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Best Pea Protein Powders – Top 10 Brands for 2022

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If you’re someone who likes to eat healthily and exercise, you’re likely already aware of the importance of adequate protein intake.

Protein is one of the key macronutrients that are essential for health.

It’s particularly important for athletes and anyone who exercises regularly. And, although protein is included in a wide variety of foods (namely meat, eggs, dairy, grains, and some vegetables), it can sometimes be difficult to get adequate protein on a daily basis.

This can be particularly true for people on restrictive diets.

For example, people who eat a vegetarian or vegan diet might struggle to reach daily protein intake needs. Folks that are lactose intolerant or sensitive to dairy might experience the same.

Luckily, there are supplements that can help to increase protein intake naturally, without sacrificing your dietary preferences.

One such supplement is pea protein, one of the most popular plant-based proteins out there.

In order to help you find a good product, we’ve researched & narrowed down the best pea protein powders supplements on the market right now.

Top 10 Pea Protein Powders Compared

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1. NOW Foods Pea Protein

Now Foods Pea Protein

NOW Foods Pea Protein is a natural pea protein powder that offers 24g of protein in each serving. It’s unflavored and unsweetened, making it a very versatile and healthy choice. With a complete amino acid profile, a vegan-friendly formula, and the backing of one of the most respected names in the supplement industry, this is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a good plant-based protein source.


  • 24g protein per serving
  • Unflavored and unsweetened
  • Complete amino acid profile
  • Rich in BCAAs
  • Good source of protein
  • Helps post-workout recovery
  • Vegan & vegetarian
  • Non-GMO
  • Free of common allergens
  • Made by a great company
  • Great value

What’s in it:

  • 24g pea protein

Who makes it: This product is made by NOW Sports, a division of NOW Foods. NOW is one of the largest manufacturers of health foods and supplements in the world, with over 1,000 different products. They develop, manufacture and distribute health supplements, health foods, vitamins, and much more. NOW is a very well-respected company, with quality products and low prices.

Bottom line: With a simple and clean formula that utilizes non-GMO peas and no additives, NOW offers a very clean product for health-conscious individuals. Plus, it’s very affordably priced and available in bulk for even greater savings!

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2. BulkSupplements Pure Pea Protein Powder

best pea protein powders you can buy

BulkSupplements Pure Pea Protein Powder is a simple, clean and highly effective pea protein powder. It consists of pure pea protein – and nothing else! No fillers, no preservatives, no sweeteners; just pure plant-based protein. The product is also lab-tested for purity and is an excellent choice for those looking to follow a clean and simple diet. Additionally, the simple formula of this product also makes it one of the most affordable products on this list.


  • 24g protein per serving
  • Pure pea protein powder
  • NO other ingredients
  • No fillers, preservatives, flavorings, or sweeteners
  • Free of gluten, dairy, soy and yeast
  • Affordable and great value
  • Excellent source of complete protein
  • Made by a great company
  • Simple and pure

What’s in it:

  • 24g protein from pea protein
  • NOTHING else!

Who makes it: This product is made by BulkSupplements, a wholesale and retail supplier and manufacturer of high-quality health supplements. By focusing on simple, effective formulas, and by keeping costs down through bulk manufacturing, no-frills packaging, and limited marketing, BulkSupplements is able to keep quality very high while keeping prices very low. You won’t find fancy marketing or bold claims here; just simple, pure, and effective products at rock-bottom prices!

Bottom line: It tops our list because its ultra-simple formula delivers the amino-acid-rich protein your body craves, without any unnecessary additives, fillers, or sweeteners. The fact that it’s unflavored also makes it quite versatile, as you can use it in both sweet and savory foods.

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3. Olympian Labs Pea Protein


Olympian Labs Vanilla Pea Protein comes from a high-quality manufacturer. It offers 25g of protein in each serving and is flavored with a tasty natural vanilla flavor (and sweetened with Stevia). It also uses organic pea protein, which is another big plus for those wanting to stick to organic products. Its high protein content makes it one of the stronger pea protein powders, and its clean formula makes it a great choice for health-minded individuals.


