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Best Rice Protein Powders – Top 10 Brands for 2022

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In order to help you find a good product, we’ve researched & narrowed down the best rice protein powders on the market right now.

Top 10 Rice Protein Products Compared

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1. Naked Rice 100% Organic Sprouted by Naked Nutrition

Naked Rice 100 Organic Sprouted By Naked Nutrition

NAKED RICE is a natural rice protein powder made with pure brown rice protein and NOTHING else. It literally contains only one ingredient, making it an ultra-clean and simple option. It’s made using organic sprouted brown rice and packs a whopping 25 g of protein into each serving.


  • 25 g protein per serving
  • Only 1 ingredient
  • Made with organic sprouted brown rice
  • No sweeteners, fillers or additives
  • Ultra simple and pure
  • GMO-free, organic, gluten-free, etc.
  • Excellent source of plant-based protein
  • Vegan-friendly

Who makes it: This product is made by NAKED Nutrition, a large supplement and health product manufacturer. NAKED Nutrition focuses on creating clean and simple products to meet the needs of the health-minded community. Their products are highly effective and avoid the use of anything artificial or unnecessary.

Bottom line: Overall, if you are someone who likes to eat a clean diet, this is an excellent choice. At 25 g protein, alongside only 120 calories and 4 g of carbs, this is ideal for dieters, weightlifters, athletes, vegans and more. You really can’t go wrong with NAKED RICE – it is our top recommendation overall.

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2. Zen Principle Organic Brown Rice Protein Powder

Zen Principle Organic Brown Rice Protein Powder

Zen Principle Organic Brown Rice Protein Powder is one of the best organic rice protein choices. It contains organic brown rice protein, and nothing else. It also contains one of the highest amounts of protein per serving on this list.


  • 26 g protein per serving
  • USDA organic
  • The only ingredient is organic  brown rice protein isolate
  • Pure and simple
  • An effect rice protein supplement
  • Mixes easily
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Well priced

Who makes it: This product is made by Zen Principle, a natural products manufacturer that uses sustainably sourced ingredients to create innovative and effective health products. Their focus is on helping their customers achieve better health, beauty and holistic well being through natural products.

Bottom line: This is a good choice of rice protein powder and an excellent choice overall. It has one of the highest per-serving doses of protein of any product on this list. And, it’s made with organic brown rice protein, and nothing else. The only downside is that since it’s unflavored and unsweetened, some people might not like its earthy flavor.

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3. Growing Naturals Organic Rice Protein Powder

Growing Naturals Organic Rice Protein Powder

Growing Naturals Organic Rice Protein Powder is a high-quality rice protein supplement made by a great company. At 24 g of protein per serving, it has what you need to fuel your muscles and give your body the nutrition it needs to excel.


  • 24 g protein
  • Made with organic ingredients
  • Great source of high-quality plant protein
  • Made by a great company
  • Sweetened with stevia
  • Only 120 calories and 5g carbs
  • Great customer reviews online
  • Vegan-friendly

Who makes it: This product is made by Growing Naturals, a large scale health food/supplement manufacturer. For many years, Growing Naturals has been in the business of developing, manufacturing and distributing high-quality health supplements using the purest ingredients possible. It’s a brand you can trust without a doubt.

Bottom line: It offers a rich protein content with a low-calorie count and low carb count. It also utilizes organic ingredients, which is great for those who prefer to eat a more clean diet.

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4. Nutribiotic Rice Protein

Nutribiotic Rice Protein

Nutribiotic Rice Protein offers 12 g of protein per serving. With just 60 calories per serving, it’s very diet-friendly, and its ultra-simple ingredient list is great for folks trying to eat clean.


  • 12 g protein per serving
  • Only 60 calories and 2 g carbs
  • Made with whole grain brown rice
  • Well reviewed
  • Gluten Free
  • A good rice protein powder

Who makes it: This product is made by Nutribiotic, a large scale supplement, and health product manufacturer. Nutribiotic is committed to helping its customers achieve better health through a balanced diet, nutritional supplements, and exercise. They believe that everyone deserves good health, and they develop their products to help make achieving better health easier!

Bottom line: The rice protein dosage is a bit lower than average, but the serving size is also quite small. It comes from a great company, too, so it’s a good choice if you’re looking for a basic product.

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5. Jarrow Formulas Brown Rice Protein Concentrate

Jarrow Formulas Brown Rice Protein Concentrate

Jarrow Formulas Brown Rice Protein Concentrate is a fantastic organic rice protein product made by a great company. It is USDA Certified Organic, and used non-GMO brown rice. At 12 g protein and 60 calories per serving, it’s an easy way to increase your daily protein intake naturally (and affordably).


