New Supplements in 2021 Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Announces New HEALTHY. POSITIVE. ENERGY. Drink

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Announces New HEALTHY. POSITIVE. ENERGY. Drink

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Do you smell-la-la-la-la . . . what The Rock is cooking?!

First, him and Dany Garcia brought us Athleticon, a fitness, wellness, and entertainment event, and now his own healthy positive energy drink. What else does The Rock have in store for us?

He did publicly reveal back in 2019 that something like this might be dropping, and now it’s official.

A crazy pandemic year has delayed the famous former wrestler and current A-list celebrity’s new product release, but it didn’t seem to deter it. Just in time to kick 2021 off, the news is in that The Rock will indeed be releasing the anticipated energy beverage.

First, he posted the following on Instagram.

The Rock Releasing A New Energy Drink

“My partners and I are so excited about this new venture we’ve created together for all of you,” he captioned the photo of him in a dark lit room working on a pair of computer screens, and hashtagged it with ‘healthy positive energy’.

He then shared another more revelatory video, which gives us a sneak peek of the manufacturing process behind the new energy drink, which by the looks of it gives us an insight into what the cans will look like before the product design is printed on. Most importantly, the video ends with the words “This March.”


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In the caption, he confirms that the video does is in fact show the headquarters of what he and his partners have been working on for the past 1.5 years! Also of note is that the official announcement on this new venture ‘HEALTHY. POSITIVE. ENERGY’ will come next Monday, January 11th, 2021. All of this can only mean one thing, that long-awaited energy drink from one of the most renowned people on the planet is finally ready to be released.

What’s inside of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s new energy drink?

As of right now it’s anyone’s guess, anyone not ‘in-the-know’ that is. What we do know is that the packaging is unlike that of Red Bull, Monster, and other traditional energy drinks.

The Rock’s energy drink is shown as being manufactured in the traditional 12oz cans you’re used to seeing when it comes to sparkling water and sodas. Something also tells us that he probably is not going down the traditional energy drink ingredient route (think ginseng, caffeine, and taurine).

The emphasis on ‘healthy positive energy’ has us thinking he’s trying to differentiate himself and take a clean and healthy angle to energy. Perhaps they’ll be going after the e-sports market as well? Perhaps they’ll be partnering with the UFC? Perhaps it will be a sponsor for WWE? Or maybe Kevin Hart himself will be the first person to try it live on Instagram and tell The Rock how bad it tastes to mess with him?

Until the drink is officially released, it’s a secret. But the official announcement on January 11th is just around the corner and The Rock is ready to reveal it.

As The Rock states in the above post, “the #1 question my partners @danygarciaco @daverienzi & John Shulman (Founder Juggernaut Capital) and I are always asked, is what are our secrets to balance and success? Now we bring one of those secrets to you.”

We’re excited to see the ingredient list and see what Dwayne and his partners have been cooking up for the industry with ‘HEALTHY. POSITIVE. ENERGY.’ Consumers won’t have to wait too long, as the product is said to be launching in March, just a couple of month’s away.