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In order to help you find a good product, we’ve researched & compared the best triphala supplements on the market right now.

Top 10 Triphala Products Compared

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1. Organic India Triphala

Organic India Triphala

Organic India Triphala is a supplement that promotes good digestion and colon function. This is made of organic herbs to ensure the potency is as powerful as its original source. Organic India Triphala is naturally made with the blend of haritaki, bibhitaki, and amalaki fruits.

Specs and Highlights

  • 320mg amalaki, 320mg bibhitaki, 320mg haritaki
  • Certified organic herbs
Where to Get It

2. Planetary Herbals Triphala

Planetary Herbals Triphala

Planetary Herbals Triphala is an Ayuverdic herbal supplement that’s known as an internal cleanser. It’s so strong that it can help with all sorts of toxins inside the digestive system, yet it’s gentle. This product is a blend of three wonder fruits such as harada, amla, and betada.

Specs and Highlights

  • 2g of combined chebulic myrobalan, amla, and belleric myrobalan.
  • Proven effective and safe
  • Excellent antioxidant
Where to Get It

3. Himalaya Triphala

Himalaya Triphala

Himalaya Triphala is the combination of amla, belleric myrobalan, and chebulic myrobalan. Each fruit offers various health benefits. When combined, they become a powerful supplement for the digestive system. Himalaya Triphala is naturally processed.

Specs and Highlights

  • 250mg organic triphala extract per serving
  • 438mg organic triphala powder per serving
  • Cleanses the digestive tract
  • No pesticides from seed to shelf
Where to Get It

4. Gaia Herbs Triphala Fruit

Gaia Herbs Triphala Fruit

Gaia Herbs Triphala Fruit is a traditional Ayuverdic formula that uses amalaki, bibhitaki, and haritaki fruits to their full potential. This blend of fruits is naturally processed and formulated to promote health by cleansing the body and detoxifying internal organs.

Specs and Highlights

  • 500mg Triphala fruit blend per serving
  • Gentle detoxification
  • Cleanses body organs
Where to Get It

5. Nature’s Way Triphala

Natures Way Triphala

Nature’s Way is a leading brand that has been popular around the world for many years. Nature’s Way’s product is processed according to its standard. This means it’s made from an organic source and manufactured with fewer chemicals. Therefore, there is less risk of acquiring synthetic materials that reduce the efficacy of the product.

Specs and Highlights

  • 1.5g triphala blend per serving
    • 500mg amla, 500mg behada, 500mg harada
Where to Get It

6. NOW Foods Triphala

NOW Foods Triphala

NOW Foods Triphala is a combination of harada, amla, and behada fruits, which are believed to provide lots of health benefits when taken separately and become a very powerful supplement for the digestive system when combined.

Specs and Highlights

  • 1000mg Triphala of combined amla, behada, harada
  • Potent supplement for good digestion
Where to Get It

7. Solaray Triphala

Solaray Triphala

Solaray Triphala is one of the most widely used Ayuverdic herbal supplements in India and around the world. It’s composed of three healthy fruits such as terminalia chebula, terminalia belerica, and embelica officinalis.

Specs and Highlights

  • 500mg terminalia chebula
  • 500mg terminalia belericca
  • 500mg emblica officinalis
Where to Get It

8. Pure Mountain Botanicals Full Spectrum Triphala

Pure Mountain Botanicals Full Spectrum Triphala

Pure Mountain Botanicals Triphala works to enhance digestive function and other bodily organs. Since the stomach can directly affect blood circulation, kidney functions, and liver, there is a need to protect the digestive system to promote well-being. This product is a blend of amalaki, bibhitaki, and haritaki fruits, which are known to help efforts for digestive problems since ancient times.

Specs and Highlights

  • 500mg of combined chebulic myrobalan, amla, and belleric myrobalan
Where to Get It

9. Swanson Triphala

Swanson Premium Triphala

Swanson Premium Triphala is formulated to promote healthy digestion and normal metabolism. The formula is based on the blend of three wonder fruits such as amalaki, bibhitaki, and haritaki fruits commonly found in India, Nepal, and Tibet.

Specs and Highlights

  • 1000mg of combined terminalia chebula, terminalia belericca, emblica officinalis
  • Excellent for detoxification
Where to Get It

10. Savesta Triphala

Savesta Triphal

Savesta Triphala works to prevent gastrointestinal problems and maintains a healthy colon. This is made possible by the blend of three powerful fruits such as amalaki, bibhitaki, and haritaki.

Specs and Highlights

  • 750mg of combined phyllanthus emblica, terminalia chebula, terminalia bellerica + 375mg of 50% tannins
Where to Get It

Frequently Asked Questions About Triphala Supplements

What Is Triphala?

There are many supplements that you can use to try to become healthy. Most of them are naturally sourced from herbs and fruits. These supplements are sold around the world, but their ingredients can only be found in a few countries. One of these supplements is triphala.

Triphala is a set of fruits found in India. Triphala is a Hindi/Sanskrit term which means “three fruits.” It’s an Ayuverdic herbal combination of three similar fruits taken together without seeds. These fruits are:

  • Amalaki (Emblica officinalis) – This fruit is the gooseberry of India. It’s the most popular Ayurveda wonder since ancient times.
  • Bibhitaki (Terminalia bellirica) – This is known by many people as the Tibetan ‘King of Medicine.” You can find a lot of images and depictions of Buddha showing how he carried around this fruit. This means that it has been long since believed to have health benefits.
  • Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) – This fruit is another ancient healing medium that’s taken and eaten to detoxify bodily tissues, muscles, and blood.

Triphala as a combined formula of the above three fruits and is good for digestion and increases the absorption capability of the colon. Moreover, it improves the metabolism that helps a person’s intestines to work properly.

Aside from improving digestion, triphala may help with weight loss efforts. Since it improves metabolism, fats and carbohydrates are easily converted to energy. As a result, excess nutrients are reused in the body thereby making the body active.

On the other hand, triphala is also known to be a good antioxidant. It cleanses the kidney, blood vessels, liver, and lungs.

According to studies, triphala primarily targets the gastrointestinal area. Even so, the domino effect reaches other areas such as respiratory and excretory systems.

However, triphala has several side effects such as diarrhea, nausea, rashes, and headache. These side effects are the result of the body detoxifying. Since toxins and unwanted substances are being eliminated from the body, they still persist and hurt the areas of the body where they pass through before being excreted. Nevertheless, these are normal side effects that you may experience.

How Do I Take Triphala?

If prepared as tea, add a half of a teaspoon of triphala powder to a cup of hot water. Drink twice a day in the morning and in the evening. In tablet form, take one tablet per day after a meal, or according to the manufacturer’s directions. For liquid extract, pour in a full dropper of triphala into 1 to 2 ounces of water or juice and drink this one to three times a day.

How Do I Pick a Good Triphala Product?

A triphala supplement is usually in the form of tea, tablets, and liquid extracts. Whatever form it is, you should look for the one that’s naturally processed. Although tablets are chemically processed, the label should show that it’s approved by a regulatory body such as FDA or other regulatory bodies in countries where it has been manufactured.

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