  • 12 g protein per serving
  • Only 60 calories
  • USDA organic
  • Vegan and vegetarian
  • Non-GMO
  • Vanilla flavor

Who makes it: This product is made by Jarrow Formulas, a Los Angeles, California-based supplement manufacturer. Jarrow specializes in probiotics, but they also produce a wide range of supplements and health products.

Bottom line: It’s made using organic ingredients, which is a plus. On the other hand, several customer reviews said that they did not like the taste, so bear that in mind.

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6. Source Naturals Brown Rice Protein Powder

Source Naturals Brown Rice Protein Powder

Source Naturals Brown Rice Protein Powder is a simple and powerful rice protein powder that’s made by a very reputable company. It contains 8 g of protein per serving, but the serving size is quite small and can easily be doubled. It’s easy to digest, vegan-friendly, and a good overall product, although the protein amount per serving is fairly small.


  • 8 g protein per serving
  • Only 30 calories per serving
  • Made by a good company
  • Made from brown rice
  • Non-GMO
  • Easy way to boost protein intake

Who makes it: This product is made by Source Naturals, a well known and reputable supplement manufacturer based in the US. For many years, Source Naturals has been hard at work creating innovative and effective health supplements.

Bottom line: The serving size is pretty tiny so you’ll want to take more than one serving. It’s also a bit expensive for what it is.

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7. Now Sports Sprouted Brown Rice Protein

Now Sports Sprouted Brown Rice Protein

NOW Foods Sprouted Brown Rice Protein is a simple rice protein powder made by one of the best-known companies in the industry. It contains non-GMO brown rice protein concentrate, and nothing else. Oddly, NOW uses a very tiny serving size of just one tablespoon, which contains just 4g of protein. Obviously you can just take multiple servings to reach the amount of protein desired.


  • 4 g protein per serving (very small serving size)
  • Nothing but pure brown rice protein concentrate
  • Backed by one of the best companies in the industry
  • Good source of vegan-friendly protein
  • Affordable

Who makes it: This product is made by NOW Sports, a division of NOW Foods. NOW is one of the biggest names in the health food and supplement industry, producing hundreds of different products across several segments of the market. They are known for effective, no-frills products that get the job done.

Bottom line: This is a good product at a good price, and backed by a good company. The only downside is the ultra-small serving size used on the product, but it’s easy enough to just take multiple servings.

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8. Orgain Organic Plant-Based Protein Powder

Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein Powder

Orgain Plant-Based Protein Powder is a unique blend of several different proteins that serves as a very popular vegan-friendly protein source. You’ve likely seen this brand at your local health food store or even warehouse club, as Orgain is now quite popular. It contains a blend of rice protein, pea protein, hemp protein, chia seeds, and more to create a balanced, complete protein with a good amino acid profile.


  • 21 g protein per serving
  • Made with a blend of rice, pea, hemp protein + more
  • A very popular vegan protein powder
  • Made by a well-known, reputable company
  • Organic

Who makes it: This product is made by Orgain, a large manufacturer of organic health foods, protein powders, nutritional shakes, and more. Orgain specializes in organic natural protein-based products, so they are able to hone in and really perfect their craft. They are now one of the biggest producers in this niche.

Bottom line: If you’re just looking for a good vegan-friendly protein powder and you don’t necessarily need to stick to just rice protein, this is a good option. It’s a popular product, and a bit more expensive than most on this list, but it’s a good option nonetheless.

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9. Garden of Life Organic Vegan Protein Powder

Garden Of Life Organic Vegan Protein Powder

Garden of Life Organic Vegan Protein Powder is an effective plant protein powder that contains a lot more than just rice protein. It’s actually a blend of protein from several different sources, including rice, pea, sprouts, flaxseed and more. Plus, with added vitamins and probiotics, this nutritional product covers a lot of bases.


  • 22 g protein per serving
  • Protein from several different plant-based sources
  • Added probiotics and vitamins
  • A complete nutritional shake in one
  • Made by a good company
  • Organic

What’s in it:

  • 22 g protein, from a blend of pea, rice, hemp protein, and vegetable sprouts
  • Added enzymes, probiotics, vitamins and more

Who makes it: This product is made by Garden of Life, a producer of organic, non-GMO, and raw supplements and health foods. They focus on using whole foods to craft innovative and effective supplements for their customers, targeting all aspects of health.

Bottom line: This is a good choice that covers a lot of bases, as it contains many of the things you’d want in a nutritional shake. That said, it’s rather expensive for the number of servings it provides.

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10. Sunwarrior – Classic Protein

Sunwarrior Rice Protein

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Frequently Asked Questions About Rice Protein Powders

What Are Rice Protein Powders?

Rice protein powders are one of the best plant based protein powders and are derived from rice (generally brown rice).

Brown rice naturally has a relatively high protein content (for a grain), but it’s also very high carb. Supplement manufacturers essentially isolate the protein from rice via an extraction process.

