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Best Vitamin B12 Supplements – Top 10 Brands for 2022

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In order to help you find a good product, we’ve researched & narrowed down the best vitamin B12 supplements on the market right now.

Top 10 Vitamin B12 Products Compared

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1. Jarrow Formulas Methyl B12

Jarrow Formulas Methyl B12

Jarrow Formulas Methyl B12 is a flavored chewable or dissolvable B12 vitamin made with methylcobalamin, which is B12 with the addition of a methyl group. This form of B12 is easily used by the body and the methyl group contributes to a detoxifying process called methylation. Jarrow Formulas Methyl B12 offers all of the benefits of vitamin b12 you could ask for and uses a quality form of B12 to administer them to you.

What’s in it:

  • One Serving (1 Lozenge) contains
    • 5000 mcg Methylcobalamin (Methyl B12)

Who makes it: Jarrow Formulas is a formulator and supplier of nutritional supplements based out of Los Angeles, California. They were founded in 1977, incorporated in 1988, and now they market their products in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and all around the world. Their nutritional product lines include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbal concentrates, probiotics, enzymes, and enteral nutrition products.

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2. Natrol Vitamin B12


Natrol Vitamin B12 is a powerful vitamin B12 supplement in a dissolvable tablet. It is strawberry flavored, 100% vegetarian, and can be dissolved under the tongue (sublingual) without any liquids to wash it down. Using cyanocobalamin, it is very beneficial to vegetarians and others who may be vitamin B12 deficient.

What’s in it:

  • One Serving (1 Tablet) contains
    • 5000 mcg Vitamin B12 (as cyanocobalamin)

Who makes it: Natrol has been a leading vitamin, minerals, and supplements manufacturer for over 35 years. Their most notable products include their melatonin, 5-HTP, and biotin supplements. They are committed to five strategic principles that guide their brand – Quality, People, Innovation, Customer Service, and Cost-Effectiveness.

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3. Now Foods B-12


Now Foods B12 2000mcg is an affordable B12 vitamin lozenge. They have formulated their B12 vitamin to include multiple forms of the vitamin. They use cyanocobalamin, which is highly beneficial for supporting healthy B12 levels, and methylcobalamin which provides additional detoxifying benefits. They also use dibencozide. Altogether, this product is diverse and provides all of the vitamin B12 benefits offered by each form.

What’s in it:

  • One Serving (1 Lozenge) contains
    • 2 mg (2000 mcg) Vitamin B-12 [as Cyanocobalamin, Methylcobalamin (Co-enzyme Form) and Dibencozide (Co-enzyme Form)]

Who makes it: NOW Foods is a natural supplement producer that has been in the industry since 1968, making it one of the leaders in the industry. They manufacture all of their products in GMP certified facilities, and they make an effort to manufacture their products sustainably. They are partnered with The Conservation Foundation and they participate in forest clean-up days, which shows their commitment to environmental health as well as human health!

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4. Nature Made B12

Nature Made B12

Nature Made B12 is a softgel vitamin B12 product that is made using cyanocobalamin that the body absorbs quickly and easily.

What’s in it:

  • One Serving (1 Softgel) contains
    • 1000 mcg Vitamin B12 (as Cyanocobalamin)

Who makes it: Nature Made is a nutritional supplement producer that has been around for over 20 years. They are committed to providing science-based products and they actively participate in clinical trials, and also support public studies. Their ultimate goal is to help people lead healthier lives.

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5. Garden of Life Vitamin Code Vitamin B12

Garden Of Life Vitamin Code Vitamin B12

Garden of Life Code Vitamin B12 includes a probiotic & enzyme blend that provides extra digestive support, and an organic fruit & vegetable blend that provides natural vitamins and minerals. Overall, this supplement provides a good dose of vitamin B12 fortified with probiotics, enzymes, and natural vitamins and minerals that function as a multivitamin.