  • 25g protein per serving
  • 100% plant-based protein
  • Made with organic peas
  • Sweetened with Stevia
  • Natural vanilla flavor
  • Helps you build muscle
  • Helps post-workout recovery
  • Free of fat, cholesterol, gluten, dairy, and other common allergens
  • Excellent amino acid profile
  • Easy way to supplement protein intake
  • Good value

What’s in it:

  • 25g protein, from organic pea protein isolate

Who makes it: This product is made by Olympian Labs, a sports nutrition company that was founded in 1992. With more than 25 years of industry experience, Olympian Labs has set itself apart from the competition by consistently creating innovative, affordable and highly effective fitness supplements.

Bottom line: At 25g protein per serving, this is an excellent way to increase your daily protein intake in an easy, convenient and affordable way. Plus, it uses organic peas, and it tastes great.

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4. Naturade Pea Protein

Naturade Pea Protein

Naturade Pea Protein is a high-quality pea protein powder made by a well-respected supplement manufacturer. It offers 20g of protein in each serving and is made without the use of artificial sweeteners. With a large serving of plant-based protein, this supplement provides an increase in your daily protein intake in an easy and affordable way.


  • 20g protein per serving
  • 100% plant-based protein
  • Balanced amino acid profile
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Great for athletes
  • Helps build muscle
  • Made by a great company
  • Good value

What’s in it:

  • 20g pea protein

Who makes it: This product is made by Naturade, a large scale supplement manufacturer that was founded in 1926. For nearly a century, Naturade has been hard at work producing high-quality nutritional supplements to meet the needs of the growing health-minded community. Today, they are well known and well respected for high quality, affordable products.

Bottom line: It offers a full 20g pea protein dosage, and is offered at a reasonable price. The only downside is the relatively long ingredient list, which includes some ingredients that many may find unnecessary.

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5. Growing Naturals Pea Protein Powder


Growing Naturals Pea Protein Powder is a raw pea protein supplement made by a popular health food manufacturer. It contains 15g of protein in each serving and uses non-GMO, organic peas.


  • 15g protein per serving
  • Raw pea protein
  • Organic ingredients
  • Low sugar and fat
  • Tasty vanilla flavor
  • Balanced amino acid profile
  • Excellent source of protein
  • All-natural

What’s in it:

  • 15g pea protein

Who makes it: This product is made by Growing Naturals, a health supplement manufacturer that was founded in 2009. Growing Naturals focuses on plant-based products, including a wide range of plant-based protein powders.

Bottom line: If you’re looking for a non-GMO pea protein powder with organic ingredients, this is a great choice. It’s a tad on the expensive side, but it’s definitely a high-quality product from a good company.

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6. Swanson Pea Protein


Swanson Pea Protein is made by a popular health food manufacturer. Its ultra-simple formula contains 100% pure pea protein powder, and nothing else. For those looking for a clean, straightforward product, this is a great choice.


  • 15g protein per serving
  • 100% pure pea protein powder
  • No other ingredients
  • Vegan, gluten-free, etc.
  • Simple & clean formula
  • Excellent source of protein

What’s in it:

  • 15g pea protein

Who makes it: This product is made by Swanson Health Products, US-based health food and supplement manufacturer. For many years, Swanson has been a leader in the supplement industry, consistently delivering high-quality products at reasonable prices.

Bottom line: If you’re looking to avoid additives like sweeteners and fillers, it’s a great choice. That said, a lot of reviewers weren’t so happy with the taste of this product.

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7. Source Naturals Pea Protein Powder


Source Naturals Pea Protein Powder offers 13g of protein in each serving. It uses a very simple and clean formula to deliver pure protein, and nothing else.


  • 13g protein per serving
  • High-quality source of protein
  • Balanced amino acid profile
  • Beneficial for athletes
  • Simple formula with no fillers
  • Made by a well-respected company

What’s in It:

  • 13g pea protein

Who makes it: This product is made by Source Naturals,  a supplement company that was founded way back in 1982. For decades, Source Naturals has been hard at work creating the next generation of health products.

Bottom line: This product uses a smaller serving size than normal, so it is definitely less protein-rich – but you can of course just take more than a single serving. It’s also a bit on the expensive side.

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8. Jarrow Formulas Optimal Plant Proteins


Jarrow Formulas Optimal Plant Proteins is an innovative blend of plant-based proteins that offers a balanced amino acid profile and a host of benefits. It uses a unique blend of pea protein, brown rice protein, hemp protein, chlorella, and white chia seed, offering 21g of protein in each serving.


