Tools Top 10 Best Protein Shaker Bottles & Mixer Cups in 2022

Top 10 Best Protein Shaker Bottles & Mixer Cups in 2022

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Are you looking for the best shaker bottles on the market this year? Then this is the right list for you.

Choosing the Best Shaker Bottle

If you’re getting serious about your workouts and have started using supplements, such as protein powder, then you’re going to need the best shaker bottle on the market.

These are different from a regular drink container because they have a removable top so you can easily scoop your powder in, a great seal so you won’t be shaking your drink everywhere, detachable parts for simple cleaning and the all-important mixing mechanism that means a smoother, tastier drink.

Before you head out to buy a new bottle, there are some aspects that make one shaker better than the next. Here’s what to look for in a quality shaker:

Qualities of a Good Protein Shaker

  • Good seal – Imagine getting to the gym set for an epic workout, only to open your bag and find protein drink splashed all over your clothing, towel, and shoes. A leaking bottle is a sure way to ruin your day so getting a good quality bottle that is leak and spill-proof is essential.
  • Robust – Your bottle needs to stand up to being thrown in your gym bag, knocked over onto the floor and carried around on your outdoor fitness adventures. Look for solid, well-constructed bottles made of quality materials. Try to stay away from cheap shaker bottles, you may save money right away but you’ll need to replace cheap shakers much more often.
  • Efficient mixing mechanism – There are few things worse than a chunky protein shake with globules of dry powder. The mixing mechanism is what makes the difference between a pleasant and unpleasant protein shake texture. Proven mechanisms are mixing balls and devices attached to the lid of the bottle to help break up powder clumps.
  • Easy to clean – You need to be able to disassemble your shaker bottle and clean all the little nooks and crannies. If you can’t, then you risk bacteria build-up and getting sick. So take note of the structure and materials of your bottle – a dishwasher safe bottle is a major bonus!
  • BPA free – BPA, or Bisphenol A, is an industrial chemical found in some plastics. It has been linked to some health problems like high blood pressure and effects on the brain and prostate gland of fetuses and children. The less BPA in your life the better so keep a lookout for bottles that advertise they’re made without the chemical.
  • Size – Not everyone drinks the same amount of pre or post-workout liquid so take into account the size of your bottle.
  • Good grip – Let’s face it, you’re going to be pretty sweaty after a workout so look for a bottle with a nice feeling grip on it.
  • Design – The design of the cup can be a big factor in some people’s decisions. The colors, texture, graphics and extra features can all impact your decision. There are even customizable shaker bottles that you can get made for yourself.

If you don’t want to shake your protein manually, check out our list of the best protein shake blenders.

Top 10 Shaker Bottles & Mixers Compared

Supplement shakes can have a bad reputation for being gritty and a hassle to make, but choosing the right shaker bottle for your protein shakes and mixing other supplements can help fix this a little bit.

Here’s a list of 10 of the best shaker bottles that will really mix up your powder to create a smooth, pleasing shake you’ll actually want to drink before or after your workout!

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10. Perfect Fit Ultimate Shaker


Description: The Perfect Fit Ultimate Shaker is designed to be used as both a water bottle and a shaker, with a removable mixing mechanism. It’s slim, streamlined and fits in a car’s cup holder but is still large enough for most workouts at 24oz. It’s made of BPA free, eco-friendly materials and is packed full of features.

Brand: Two fitness fanatic friends started their own brand of protein powder that is organic, gluten-free and vegan. The Perfect Fit site soon took off with protein powder recipes and now they have their own Perfect Fit Ultimate Shaker bottle.

Mixing mechanism: This shaker bottle uses a Cyclone agitator, a series of swirling metal circles of different sizes that curl around the straw. The agitator moves up and down the straw as you shake so it gets through all the liquid to obliterate your protein powder. This mixing mechanism is also removable so you can turn your Ultimate Shaker into a regular drink bottle.

Size, color & materials: The Ultimate Shaker comes in 24oz and is available only in opaque white. It’s made of BPA-free earth-friendly materials.

