Universal Nutrition is unflavored. Therefore, it does not contain the nasty flavor associated with some supplements.

3. It is manufactured in a GMP facility
Another advantage with Universal Nutrition Creatine is that the manufacturer is a GMP Facility. This implies that the creatine supplement is safe for use and will work just as advertised. A supplement made in a GMP facility is safe for use, it is free of contaminants, and is efficient.

4. It is affordable
Universal Nutrition is affordable for most people. For instance, Amazon sells a 500gm pack for only $17.18. This implies that a 5-gram serving cost you as little as $0.03. This is amongst the low costing creatine supplements that you will ever find.

5. It improves athletic performance
The overall advantage of Universal Nutrition Creatine is that it increases your strength, improves your athletic performance, and boosts your mental well-being. The result of using this creatine supplement is improved health and an improved body physique.


1. The creatine powder leaves behind some residue
Despite the fact that this product has an excellent miscibility, it may still leave behind some residue. For this reason, you need to take it right away after mixing it in a drink. If you leave it, it will settle down and leave a residue behind.

2. It does not have a scoop
Another downside of this creatine from universal is that it lacks a calibrated scoop to help you measure the recommended dose. Therefore, you may use more or less of the recommended 5-gram dosage. However, a tablespoon gives a close to accurate estimate of the recommended dose.


Universal Nutrition Creatine is a tasteless unflavored supplement that comes in powder form. This means that the supplement takes the flavor of whatever drink you mix it with. Another advantage of this unflavored Universal Nutrition Creatine is that it doesn’t leave you with a nasty taste after taking it.

Users can dissolve it in water, milk, juice, coffee, or any other beverage. However, the creatine supplement from Universal Nutrition does not dissolve entirely in a drink, and it will often leave a residue in your glass or water bottle.

Value for money

One of the reasons why anyone who has used this Universal Nutrition Creatine would recommend the creatine supplement from Universal Nutrition is because of its value for money. Universal Nutrition’s Creatine costs from as little as $13.64 for a pack with 100 servings in i-herb to $17.18 for 500-gram pack at Amazon. The low price ranks Universal Nutrition Creatine among the most affordable creatine supplements that are still efficient.

Final Verdict

Universal Nutrition Creatine is a creatine diet supplement manufactured by Universal Nutrition, a reputable supplement manufacturer. The main ingredient that formulates the creatine supplement is creatine monohydrate, a compound that delays the onset of fatigue, increases glucose metabolism, and boosts endurance.

The product is free of harmful fillers, additives, and GMO. The manufacturer is a GMP facility that manufactures safe to use products that are free of contaminants. While most people will report positive outcomes after using it, this creatine supplement from Universal Nutrition may cause adverse health effects to children, geriatrics, and people living with chronic health conditions.

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