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Best Ginseng Supplements – Top 10 Brands for 2022

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Ginseng is a popular herbal supplement that you have likely consumed while drinking energy drinks such as Rockstar, AMP, and Monster.

This beneficial plant root is added to these drinks to boost energy and fight fatigue naturally.

If you take ginseng on its own, you can skip the added sugar that is included in energy drinks, and get only the ginseng benefits using the supplement form.

In order to help you find a good product, we’ve researched & narrowed down the best ginseng supplements on the market right now.

Top 10 Ginseng Products Compared

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1. Auragin Korean Ginseng


Auragin Korean Ginseng is a 100% red ginseng tablet that uses high-quality ginseng roots grown for 6 years before harvesting. Using the thousand-year-old method of steaming and drying, this ginseng supplement stays as true to traditional herbal medicine as possible.

Processed minimally, and using the best quality ginseng roots available, it naturally contains at least 8% ginsenosides – without standardization! If you are committed to traditional herbal techniques, this is the closest you can get to it.


  • 900mg Korean ginseng root powder (8% ginsenosides)
  • Natural and minimally processed
  • Uses traditional herbal techniques
  • 100% Korean red ginseng
  • Naturally 8% ginsenosides

Who Makes It?

Auragin Health is a supplement brand that specializes in ginseng and was founded by Chris Chung and James Duffy. They looked for the closest thing to wild ginseng (now an endangered plant species) and found it in a remote farm deep in the Korean mountains. This farm was able to reach naturally high levels of ginsenosides no other ginseng farm could, and today this farm is the source of their ginseng supplements.

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2. Nature’s Answer American Ginseng

Best Ginseng Supplements to buy

Nature’s Answer American Ginseng is a super-concentrated, alcohol-free American ginseng extract. This extract is bio-chelated through a cold extraction process that preserves the beneficial ginsenoside compounds found in the ginseng root. It is easily and quickly absorbed.


  • 2,000mg American ginseng (75mg ginsenosides)
  • American ginseng
  • Super concentrated 1:1 ratio
  • Cold-extraction
  • Gluten and alcohol-free
  • Powerful antioxidant

Who Makes It?

Nature’s Answer is a natural supplement brand that was founded in 1972. They provide consumers with some of the highest quality herbal supplements on the market. Nature’s Answer manufactures and packages all of its holistic health remedies, which allows them to guarantee high-quality control. With a pharmaceutically-licensed manufacturing facility, you know you are getting pure and effective supplements from Nature’s Answer.

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3. Nature’s Bounty Ginseng Complex


Nature’s Bounty Ginseng Complex is an affordable ginseng pill that combines the benefits of white ginseng, red ginseng, and American ginseng. The formulation includes vitamin B12 and ginseng royal jelly. It is a good choice of ginseng that is free from GMOs, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, sugar, milk, lactose, soy, gluten, wheat, yeast, and fish.


  • 300mg panax ginseng extract (white ginseng, 2% ginsenosides)
  • 50mg American ginseng (5% ginsenosides)
  • 50mg Chinese red ginseng (2% ginsenosides)
  • 30 mcg vitamin B12
  • 2mg royal jelly
  • Affordable
  • Free from GMOs, milk, lactose, soy, gluten, wheat, yeast and fish
  • Free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives

Who Makes It?

Nature’s Bounty is a well known nutritional supplement brand that has more than 40 years of experience in the industry. They are a family of brands, including the brands Optimal Solutions, Nature’s Bounty Rewards, and Earthly Elements. They are dedicated to quality, consistency and scientific research; and all of their products are manufactured in GMP certified facilities.

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4. NuSci Panax Ginseng


NuSci Panax Ginseng is made from Asian ginseng and standardized to include at least 10% ginsenosides. This powder is 100% pure and provides the consumer with the ability to customize their dosage as needed. You can add it to your favorite beverage such as a pre-workout, morning smoothie, juice, water and more! It also is sold at an affordable wholesale price and provides you with a large number of servings


  • 250mg panax ginseng (Asian ginseng, 10% ginsenosides)
  • Affordable
  • 100% Asian ginseng
  • Standardized to 10% ginsenosides

Who Makes It?