Closing style: The seals are leak-proof and there are two options for drinking, a sip spout and another, wider opening for chugging down your drink when you’re really thirsty or in a rush.

Cleaning: The Ultimate Shaker is an easy one to clean. Just disassemble it and throw it in the top rack of the dishwasher.

Other: It’s leak-proof and odor-resistant, and has an anti-slip rubber base.

9. Trimr Duo Squared Biggest Protein Shaker Cup


Description: The Trimr Duo Squared shaker bottle is very similar to the Perfect Fit Ultimate Shaker except that it’s bigger and comes in more colors. It still works as both a regular water bottle and a shaker bottle and has the same great features as the Cyclone agitator, BPA free plastic and solid construction.

Brand: The Trimr story started in 2011 when two entrepreneurs wanted to combine the functionality and features of a water bottle and shaker bottle. A few years and a Kickstarter campaign later, and the bottle has its own website and is being featured on TV and in magazines. Trimr is all about creating great products for athletes with a team of designers. They’re diligent about experimenting, testing and re-testing their products until they get it right.

Mixing mechanism: The Cyclone agitator spirals around the straw and moves up and down it for maximum coverage. It’s made out of surgical grade stainless steel so you know it’ll slice through those powder particles in your protein shake!

Size, color & materials: The Trimr bottle is much bigger than most bottles at 38oz, available in blue, black, red or grey. It’s made out of BPA-free Eastman Triton plastic that is impact resistant.

Closing style: There are two ways to drink with the Trimr shaker – sip through the flip straw or use the chugger option for quick drinking when you need it.

Cleaning: This is another simple one to pull apart and put in the top rack of the dishwasher. Too easy.

Other: The Trimr Duo Squared is spill-proof, odor resistant and comes with a handy 1-year guarantee.

8. Smartshake Slim Shaker


Description: The SmartShake Slim Shaker stands out from the crowd with its two storage compartments for pills and powder so you can carry your supplements everywhere. It’s designed for life – put it in the freezer or microwave and then throw it in the dishwasher and it’ll stand up to the test.

Brand: One day Swedish born Mikael Bergström was driving to work and shook up his protein drink, only to have it fly everywhere over the back seat. It was at that moment that the SmartShake idea was born. Bergström designed the cup with a focus on quality and usefulness, with its versatile materials and carry compartment, and it soon became a success.

Mixing mechanism: The SmartShake Slim Shaker uses a Snap-on power mixer, which is a  strainer style mechanism that sits at the top of the bottle and filters liquid and powder together. It’s removable so you can put it in the dishwasher.

Size, color & materials: This shaker cup is on the smaller size at 17oz, which makes it compact and light. It comes in nine bright colors and if you buy more than one you can mix and match the interchangeable features to get the color combo you want. The Slim Shaker is also BPA-free and made out of recyclable materials.

Closing style: This shaker cup uses a leak-proof snap top so you won’t get your protein shake all over your car as Bergström did!

Cleaning: It’s dishwasher safe so just pull it apart and throw it in.

Other: The SmartShake Slim Shaker is super versatile because it is both freezer and microwave safe. It has a slim grip, fits in a car cup holder and comes with a clip for secure carrying.

7. Hydra Cup 2.0 Dual Shaker Cup


Description: This is the only shaker cup on the market that has two liquid compartments to cover your pre-workout energy and post-workout recovery needs all in one cup. However, the compartments can also be filled with snacks, pills, ice for a hot day, or storage for your keys and headphones if you’re going for a run or packing light for outdoor activity. It is sometimes referred to as a dual shaker bottle.

Brand: Hydra Cup began as a way of providing pre and post-workout shakes in one container. The brand aims to be unique and motivational and everything is manufactured, designed, and assembled in the USA.

Mixing mechanism: Hydra Cup uses Dual Mix Gridz, two grid-like sieves at the top of the bottle to mash powders and liquids together.

Size, color & materials: With both sides combined this shaker cup holds 28oz. The medical-grade plastic is BPA free and the Hydra Cup 2.0 comes in blue, pink, lime green, clear and black.

