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Our content has been vastly referenced across the internet over the years, by regular bloggers and also by bigger sites such as WikiHow, Huffington Post, Dr. Axe, Livestrong, Healthfully, BabyCenter, Consumer Health Digest, and many, many more.

We're committed to serve as your most trustworthy supplement source, on your health and wellness journey.

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Whether you're here to find the most effective supplements for your personal wellness goals, the science behind how and why they work, or just to get some quality tips for an overall healthier life; you're at the right place. You'll find that our team of caring professionals curates engaging, expert content, relayed in an informative, understandable and easy to read manner.

Meet the faces behind the unbiased words and rankings, with deep expertise in nutrition, dietetics, exercise physiology, fitness, sports, and behavioral research; plus in overall health education, editorials, communications and nutrition marketing.

Ana Reisdorf

About Ana Reisdorf

Ana Reisdorf is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with 11-years experience in the field of nutrition and dietetics. After graduating from California State University, Long Beach, she began her career as health educator, helping educate patients on a variety of nutrition-related conditions. This helped her gain a deep understanding of the psychological, social, and environmental aspects of how we choose to eat.

She also has extensive experience in medical nutrition therapy, through her work in both acute and long-term care. This work has allowed her to truly hone her clinical nutrition skills to help make an impact on the health and lives of her patients.

Currently, she shares her passion for nutrition on a larger scale as a writer. She has written for major health and nutrition brands and publications. Ana brings her nutrition experience, understanding of human psychology, and compassion to every client interaction. She has a passion for helping people achieve ideal health and make transformational changes in their lives.

Allison Labyk

About Allison Labyk

Allison Labyk is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and holds her M.Sc. in Human Nutrition. She received her Bachelor of Science in Dietetics in 2015 from The Ohio State University.

After that, she went on to complete her Master of Science in Human Nutrition where her thesis focus was on obesity prevention in underprivileged children. Allison now works as a research associate and a freelance health and wellness writer.

Austin Meadows

About Austin Meadows

Austin Meadows is an independent writer and consultant specializing in health and wellness topics. With more than 7 years of experience writing in the natural health industry, Austin strives to deliver accurate, concise and research based information to his readers. You can find more of Austin's work at


About Donna Schwontkowski

Dr. Donna is a highly sought after freelance writer on the topic of alternative health. For 12 years, she was the editor of Health & Fitness Magazine in Sacramento, California, the magazine that educated thousands of readers on various topics of health, exercise/fitness, and alternative medicine. She has taught health classes in the community on how to reverse major stubborn diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, hair loss, and skin disorders, as well as detoxification and cleansing and how to use herbs. After working with thousands of patients over the years, Dr. Donna still receives many referrals for nutritional advice although she is officially retired from the practice of chiropractic.

For over 20 years, Dr. Donna has used hair analysis tests in conjunction with other methods of nutritional analysis to determine whether or not heavy metal toxicity is affecting patients. These tests have been invaluable, often providing information that would never have been discovered.

Dr. Donna was the host and producer for the television show, Health & Fitness Solutions, which aired for four years during 2000-2004. On her show, she began introducing successful natural healing solutions long before the Dr. Oz show hit the major networks.

She is the author of numerous books, and during chiropractic school, she taught thousands of students how to learn a half semester’s worth of course material in 3 to 6 hours with over an 80% retention rate. She created all these accelerated learning methods on her own, and applied them to 4th and 5th graders in 2010 through 2012.

Dr. Donna’s passion is to show people through education that it is possible to quickly reverse illnesses with natural healing.

Jessica Moon

About Jessica Moon

Jessica Moon, MS is a Clinical Nutritionist based in Connecticut. She works with individuals and families to navigate the ever-expanding gray area of nutrition. Jessica’s nontraditional approach is based on the idea that our bodies and communities are healthier when we can produce and prepare more of our own food.

Jessica has made television appearances on News12 Connecticut and contributes to various online and print nutrition articles. She is passionate about the therapeutic value of food and plants and works to make whole and natural foods appealing and accessible.