NuSci, a nutritional supplement manufacturer, is exclusively distributed by the HerbStoreUSA.com. This online nutrition and health store provides pure, bulk wholesale supplement ingredients. They only offer products with “reliable identity and quality,” which means that their products are fully transparent.

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5. Solgar Korean Ginseng

Solgar Korean Ginseng

Solgar Korean Ginseng combines the benefits of root extract and powder into one vegetable capsule. By blending the powder and extract, the benefits of traditional herbalism and standardized technology are combined to create an effective source of ginseng. It is free from gluten, wheat and dairy, and includes a blend of additional antioxidant compounds. This is a choice suitable for vegetarians and it is fortified with an additional antioxidant blend.


  • 250mg Korean ginseng extract (8% ginsenosides)
  • 200mg Korean ginseng root powder
  • PhytO2X blend (natural beta-carotene, L-ascorbic acid)
  • Full potency ginseng supplement
  • Includes additional antioxidants
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Free from gluten, wheat, and dairy

Who Makes It?

Solgar is a nutritional supplement brand that was founded in 1947 and has been producing high-quality products ever since. They offer over 450 nutritional supplements worldwide, and all of their products follow their stringent quality control standards. Solgar supplements are produced in GMP certified facilities.

Where to Get It

6. Buddha’s Herbs Panax Ginseng


Buddha’s Herbs Panax Ginseng is an Asian ginseng pill that is free from GMOs, has a 100% guaranteed quality certification, and is manufactured in a GMP certified facility. Standardized to 10% ginsenosides, this is an effective ginseng product to consider.


  • 200mg panax ginseng (10% ginsenosides)
  • Asian ginseng
  • 10% ginsenosides
  • Free from GMOs, wheat, dairy, sugar, and yeast
  • 100% guaranteed quality

Who Makes It?

Buddha’s Herbs is a premium supplier of organic herbal supplements and premium green tea. They also carry a wide range of vitamins and minerals, and all of their products are manufactured in GMP certified facilities.

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7. Nature’s Way Korean Ginseng


Nature’s Way Korean Ginseng is standardized to contain at least 2% ginsenosides. It is a good pick for those who are looking for a high dosage of ginseng from a reliable company.


  • 1.12g Korean ginseng extract (2% ginsenosides)
  • Asian ginseng
  • Standardized for 2% ginsenosides

Who Makes It?

Nature’s Way is a nutritional supplement manufacturer that is comprised of a family of brands: Alive!, Boericke and Tafel, CalmAide, Coconut Oil, GinkGold, Primadophilus, Sambucus and UMCKA ColdCare. They are the first TRU-ID certified brand, which is an independent testing certification that proves the contents of supplements.

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8. Woohoo Natural Pure American Ginseng

Woohoo Natural Pure American Ginseng

Woohoo Natural Pure American Ginseng is a good ginseng supplement formulated with American ginseng, and is available at an affordable price. It is a top ginseng supplement for those who have never taken ginseng before.


  • 500mg American ginseng
  • Affordable
  • Made in the USA
  • American ginseng

Who Makes It?

Woohoo Natural is a trademark of the company Woho Natural Inc. It is a nutritional supplement brand that opened up for business in 2010. Their products are distributed by other supplement carriers.

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9. Puritan’s Pride American Ginseng


Puritan’s Pride American Ginseng is an affordable ginseng extract that is standardized to include 5% ginsenosides. This is a good product that is simple and backed by a satisfaction guarantee. However, it does include some more fillers than some alternatives, and it may be less effective as well.


  • 500mg American ginseng extract (5% ginsenosides)
  • Affordable
  • 5% ginsenosides
  • Powerful antioxidant source

Who Makes It?