This leaves you with a powdered supplement that is nearly pure protein, while being low calorie, low carb, low sugar, etc.

Rice protein powders provide a super-easy way to increase daily protein intake, especially if you need a vegan friendly supplement. Rice protein is also a great choice for those who want to maintain adequate protein intake while reducing their intake of meats and other animal products.

They are also useful for everyday folks who need more protein, athletes, and those on restrictive diets such as dairy-free. People who need to stay dairy free have to avoid even the best whey protein powders and casein protein powders because both of those are extracted from dairy sources.

What Are the Uses & Benefits of Rice Protein?

Rice protein is an excellent source of complete protein. It’s an easy, convenient and affordable way to significantly increase your daily protein intake.

With up to 20g or more of protein in each serving, adding a rice protein supplement to your diet can make a huge difference.

Here are some of the benefits of rice protein:

  • High protein content
  • Boosts protein intake
  • Low carb & low calorie
  • Dairy-free
  • Lactose-free
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Many products are organic, GMO-free, gluten-free, etc.
  • Improves post-workout recovery
  • May help strengthen muscles
  • May help rebuild damaged muscle tissue
  • Beneficial for overall health
  • An affordable source of high-quality protein

Protein is important for overall health and serves a number of important roles in the body. While protein is found in a lot of different foods, for some it can be difficult to reach the recommended amount of protein on a daily basis.

This can be especially true for people who follow restrictive diets, like vegans and vegetarians.

Rice protein is also a high-quality protein, with a balanced amino acid profile. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, and proteins are essentially the building blocks of muscle tissue. Since rice protein has ample amounts of the most important aminos, it can be said that rice protein – particularly brown rice protein – has a high-quality amino acid profile.

Another important benefit of rice protein powders is that they are vegetarian and vegan. There are lots of different protein powders out there, the most popular of which are derived from either dairy or meat products.

By using a  rice protein product, you can reap all the benefits of higher protein intake, without having to sacrifice your dietary preferences or restrictions.

Who Can Benefit from Rice Protein?

A wide variety of folks can benefit from taking a rice protein powder. Nearly anyone who wants to increase their protein intake can benefit, but the key groups are listed below.

  • Athletes – athletes put their bodies through a lot more strain than the average individual, and therefore need more protein than average. Protein May help to rebuild damaged muscle tissues and is vital for post-workout recovery. Rice protein can greatly benefit athletes, weightlifters, and anyone who is active. It’s best to use immediately following exercise.
  • Vegetarians & Vegans – folks on restrictive diets will appreciate that rice protein is 100% vegan-friendly. It’s derived from brown rice, and other included ingredients are generally just flavorings and sweeteners. Protein powders are mostly derived from dairy and/or other animal products, so rice protein is one of the better choices for those on restrictive diets. For instance, whey protein is the #1 most popular form of protein supplement, but it is derived from dairy, so it is not vegan-friendly, and can also cause problems for those with lactose intolerance. Rice protein, on the other hand, is 100% vegan and hypoallergenic.
  • Those on a Diet – if you are on a diet or are trying to lose weight, cutting down on your intake of carbs while boosting protein intake can help enormously. While they don’t work in the same fashion as a strong fat burner would, protein powders may help the body feel more full, which makes it easier to avoid snacking and eat a cleaner diet. Also, rice protein powders tend to be very low calorie/low carb, yet still filling due to the high protein content. You can even use protein powder shakes as a meal replacement. Lots of people like to skip breakfast or lunch and instead have a light and nutritious protein shake to help shave off some calories without feeling hungry.
  • Those Eating Clean – if you’re someone who likes to eat a clean and simple diet, picking up a good organic rice protein supplement is an excellent way to increase your protein intake. Many of the products on our list are organic, GMO-free, gluten-free, etc. and many contain raw, unprocessed ingredients.

What Can I Stack Rice Protein Powder With?

Rice protein powders are very helpful on their own, but there are also some beneficial rice protein stacks you can use to further improve the benefits you get. Some options include:

  • Rice protein, creatine, and caffeine for athletes – are you an athlete, weightlifter or bodybuilder? If so, you may want to consider building a rice protein powder stack with a good creatine powder and a form of caffeine. Caffeine makes an excellent and clean pre-workout booster to increase your energy, while creatine is known to help boost athletic performance and muscle endurance. Rice protein is ideal for post-workout recovery because it can help kick start the healing and growth of your muscles.
  • Rice protein, vitamin B12 and omega fatty acids for vegans – if you’re a vegan, there are certain nutrients that you are more likely to be deficient in. Protein is one, but rice protein fixes that problem. Some other common nutrients that many vegans don’t get enough of are omega fatty acids and vitamin B12. If you stack all three of these together, you’ll have a great supplement stack for vegans.



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