Her background working with people facing health and economic challenges has helped her grasp the complexity of the food system. An advocate for food equity as well as local and sustainable food production, she supports small farmers and is a member of the New England Farmers Union and Northeast Organic Farming Association of Connecticut.

She received her bachelor's degree in Political Science from Northeastern University in 2001 and her master’s degree in Human Nutrition from University of Bridgeport in 2008.

Kathryn Bubeck, Rd, Ldn

About Kathryn Bubeck

Kathryn Bubeck, RD, LDN is a clinical Registered Dietitian based in Hickory, North Carolina. Kathryn is a freelance nutrition consultant and copywriter focusing on integrative and functional nutrition, oncology dietetics, gastrointestinal disorders, and nutritional neuroscience.

She holds dual bachelor’s degrees, graduating with a degree in health behavior management from the University of Delaware, as well as graduating magna cum laude from the University of Alabama with a degree in nutrition. Kathryn completed her dietetic internship through Murray State University at Jackson-Madison County General Hospital in Jackson, Tennessee, and is currently working toward a master’s degree in clinical nutrition at the University of Alabama.

Kathryn is a certified lifestyle and weight management specialist, personal trainer, professional health coach, and owner of the private dietetics practice Vitamin K Wellness.

Molly Lancaster

About Molly Lancaster

Molly holds a PhD in Preventive Medicine and Health Behavior Research from USC- Keck School of Medicine and is also a certified health education specialist (CHES).

She currently work as a freelance writer, researcher, and strategy consultant. Molly is also a professor of psychology, sociology and health sciences at two amazing universities in Los Angeles.

Finally, she's an intuitive healing practitioner and I teach meditation with private clients in Hollywood and Worldwide. She specialize in mindfulness, clearing negative energy and releasing creativity blocks. Her website is

Nicolette Davila

About Nicolette Davila

Nicolette is a Registered Dietitian specializing in nutrition and fitness. After, she received her Bachelor of Science in Dietetics, she completed her Master of Science in Nutrition from Stony Brook University where she focused on clinical nutrition and nutrition through the life cycle. Currently, Nicolette works as a private practice dietitian and a freelance health and wellness writer.

Sarah Marjoram

About Sarah Marjoram

Sarah Marjoram is a Nutrition Marketing and Communications Consultant. She has almost 20 years of experience as a dietitian and is passionate about communicating science in a memorable and meaningful way.

She believes all foods should be enjoyed with portion and balance. Check out her website here:

Staci Gulbin

About Staci Gulbin

Staci Gulbin, MS, MEd, RD is a registered dietitian, freelance writer, health editor, and founder of

She has been a registered dietitian with the Commission on Dietetic Registration since 2010 and has over a decade of experience in the nutrition and dietetics industry.

Staci has graduate degrees in Biology, Human Nutrition, and Nutrition and Education from New York University, the Columbia University Institute of Human Nutrition, and Teacher’s College, Columbia University, respectively.

She has treated thousands of patients across many wellness arenas such as weight management, fitness, long-term care, rehab, and bariatric nutrition. Also, since 2011 Staci has also been applying her health and wellness knowledge to writing and editing for such websites as CDiabetes, Anirva, and Casa de Sante, to name a few.

She has also been an featured expert in such online publications as,, and Eat This Not That.

Emma Green

About Emma Green

Emma Green has a PhD, MSc and BSc in Psychology and is a certified personal trainer. She currently works as a freelance writer, producing on content on science, health and fitness for a number of online platforms. She also coaches clients online on a one-to-one basis to help them achieve their health and fitness goals.
Zachary Macdonald

About Zachary MacDonald

Hi, my name is Zachary MacDonald. I go by many titles; exercise physiologist, fitness professional, sports nutrition expert, but whatever you’d like to call me, my goal is to help people reach their health, fitness, and athletic goals!

I received my Master’s Degree from The University of Tampa in Exercise & Nutrition Science in 2018, and received my Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology from the same institution prior to my Master’s Degree pursuit.