Closing style: There are two openings, one for each side, and these are leak proof Lightning Lock Lids with inbuilt Sure Seal Rings.

Cleaning: These shaker cups are good to go in the top rack of your dishwasher.

Other: The Hydra Cup comes with heavy-duty hinges and a loop to attach keyrings or clips.

6. Umoro One Shaker


Description: The Umoro One Shaker is a clear bottle with a colored lid where you can keep protein powder, water enhancements or anything else you like to put with your drink. Best of all, this lid compartment comes with a quick-release button that lets the powder or other additives drop into the liquid. No need to pull everything apart just to combine your shake ingredients! Of course, the Umoro One Shaker can be used as a conventional water bottle too, giving you the best of both worlds.

Brand: Umoro was created by Joseph Ng, who started the bottle as a Kickstarter campaign. From there, it’s taken off as a leading shaker bottle brand because of its unique compartments. The brand is environmentally conscious, offsetting their carbon emissions and choosing to use carbon neutral bioplastics.

Mixing mechanism: The Umoro Ball agitator is a ball mixing mechanism made from EcoZen Bioplastic to retain strength over time.

Size, color & materials: The Umoro One Shaker comes in a 20oz capacity and is available in a number of muted colors that offer a nice, understated change to the usual bright colors of gym bottles. The durable EcoZen Bioplastic is odor, scratch, and shatter-resistant, as well as being BPA free.

Closing style: The drinking spout’s seals are fully rubberized to make them leak-proof, combined with laser precision twist grooves that lock together for a superior-close.

Cleaning: Take the shaker apart and put it in the top rack of the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Other: The Umoro shaker is a clever ergonomic design with a strap to hang on to when you’re on the go. It comes with a one year warranty from cracks and leaks.

5. Vali Stainless Steel Shaker Bottle


Description: The VALI shaker bottle is unique because of its strong, safe stainless steel construction. It comes with a removable top compartment to store supplements, powders or snacks and can really stand up to a beating.

Brand: VALI is a new brand on the fitness scene, with the Stainless Steel Shaker Bottle being their first product. They’re intent on making high-quality products and they guarantee that the VALI Stainless Steel Shaker Bottle is the highest quality shaker bottle on the market.

Mixing mechanism: The VALI shaker uses a built-in powerful mixer to dissolve powders into the liquid.

Size, color & materials: This shaker bottle holds up to 24oz and comes in sleek stainless steel, with a plastic BPA free lid. All materials are food grade in quality.

Closing style: The seal is leak-proof and has a wide opening for easy drinking.

Cleaning: Simply pull the shaker components apart and put them in the top rack of the dishwasher.

Other: The VALI shaker bottle comes with a one-year money-back guarantee so they’ll refund or replace the bottle if you’re not 100% happy with it.

4. Smartshake Signature Series


Description: Just in case the super versatile SmartShake bottle wasn’t good enough, the brand has released a new Signature Series in collaboration with fitness gurus like Ronnie Coleman and Adela Garcia. These shaker cups come in awesome new color combinations with a printed signature and symbol of the athlete they represent on the bottle. The Signature Series comes with a bottom compartment that’s great for powders, as well as a middle compartment that divides into four mini sections for small bits and pieces.

Brand: The Signature Series comes from the SmartShake brand, designed by Swedish Mikael Bergström, who wanted a cup that could stand up to life. All the brand’s shaker cups are leak-proof, microwaveable, freezer and dishwasher safe.

Mixing mechanism: The SmartShake Signature Series uses the Snap-on power mixer for straining together the liquid and powder for clump-free drinks.

Size, color & materials: These are all bigger than the SmartShake Slim Shaker at 27oz. You can get Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler’s bottle in purple and black, Mr. Olympia Phil Heath’s in red and black, Ms. Fitness Olympia Adela Garcia’s in pink and black, or 8 times Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman’s in blue and gold. Materials are all BPA free and recyclable.

Closing style: The Signature Series has a leak-proof, wide opening.

Cleaning: These shaker cups are designed to be hassle-free so all parts can be separated and put in the dishwasher.