  • Uses methylcobalamin
  • Includes probiotics and enzymes
  • Includes natural multivitamin support from fruits and vegetables
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

What’s in it:

  • One Serving (1 Capsule) contains
    • 1000 mcg Vitamin B12 (as Methylcobalamin from culture of Saccharomyces cerevisiae)
    • 60 mg RAW Probiotic & Enzyme Blend
    • 20 mg RAW Organic Fruit & Vegetable Blend

Who makes it: Garden of Life provides non-GMO, raw, organic nutritional supplements that are traceable to the source. They use sustainable facilities and organic farming families to ensure that they are responsibly sourced and produced products. With multiple certifications backing up their brand, Garden of Life is a reliable nutritional supplement producer.

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6. Solgar Methylcobalamin Vitamin B12

Solgar Methylcobalamin Vitamin B12

Solgar Methylcobalamin Vitamin B12 is a sublingual vitamin B12 product that contains a powerful dose of methylcobalamin. It is gluten, wheat, and dairy-free; as well as certified kosher. It’s non-GMO and vegan friendly.

What’s in it:

  • One Serving (1 Nugget) contains
    • 5000 mcg Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin)

Who makes it: Solgar is a nutritional supplement brand that has been around since 1947. They pride themselves on providing their customers with top quality, innovative, and science-based products. Their products are designed with total health and wellbeing in mind.

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7. Doctor’s Best Fully Active B12

Doctors Best Fully Active B12

Doctor’s Best Fully Active B12 is a vitamin B12 supplement that comes in veggie capsules. It is extremely inexpensive and uses methylcobalamin, which provides additional benefits. It is suitable for vegans and helps vitamin B12 deficiency. It’s also non-GMO, gluten free and soy free.

What’s in it:

  • One Serving (1 Veggie Capsule) contains
    • 1500 mcg Vitamin B12 (as Methylcobalamin)

Who makes it: Doctor’s Best is a physician founded vitamin brand that was founded in 1990. They offer more than 200 different products, and most are made with well-researched and branded ingredients. All of their manufacturing facilities are GMP certified.

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8. Seeking Health Active B12

Seeking Health Active B12

Seeking Health Active B12 is a formulated B12 lozenge that uses two forms of vitamin B12 in order to provide diverse vitamin B12 benefits.

What’s in it:

  • One Serving (1 Lozenge) contains
    • 1000 mcg Vitamin B12 (80% as methylcobalamin and 20% as adenosylcobalamin)

Who makes it: Seeking Health is a nutritional supplement brand that is focused on providing supplements that help you optimize your health. They believe in preventative health, and feel that by optimizing your health you are less likely to have health issues in the first place! They support a holistic approach to health through diet, lifestyle, and mental wellbeing.

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9. Source Naturals MethylCobalamin

Source Naturals Methylcobalamin

Source Naturals MethylCobalamin Vitamin B12 is a cherry flavored lozenge that is made using methylcobalamin and is suitable for vegetarians. It contains no dairy, egg, yeast, gluten, corn, soy, or wheat. It also does not use any salt, sugar, starch, preservatives, artificial color, fragrance, or preservatives.

What’s in it:

  • One Serving (1 Lozenge) contains
    • 1 mg Vitamin B-12 (as methylcobalamin)

Who makes it: Source Naturals is a nutritional supplement brand that was created in 1982 to help individuals in their quest towards optimal health. They pioneered the concept of their Wellness Formula, which is the industry’s top immune system support. Source Naturals is committed to a holistic approach to health and produces over 600 well-researched and bioavailable products.

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10. Nature’s Bounty Sublingual Vitamin B-12

Nature's Bounty Sublingual Vitamin B 12 2500mcg

Nature’s Bounty Sublingual Vitamin B12 is a good B12 supplement that is dissolvable, and aids in the conversion of food into energy. It is formulated with cyanocobalamin and and is beneficial for helping vitamin B12 deficiency.

What’s in it:

  • One Serving (1 Quick Dissolve Tablet) contains
    • 2,500 mcg Vitamin B-12 (as Cyanocobalamin)

Who makes it: Nature’s Bounty is the flagship brand of Nature’s Bounty Co., which is a family of wellness brands that provides people with high-quality health products. Their products are manufactured in GMP certified facilities and all subject to strict Quality Assurance Standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Vitamin B12 Supplements

What Is Vitamin B12?