Puritan’s Pride is a nutritional supplement brand that was founded in 1973. They use only the best raw ingredients in their products and create scientifically formulated products that are inspected as many as 15 times. They exceed FDA mandated manufacturing guidelines.

Where to Get It

10. Pure Encapsulations Panax Ginseng


Pure Encapsulations Panax Ginseng is a pure Asian ginseng pill that is hypoallergenic. It is suitable to vegetarians and standardized to contain 15% ginsenosides. If you know ginseng works for you, you can try upgrading to Pure Encapsulations.


  • 250mg Asian ginseng extract (15% ginsenosides)
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Asian ginseng
  • Standardized to 15% ginsenosides
  • Antioxidant-rich

Who Makes It?

Pure Encapsulations is a high-quality hypoallergenic supplement manufacturer that carries a large variety of nutritional products. They focus on formulating supplements that are science-based and provide desired results.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Ginseng Supplements

What is Ginseng?

Ginseng is a plant with two different varieties which grow in different geographic regions. These varieties include Asian ginseng (panax ginseng), which grows in China and Korea, and American ginseng.

There is another plant that is referred to as ginseng, (called Siberian ginseng) however it lacks the active medicinal compounds known as ginsenosides that make ginseng supplements beneficial to health.

The ginseng root has been used in ancient Chinese medicine for thousands of years to boost immunity and treat various conditions. Ancient herbalists thought that the gnarled, thick root of ginseng resembled a human body, which they believed meant that it could help stress and fatigue.

Today, ginseng supplements are available in forms such as liquid extracts, ginseng pills, powders and more. They can be made from white ginseng, which is the dried and peeled root, or the unpeeled steamed root known as red ginseng. Ginseng is a popular health supplement with many benefits.

What Are the Uses & Benefits of Ginseng?

Ginseng is often called an adaptogen, which is an herb that helps improve the body’s ability to adapt to stress. It can also be taken to help boost immunity, enhance energy levels, lower blood sugar and more.

Panax ginseng varieties have been used for centuries in various traditional medicine. Modern clinical trials have also examined ginseng for a variety of benefits, focusing on the primary active compounds found in ginseng, ginsenosides.

Here are some of the most noteworthy potential ginseng benefits that have been studied:

  • Mood and stress: Several studies have shown that ginseng may have a beneficial effect on mood and stress levels in healthy individuals. The study found that participants given a 400mg dose of ginseng reported improved calmness and improved mental arithmetic function over the 8-day trial. A separate animal trial found significant anti-stress properties in ginseng, leading researchers to believe that ginseng may be a worthwhile option for addressing chronic stress. This was an animal trial conducted on rats, so more research is needed.
  • Brain function: Ginseng is thought to stimulate brain cells, potentially helping to improve concentration and cognitive function. This effect is particularly noteworthy in Alzheimer’s patients, with researchers concluding that Panax ginseng is clinically effective in the cognitive performance of Alzheimer’s disease patients. More research is needed, but so far ginseng shows significant promise as a potential natural treatment for Alzheimer’s and age-related cognitive decline. It’s unclear whether ginseng has a positive effect on brain function in normal, healthy adults.
  • Inflammation: Ginseng – particularly Korean Red ginseng, may have a beneficial effect on inflammation levels. One human study found a reduction in inflammatory cytokines levels in children after chemotherapy treatment, while several animal studies found a similar reduction in inflammatory cytokines and general inflammation markers. Another animal trial found that allergic inflammation caused by an upper airway inflammatory disease was also reduced by ginseng. More research is needed, as most of these trials were conducted on animals.
  • Weight: It’s possible that ginseng may aid in weight loss, although most trials conducted so far have been animal trials. Nonetheless, there is evidence to suggest that ginseng may help to suppress the appetite and boost the metabolism. A similar trial found ginseng beneficial for regulating obesity, but this was another animal trial. More research with human participants is required.
  • Erectile dysfunction: Ginseng has a direct effect on the central nervous system, which can alter hormonal behavior in the brain. It is thought that ginseng induces vasodilation and relaxation of erectile tissue, which helps men maintain erections. A systematic review of 28 separate studies found that ginseng was likely to have a positive effect on erectile function in men, but researchers warned that some studies showed no effect, and called for further clinical research.
  • Other uses: Ginseng may have a variety of other potential uses. Preliminary evidence suggests that it may be beneficial in improving lung function, reducing blood sugar, inhibiting cancer and tumor growth, relieving symptoms of PMS, and boosting the immune system. None of these effects have enough clinical evidence to definitively call them ginseng benefits, but initial evidence suggests a potential for benefit in these areas.