Other: These cups also come with a clip for carrying.

3. Promixx: the Original Vortex Mixer


Description: PROMiXX mixers are unique among shaker bottles with the way they have an inbuilt battery-operated blender insider them. This means you can mix up the thickest of ingredients, such as yogurt, thick protein shakes, and chunky fruit juices. It only takes about 10 seconds to get a perfectly blended, smooth drink on the go.

Brand: Like some of the best shaker bottles around, the PROMiXX mixer started from a Kickstarter campaign in 2014 and reached its funding target just 10 days into the campaign. The brand has been going strong ever since.

Mixing mechanism: The PROMiXX mixer uses a battery-operated motor that acts just like a mini blender in your bottle for superior mixing. This is detachable for lightweight drinking and is self-cleaning.

Size, color & materials: Most PROMiXX mixers come in a 20oz size. While the middle is transparent, there are color options for the lid and base in white, black, pink, silver and for a limited time, gold. The mixer’s main materials are odor and BPA free plastic.

Closing style: The PROMiXX mixers boast 100% leak-proof click lids.

Cleaning: These bottles are self-cleaning when you add in some water and detergent to mix up and rinse out.

Other: PROMiXX recently released a new 2.0 version of the vortex mixer with an upgraded motor unit using lithium-ion batteries for more powerful mixing, plus a measurement scale and shiny brushed aluminum finish.

Where to Buy a Promixx

2. Cyclone Cup – Best Shaker Bottle


Description: Widely regarded as one of the best shaker bottles money can buy, the Cyclone Cup makes use of a stationary vortex-shaped mixer attached to the top and has a transparent cup so you can see how mixed up your shake is getting. It also comes with a dry storage compartment for pills, powders or anything else you might need to take with you.

Brand: Cyclone Cup recently burst onto the fitness scene and has a number of patented design features in its best-selling shaker bottle. It now claims that the Cyclone Cup is “proven to mix better than today’s leading shaker bottle”.

Mixing mechanism: The Cyclone Cup mixer bottle uses its own patented Cyclone Mixing Technology which means you have less continuous shaking to do and get a smoother shake at the end. It claims to work better than free-floating mixers because the stationary mixer moves against the flow of the ingredients instead of with it.

Size, color & materials: This shaker cup comes in a 20oz capacity with around 9 different color options. The plastic is BPA free, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Closing style: The Cyclone Cup uses a patented Secure Lock Cap and Screw-Tight lid that is designed to be 100% leak-proof.

Cleaning: As you’d expect, the Cyclone Cup is dishwasher safe.

Other: The stationary mixing mechanism leads to super quiet mixing so you won’t cause a racket at the gym.

Where to Buy a Cyclone Cup

1. Blender Bottle


Description:  The Blender Bottle brand is a favorite among athletes and gym-goers. It has expanded its range so you can find the bottle to suit you, from the first leak-proof, BPA-free Blender Bottle Classic to the ProStak that comes with two container jars and a pill compartment, to the massive Blender Bottle Pro45 that comes with a 45oz capacity. This one is the OG of protein shake bottles.

Brand: Blender Bottle was founded in 2000 and revolutionized the way people took their supplements with the invention of the BlenderBall wire whisk to create smoother, tastier shakes. Since then, the Blender Bottle has been promoted on a number of TV shows and in popular fitness magazines and it is undoubtedly one of the best-known brands of shaker cups available.

Mixing mechanism: Blender Bottles are famous for their BlenderBall spherical whisk, which solved the problem of lumpy protein and meal replacement shakes.

Size, color & materials: Blender Bottles come in a range of sizes, from 20oz to 45oz, and you can choose your favorite color combination from over a dozen options. Blender Bottles are made from BPA free plastic that is stain and odor resistant.

Closing style: The Blender Bottle uses a StayOpen flip cap with a leak-proof seal.

Cleaning: All parts of the Blender Bottle can go in the top rack of your dishwasher.

Other: Blender Bottles have an adjustable carry loop on the lid to attach keys or anything else you need.

Where to Buy a Blender Bottle

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