  • 21g protein per serving
  • Blend of pea, hemp, brown rice, white chia seed, and chlorella protein
  • 100% plant-based protein
  • Balanced amino acid profile
  • Good source of protein
  • Beneficial for vegans, athletes and more

What’s in it:

  • 21g protein, from a blend of pea, hemp, brown rice, white chia seed, and chlorella protein

Who makes it: This product is made by Jarrow Formulas, a Los Angeles-based manufacturer of health supplements and nutritional products. The company was founded back in 1977, so the team at Jarrow has over 40 years of experience under their belt!

Bottom line: If you’re seeking a plant-based protein powder, and you don’t mind a blend of different types, this is a great choice. The unique formula truly has a lot to offer. With that said, it is a bit expensive for what it offers and it’s not a pure pea protein.

Where to Get It

9. Body Nutrition Gardenia All-Natural Vegan Protein


Gardenia Vegan All Natural Plant-Based Protein is an innovative and tasty plant-based protein powder. It combines pea protein, quinoa protein and hemp protein with added ingredients like fiber, digestive enzymes, and antioxidants. The result is a well-balanced and thoroughly beneficial health product.


  • 20g protein per serving
  • Hemp, pea, and quinoa protein
  • Added digestive enzymes, fiber, and antioxidants
  • Balanced vegan protein source
  • Low fat and sugar
  • Vegan

What’s in it:

  • 20g protein, from pea, hemp and quinoa protein
  • Antioxidant blend
  • Prebiotic fiber & omega 3 blend
  • Digestive enzyme blend

Who makes it: This product is made by Body Nutrition, an innovative sports nutrition company that focuses on creating helpful products for athletes, health enthusiasts and members of the Armed Forces.

Bottom line: This is not a pure pea protein product but it offers the added benefits of alternative protein sources and ample added ingredients. It can not only help to increase your daily protein intake but can also help improve overall health.

Where to Get It

10. AI Sports Nutrition NO WHEY


AI Sports Nutrition No Whey is a plant-based protein powder that combines both pea protein and brown rice protein. It’s designed to offer a plant-based alternative to those who prefer to avoid animal products/dairy.


  • 22g protein per serving
  • Blend of pea protein and brown rice protein
  • Only 3g sugar per serving
  • Plant-based protein
  • Beneficial for athletes
  • Dairy and animal product free

What’s in it:

  • 22g protein, from pea protein and rice protein

Who makes it: This product is made by AI Sports Nutrition, a supplement company that was founded in 2006. AI Sports Nutrition focuses on the world of bodybuilding, developing and producing high-quality nutritional supplements to meet the needs of the fitness community.

Bottom line: This product uses two of the most popular forms of plant proteins; pea and rice. With that said, it’s a bit expensive and inventory is sporadic.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pea Protein Powders

What Are Pea Protein Powders?

Pea protein powders are just what they sound like: powdered supplements made from protein extracted from peas. Yep, just normal peas – as in, peas in a pod.

As far as vegetables go, peas are quite high in protein, with approximately 8.6g of protein per 1 cup of cooked peas. Pea protein powders are generally derived from yellow peas, which are more commonly known as split peas.

Pea protein supplements are extracted from the peas generally using a water-based extraction process. This allows a nearly-pure protein to be extracted, and pea protein powders generally end up being in the range of 80-95% pure protein.

Additionally, the powders end up being very low calorie, low fat/no fat, and cholesterol-free.

So, in other words, pea protein powders provide a very nutritious, low-calorie way to increase your daily protein intake significantly.

For folks who aren’t eating enough protein, the benefits of increasing protein intake can be very significant. And, of course, since the base of these supplements is simply protein extracted from split peas, these supplements are compatible with most common dietary restrictions and preferences.

They are vegetarian and vegan-friendly, and many of the best products can also be found in GMO-free or organic varieties.

What Are the Benefits of Pea Protein?

The benefits of pea protein include being a gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, lactose-free, fat-free source of high-quality protein.

Most pea protein powders offer anywhere from 15 to 25+ grams of protein in each serving, which makes it much easier to reach daily protein intake goals.