Supplements that contain ginseng are great for helping to improve health in the modern world. They can help to reduce the damaging effects of air pollution and the stresses of urban lifestyles; as well as improve energy levels and overall well-being.

Who Can Benefit from Ginseng?

  • Athletes – Athletes of all kinds can benefit from ginseng. This herbal supplement can help to enhance energy levels and allow athletes to extend their workouts – improving endurance. It also can reduce inflammation that can occur after intense workouts in an athlete’s muscles and joints, reducing pain and stiffness.
  • Those with Adrenal Fatigue – The adrenal glands are a part of the endocrine system – they produce hormones such as adrenaline, and the stress hormone cortisol. Alternative medicine practitioners say that when you are under a lot of stress, your adrenal glands become overworked, resulting in adrenal fatigue. The symptoms include trouble getting out of bed in the morning, fatigue, brain fog and difficulty concentrating.
  • Those who live in Urban Environments – Urban cities tend to have more pollution, poorer air quality, more noise, and more stressors. Ginseng can help to neutralize free radicals that can come from a polluted urban environment; protecting your immune system, skin and overall health.
  • Men with Erectile Dysfunction – Ginseng can help to improve blood flow and circulation, and also enhance energy levels – two things that those with erectile dysfunction (ED) can benefit from. Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which a man has trouble achieving or maintaining an erection. A Korean study found that 60% of men taking ginseng had improved symptoms!

Are There Any Side Effects of Ginseng?

Ginseng is a well-tolerated supplement by most people, but some people may experience side effects. These may include insomnia, headache, menstrual problems etc.

Ginseng may interact with certain drugs, such as ACE inhibitors and calcium channel blockers. If you take medication, talk to your doctor before taking ginseng.

How Do I Take Ginseng?

Ginseng supplements are often advised to be taken up to two hours before a meal. For ginseng dosage, check the directions on the supplement.

It is also beneficial to cycle the ginseng supplements to ensure that your body continues to benefit from them. You can do this by taking ginseng daily for three weeks or so, and then taking three weeks off

Are There Any Beneficial Ginseng Stacks?

Ginseng may be stacked with certain supplements to improve its overall benefits. The most beneficial ginseng stacks can help to improve the efficacy of the supplement, especially when tailored to meet certain health needs.

Here are a couple good ways to stack ginseng:

  • Ginseng and Echinacea – Echinacea is a popular herbal supplement for boosting the immune system and fending off colds and flu. It comes from a flowering plant and is available in the forms of capsules, extracts, powders, tablets, teas and more. Some studies have found that stacking echinacea and ginseng enhance cellular immune function in regular and immunodeficient individuals.
  • Ginseng and Astragalus – Astragalus (also known as milkvetch) is a flowering plant used as a traditional herbal remedy that has immune-boosting benefits. It can help to enhance the ability of ginseng to support immunity when stacked together, making astragalus and ginseng a choice.

How Do I Pick a Good Ginseng Product?

A high-quality ginseng supplement should be made with true ginseng, such as Korean, Chinese or American ginseng. Trustworthy ginseng manufacturers will inform you of the ginsenoside content and have a fully transparent supplement label. They are made in GMP certified facilities by reliable brands and should come at the right price for the value.

How Did We Pick These Supplements?

Our core value at Top10Supps is transparency which is why we are open about how we pick the supplements that you just saw. You can read more about our supplement ranking methodology here.

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