I am a certified personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), as well as an amateur bodybuilder in the National Physique Committee, the world’s largest amateur organization of bodybuilding! My experiences in both of these fields have helped me learn so much about proper training and nutrition strategies and implementation.

In turn, my passion is utilizing these skills I have acquired in combination with my formal education to better help those who want to optimize their health and performance.

Robert Bw Black Wood Slats Background

About Robert Rivera

Robert is a graduate from the University of Santo Tomas whose specialty is writing about scientific research, claim substantiation, supplements, nutrition, health, fitness, and medical topics. He is a former Research Scientist with a degree in Food Science, Technology, and Nutrition. Currently, Robert spends his time sharing scientific knowledge and utilizing his skills to create research backed content on a variety of online platforms, such as health authority sites, Q&A sites like Quora, podcasts and more.


About Dr. Joanna Hardy

Dr. Jo graduated from the prestigious Royal Veterinary College in London, with an Honours in Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine, she then went on to complete a Masters in Tropical Animal Health and a Certificate in Companion Animal Pain Management. She works as a veterinarian for dogs, cats and horses and has a particular interest in nutrition, pain management, neurological disorders and welfare. She has written two books ‘Tales from a Young Vet’ and ‘Tales from a Wild Vet’, and enjoys volunteering as a vet for various charities, from which tales are recounted in the books. She has two dogs, a nutty Springer Spaniel, and a shy little Yorkshire Terrier, and in her spare time enjoys walking, horseback riding and music. Jo was also one of the stars of BBC 2’s Young Vets, a very popular hit TV series, well known under her maiden name, Jo Hardy. She has been featured in the Daily Express, The Guardian, and Female First.

Irena Profile

About Irena Macri

Irena Macri is a published author, freelance writer, recipe developer and speaker and is the founder of, where she shares her passion for healthy eating together with over 500 nutritious recipes. Irena has published two paleo cookbooks and has developed a popular online 8-week paleo diet program. She is currently completing her studies in nutrition and weight management in the UK.

Zora Degrandpre

About Dr. Zora DeGrandpre

Dr. Zora DeGrandpre practices naturopathic medicine (home visits) in rural Washington and is a professional medical and scientific writer and editor, specializing in naturopathic, functional, botanical and integrative medicine. Dr. DeGrandpre has degrees in drug design, immunology and natural medicine and has extensive research experience in cancer and molecular immunology. She has written textbooks in AP Chemistry and Biology as well as textbooks in botanical medicine and the interactions between botanical medicines and pharmaceutics. She has written grants, curricula and articles in naturopathic, functional and integrative medicine and is currently writing a textbook chapter on the effects of nutrition on epigenetic changes and the pathophysiology of chronic disease. Dr DeGrandpre writes online courses for medical students around the world and courses for continuing medical education including courses on the rational and evidence-based use of medical marijuana and other cannabis products. Dr. DeGrandpre also specializes in formulating rational, evidence-based supplements and has served as a grant reviewer for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and as a scientific consultant for legal and nutraceutical questions. Dr DeGrandpre also has an interest in rural and geriatric medicine and serves on the board of the Lewis County Seniors, a 501c3 with a mission to provide nutritional, educational, health and enrichment services for area seniors. She also runs Rural Senior Health Solutions, a 501c3 providing informational seminars, grants, wellness checks and home visits.

Rick Grimes

About Rick Grimes

Rick Grimes is the administrator and editor on He is a former D1 athlete, and a lifelong fitness enthusiast with over 10+ years in the health and fitness industry. After getting his bachelors degree he became devoted to contributing accurate, concise and researched based information to the bodybuilding industry. When he's not researching supps, you can find him on TwitterQuora giving back to the community.

We believe in full transparency, and we believe in listening to our community. Our goal is to present you with as much unbiased, and science backed information as possible; to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. We cherish the real relationships we continue to form with our readers in the pursuit of this goal, and we aim to amplify their feedback to the supplement industry.