The metabolism is a chemical process that your body relies upon in order to sustain life. It is the process that provides your cells, organs, tissues, and the entire body with energy. The B vitamin family is necessary for the function of your metabolism, and each one provides additional health benefits besides the support of energy production.

One special B vitamin is particularly beneficial to your metabolism, cardiovascular system, digestive system, and overall health. We’re talking, of course, about B12.

Vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin, is a vitamin in the vitamin B family that plays a role in the proper function of the metabolism. It is also needed for the formation of red blood cells, proper neurological function, and the synthesis of DNA.

It is naturally bound to the proteins in vitamin B12 foods and is released through digestion through the activity of protease and hydrochloric acid in the stomach.

Those who have an improper stomach pH may have issues absorbing vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 supplements are water-soluble and available in four major forms. These forms include:

  • Methylcobalamin – Methylcobalamin is vitamin B12 with a methyl group attached to it. A methyl group is a compound that plays a role in a biochemical process known as methylation, which helps convert toxins in the body from insoluble or fat-soluble forms into water-soluble forms. This allows the body to get rid of toxins through excretion (AKA urine). This means that methylcobalamin has additional detoxifying benefits.
  • CyanocobalaminCyanocobalamin is created in a lab and is the most affordable form of vitamin B12 used in supplements. It is generally used for treating low levels of vitamin B12 in the bloodstream.
  • HydroxocobalaminHydroxocobalamin is a liquid injection of vitamin B12 that is created in a lab using a natural bacterial reaction. It helps the body to use fat and carbohydrates to make new proteins in the body.
  • Adenosylcobalamin – Adenosylcobalamin is a form of vitamin B12 that is created through the citric acid cycle. This means it is a naturally occurring form of vitamin B12. It is harder to stabilize and harder to find in supplement form, but it is considered the most natural.

What Are the Uses & Benefits of Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 supports your body’s ability to make hemoglobin, which is a compound that allows oxygen to be transported through the body in your bloodstream. It is also important to the formation of red blood cells, making vitamin B12 highly beneficial to your cardiovascular system. It also is beneficial to your nervous system because it helps maintain healthy myelin, which is a fatty substance that supports nerve function.

It is a very important nutrient and one that is often deficient in modern diets. The following vitamin B12 uses have been observed:

  • Deficiency: Vitamin B12 deficiency is quite common, thought to be one of the most common nutrient deficiencies in the world. A deficiency in this key nutrient can cause weakness, fatigue, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, pale skin, diarrhea, loss of appetite, vision problems, depression, and more. Those most at risk of B12 deficiency include older folks and those suffering from gastritis, anemia, Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, and immune system disorders. Those on restrictive diets, such as vegans, are also more prone to deficiencies.
  • Energy: B12 is needed in the body to convert carbohydrates into glucose for energy. Thus, people with B12 deficiency may experience fatigue and tiredness, and could, therefore, benefit from a B12 supplement. However, those who get enough B12 from their diet are unlikely to notice any effect on energy levels from taking supplemental B12.
  • Memory & Cognition: B12 plays a role in neurotransmitter signaling and nerve health. In old age, the vitamin can help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Again, these effects have mostly been observed in individuals who previously had a B12 deficiency.
  • Mood & Stress: Several of the B vitamins, including B12, have an effect on our mood and stress levels. Clinical trials have found significant benefits in using B12 and folic acid to address symptoms of depression, while B12 may also help to regulate stress. Conversely, a deficiency in B12 can lead to increased feelings of stress and an increased risk of depression and anxiety.
  • Heart Health: B12 has an effect on cardiovascular health. In clinical trials, it’s been shown to help reduce elevated homocysteine levels, which may help to decrease the risk of heart disease. They may also help to reduce plaque buildup in the arteries.
  • Skin & Hair: B12 plays an important role in cell reproduction, a bodily process that is essential for healthy skin and hair. B12 may help to reduce redness and inflammation in the skin and reduce hair breakage. With that said, there is evidence to suggest that elevated levels of B12 may increase the risk of acne breakouts in acne-prone individuals, so keep that in mind.
  • Other Uses: The B vitamins play so many roles in the body, it’s difficult to list them all here! B12 can affect red blood cell production, fatigue, cancer, pregnancy, digestive disorders, and more. Most of these potential benefits require more clinical research.