Some key pea protein benefits include:

  • Good source of protein
  • Plant-based protein
  • Balanced amino acid profile
  • Generally free of dairy, soy, gluten, cholesterol, animal products and more
  • Lactose-free
  • Helps build more muscle
  • Useful for athletes and fitness fans
  • Helps post-workout recovery
  • Useful for dieting
  • Can be used to make meal replacement shakes
  • A vegan source of high-quality protein
  • Helps repair damaged muscle tissue
  • Helps you meet daily protein intake needs

Daily protein intake needs vary depending on your age, sex, activity level, and more. However, many of us – particularly those who avoid meat and other animal products – are more likely to not be consuming adequate quantities of protein on a daily basis.

Protein is an absolutely essential nutrient that serves many roles in the body – so it’s important to get enough of it.

Protein helps to repair damaged muscle tissue and helps your body make hormones, enzymes, and other body chemicals. It’s also a key “building block” of muscle, skin, blood, and bones.

Without protein, your body simply could not function as it should – and without adequate protein intake, your body will never be as healthy or as efficient as it could be.

Ensuring you eat enough protein-rich foods is particularly important if you’re someone who exercises regularly.

A pea protein powder can help drastically improve your protein intake, and stimulate more muscle growth and faster recovery. It’s also a very affordable source of protein when compared to meat.

Pea protein is a popular choice among folks who are lactose intolerant, as most of the common protein powders, such as whey protein powders and casein protein powders, are dairy-based. It’s also popular among vegetarians and vegans, who wish to avoid animal products.

Who Can Benefit from Pea Protein?

A wide range of folks can experience benefits from taking pea protein powders. Some key groups include:

  • Vegetarians – folks who follow a vegetarian diet may be slightly more likely to eat less protein than is ideal, due to the nature of the vegetarian diet. While there are certainly many great vegetarian protein sources, it can still be difficult at times to reach ideal protein intake levels.
  • Vegans – similarly to vegetarians, vegans can also sometimes find it difficult to consume enough protein. And while vegetarians can eat dairy and dairy-based protein powders (like whey), vegans cannot. Therefore, pea protein is an excellent option for those on the vegan diet who are looking to increase their protein intake.
  • Dieters – if you’re on a diet, making sure you are feeling full can be very useful in helping to prevent snacking. Protein is a key component of satiety or the feeling of fullness. Generally speaking, if you eat more protein, you will feel fewer hunger cravings throughout the day. While they don’t work in the same sense as a powerful fat burning supplement would, dieters often using protein shakes in between meals (or as meal replacements) to help keep their diet on track. Plus, pea protein is very low calorie, low/no fat, etc.
  • Athletes – athletes, and anyone else who enjoys regular exercise should take extra steps to ensure adequate protein intake. Protein is important for everyone, but it’s absolutely essential for athletes – and generally, athletes need to eat more protein than the average person.
  • Budgeters – protein is essential for overall health, but unfortunately, it can be pricey. Particularly for foods like red meat, fish, and dairy, protein costs can really add up. An affordable pea protein product is a great way to supplement protein intake while keeping your budget in line. Some of our recommended pea protein powders come it a price of around $0.02-$0.03 per gram of protein!

How Do I Pick a Good Pea Protein Powder?

The most important thing to look for in a pea protein powder is that the manufacturer is using concentrated pea protein or pea protein isolate.

If you come across less pure proteins then you may begin to experience some digestive upset because these products have not been as extensively refined.

The sugar content tends not to be much of an issue when it comes to paste that, but it is worth mentioning that you should keep an eye on the carbohydrate content of any protein powder that you purchase to ensure that it won’t throw your diet out of whack with hidden sugars.

If you have some experience using protein powders then you might also want to consider opting for a pea protein powder that has been manufactured by a brand you already know and trust.

This will of course give you a little added peace of mind that you are using a high-quality product that you can rely on.

Other than that, we recommend opting for one of the pea protein powders in the list above because we have used user feedback, popularity, and the quality of ingredients used in each product and other factors to rank them against each other.

Final Thoughts

So as we can see, there is a lot of variety when it comes to choosing a pea protein powder because there are many other protein sources that tend to be blended in with the primary ingredients.

If you are not currently using a multivitamin or some kind of antioxidant supplement then you will definitely want to consider using one of the protein powders we mentioned that contain these additional compounds.

The health benefits of using a high-quality vegetarian protein powder are undeniable, so if you are serious about making progress in your own training as a vegan or vegetarian then we highly recommend investing in one of the products we have looked at today.

How Did We Pick These Supplements?

Our core value at Top10Supps is transparency which is why we are open about how we pick the supplements that you just saw. You can read more about our supplement ranking methodology here.

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