Here are some Top10Supps related questions our readers wanted to know the answers to over the years.

What does Top10Supps do?

We find out whether supplements truly contain what they claim, and whether there's any hidden harmful ingredients. Then we rate and rank these products, typically we also include an accompanying guide on the topic. Finally, we publish our reports in the form of our lists for free, so that you can confidently buy the best supplements for your goals. Basically we aim to save our visitors valuable time by offering accurate, trustworthy expertise and supplement options to choose from.

What is your ranking process like?

This is our favorite one, as it allows us to share the behind the scenes work which goes into putting our lists and articles together. In short, we curate positive and negative feedback from the supplement community and we triple check any scientific claims made by brands as to the effectiveness of the product in question.

Whether it be on health and fitness themed internet forums, social media groups, industry conventions, verified online retailer reviews, or through our proprietary user-input supplement ranking software. For the full picture, head on over to: How We Rank Supplements.

Can I participate in your rankings & reviews?

Absolutely! We give customers a voice and highly encourage our visitors to contribute. Our rankings and reviews rely on input from real people like you. On top of honestly upvoting or downvoting supplements on our lists, feel free to send us any input, review, critique, correction, or rating of any supplements you have used. Your experience matters - Submit Your Feedback.

Why don't you just publish word-for-word user reviews?

In short, quality control and because results may vary. We cherish our user feedback and they are included in the overall big picture and end product; whether qualitatively or quantitatively. But in order to successfully serve our mission to all of our readers (and truly be their go-to most trustworthy supplement website), we must first ensure it's not biased, collect more user reviews for a bigger sample size, then proceed to fact check all the information and finally publish it all in an understandable, engaging, and easy to read manner.

Just launched my supplement company, can you review please?

We know how exciting it is to produce something you believe to be of tremendous value to people and the desire to ecstatically get the word out. Maybe other review sites even struck some deal with you and you're looking for the same from Top10Supps.

Here's some things you should know before pitching to us: we do not accept any forms of money, special favors, or any such tactics for special consideration and/or treatment on our site. If we have the resources we will review and produce an 100% unbiased review. But we make no guarantee of products that are reviewed and featured on our site making any of our lists.

Is Top10Supps truly independent, how do you make money?

We take this question as a compliment to what we've built. Many seem to associate our success with that of unlimited resources that come with big corporations. However, we're proud to say that Top10Supps is privately owned and fully independent of the supplement industry. What you see is the result of years of hard work, refinement, and feedback analysis; driven by our passion for bettering the internet when it comes to supplement reviews and rankings and overall health and wellness info.

We are fully independent of any industry bias, and we've turned down many buy-out offers in the past to keep it this way. If you'd like to know how we're able to do all this and generate revenue, read our disclosure statement. You'll learn how we're able to stay operational, produce thoughtful quality research, and provide you with a minimal ads user experience all at no cost to you.

Additionally, our experts are discouraged and prohibited from getting paid fees in the form of kickbacks for the recommendations they submit to the site; additionally they are required to disclose any/all advertising relationships that may (or may not) have an impact on their recommendations. This helps our visitors determine the weight they should put on a given recommendation, the quality of the information, as well as the integrity behind the process.

Your rankings changed since the last time I checked, what happened?

We strive to keep our lists as fresh as possible, and given the amount of lists we have this scenario is not uncommon. It would not be in the best interest of our readers if the lists stayed static and didn't take into account the continuous marketplace changes. Some common reasons are along the lines of companies changing their formulations and effecting merit for better or worse, scientific discoveries, product recalls, questionable company practices, valid whistle-blowing, FDA alerts, etc.

Please note: We strive to do our best and keep all the information fresh and up-to-date, however it’s impossible for us to ensure readers all material is accurate on a daily basis. Sometimes things happen too fast and there's an update buffer period.

There's so many products out there, how do you narrow it down?

Ain't that the truth. We've come across so many different brands, so many product formulations over the years, and heard so many pitches you wouldn't even believe. In all honestly this was very challenging when we first started our mission almost a decade ago, but as we immersed ourselves in the industry, things got easier and noticeable patterns began to emerge.