Most of the benefits of vitamin B12 come from fixing or avoiding a deficiency. While the vitamin can have many benefits, it’s unlikely to offer much to someone who is already getting enough B12 from their diet.

Overall, vitamin B12 is an important nutrient that many of us don’t get enough of. It supports the metabolism, digestive system, hair, skin, nails, the nervous system, and many other aspects of our overall health.

Who Can Benefit from Vitamin B12?

  • Athletes – Vitamin B12 can help improve athletic endurance by supporting the metabolism and ensuring an athlete is getting as much energy as possible from the foods they eat. B12 supplements can also support the production of proteins in the body, which are necessary for muscle growth. On top of the endurance and muscle-building benefits, vitamin B12 supports your cardiovascular health and helps to ensure that your muscles and organs are receiving oxygen from your bloodstream. Inadequate blood supply can cause muscle cramps during exercise.
  • Vegans and Vegetarians – Vitamin B12 comes from mainly animal sources, meaning that vegans and vegetarians B12 sources are fairly restricted. Vegans can take advantage of vitamin B12 foods fortified with B12 such as certain cereals and soy products, but beyond that, vegan sources of B12 are limited. The most reliable sources of B12 for vegans are supplements that help can against pernicious anemia and vitamin B12 deficiency.
  • Those who are older than 50 – After age 50, an estimated 30% of the population will experience a decrease of gastric acid production. This means that your digestive system can no longer extract enough vitamin B12 from your diet, and supplementing with vitamin B12 may become necessary to avoid vitamin deficiencies.
  • Those with Fatigue – Among other things, vitamin B12 is highly beneficial to your metabolism and your ability to utilize nutrients for energy. It helps to convert carbohydrates into glucose, which is energy for your body in a usable form. B12 is also necessary for certain neurotransmitters to signal for your muscles to contract and to support sustained energy throughout the day.
  • Those with pernicious anemia – Pernicious anemia is a condition that is caused by a lack of healthy red blood cells. Pernicious anemia may be caused by a weakened stomach lining or a condition that inhibits your ability to absorb vitamin B12. Symptoms can include diarrhea, constipation, pale skin, loss of appetite, and more.

Are There Any Side Effects of Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 is safe to supplement with and does not have a known upper level of intake, so most people do not experience negative side effects. However, some people may experience headaches, itching, swelling, nervousness, or uncontrollable movements. Always speak with your doctor before taking any supplements featured on this site.

How Do I Take Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 supplements come in the form of lozenges, vitamins, tablets, sublingual tablets (under the tongue), lollipops, patches, and intravenous B12 administered by a doctor. Vitamin B12 is water-soluble so it can be taken with or without a meal and is best taken in the morning. Do not take vitamin B12 with grapefruit or grapefruit juice.

Can I Stack Vitamin B12 With Other Supplements?

  • Vitamin B12, B6, and Folic Acid– A study in 2009 found that this stack can reduce migraine disability by 30%, and reduce headache frequency and severity.
  • Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Omega 3’s, Iodine, Iron, Calcium, and Zinc – All of these nutrients are nutrients that are often lacking in a vegan diet, but are essential to your health. This vitamin B12 stack supports a vegan’s overall health and helps you fight off deficiencies, illnesses, and diseases that vegans are more prone to.

How Do I Pick a Good Vitamin B12 Product?

Unless you are a vegan or vegetarian there is very little chance of you actually requiring a vitamin B12 supplement because you will almost certainly be consuming more than enough in your daily diet.

As an aspiring athlete or bodybuilder, you will obviously be consuming more meat than the average person, meaning that you will be consuming far higher levels of Vitamin B12 than someone whose protein intake is low.

Having said that, if you are insistent upon using a Vitamin B12 product then you may wish to consider purchasing a multivitamin supplement that contains some B12 because this will usually prevent a deficiency from occurring.


Now that you know all about vitamin B12 and what it can do for you, we hope that you feel prepared to make a purchase and start on your path to better health. If you have some time, take a look around our site to explore the rest of our supplement guides.

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