Our team keeps up with scientific journals reporting on the effects of dietary supplement ingredients on the human physiology and psychology. To sift through and narrow down the countless products out there our experts combine this up-to-date science with keen supplement facts examination skills, best nutrition marketing practices, and unbiased consumer feedback.

How can you claim it's the "best?" Isn't that subjective?

Certainly. But as with many other things in our society, there do exist levels of quality. The same way the NFL may have a best quarterback, or the NBA the best basketball player, so too do industries have products that differ in quality. Just like sports, these products may or may not stay the best for an extended period of time, before a new one comes about and dethrones them.

Following the same analogy, just as there are expert sports analysts, so too are there qualified, knowledgeable, experienced persons with extensive expertise on anything you can think of. Thus, relying on expertise and technology, our selections are free of manufacturer and distributor influence, we say what we want and how we want.

When we claim the word best for our list, we are still saying that this is our opinion and you may not agree. Which is why we have introduced a user ranked supplement list to go along with our editor's picks.

Do you physically test every supplement found on your site?

We make sure our content only includes products that meet our standards. We do personally test a good amount of supplements; for the supplements we do physically test and for which we provide accompanying individual reviews, we clearly label the posts as such and let the reader know that it's a first-hand unbiased review.

Unfortunately we do not and could not personally use all of the thousands of products out there. We simply do not have the financial or human resources needed to thoroughly test the thousands of supplements. Though it is not uncommon for some review sites to claim this, one should examine the thoroughness of the testing being done before making any decisions.

Can a supplement company contest your rankings?

Yes, and it has happened many times before. But they can't influence our rankings.

The ultimate analyses and opinions on our site are our own. We instruct our editors and writers to maintain strict editorial integrity. The Top10Supps brand stands for accuracy and helpful information, strongly believing that our long-term success is contingent on taking the trust of our visitors seriously. Which is why we love when companies challenge us and we are provided with the opportunity to present our humble opinions and reasoning in hopes of bettering their products and processes; and with enough back-and-forth perhaps even the supplement industry as a whole.

I sent an email asking for advice. Why didn't you respond?

We do not serve as a substitute for professional medical advice. We are an information website focused on providing reviews and rankings, as well as reporting on the latest supplement releases. Though we may feel compelled to respond to certain non-medical related emails, we are not setup to respond to all requests for advice.

Furthermore, the information you'll find on our site is not to be used to prevent, diagnose, or treat any disease or illness. Each situation is unique and always consult your doctor before using any products you see on this website. We offer general advice on our site and provide resources for any claims we make allowing you to pursue the topic in greater detail.

Is the same as

Yes, we are one and the same. We own both of these domains and because of the feedback we've received from our community we're going to avoid any potential future confusion and go with Top10Supps as the top level domain.

We're a retailer/distributor looking for wholesale supplements, can you give us a quote?

No. We are not an e-commerce website, we do not directly sell supplements to the consumer or to other businesses. Nor can we help put you in touch with any of "our connections" in the field. We are fiercely independent from this aspect of the industry.

Where is Top10Supps located?

From our main location in Seattle we can see Lake Washington and even the Olympic Mountains on a clear day. But otherwise thanks to modern day tech our team is pretty geographically diverse. With contributors from across the USA and even the UK.

I'm writing something related to one of your picks, can I reference you guys?

Sure thing, you're welcome to use the information you find on on your site or in other publications, as long as you cite us as a source of the material and stay within our terms of use.

Do you guys have a forum I can join?

We don't operate an official forum. But we encourage readers to interact with us and the community by leaving comments on posts. Additionally, we are pretty active on our social channels such as Facebook (28k likes), Instagram (76k followers), and Twitter (76k followers). For a forum like experience however, we encourage visitors to join our exclusive Facebook group.

Still have questions?

Ask us anything, we're @top10supps on social media, you can also reach us at [email protected] or simply use our contact form.