Herbal Best Marshmallow Root Supplements – Top 10 Brands for 2022

Best Marshmallow Root Supplements – Top 10 Brands for 2022

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In order to help you find a good product, we’ve researched & compared the best marshmallow root supplements on the market right now.

Top 10 Marshmallow Root Products Compared

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1. Nature’s Way Marshmallow Root

Nature's Way Marshmallow Root

Specs and Overview

  • Nature’s Way’s Marshmallow root extract is packed with 960mg of marshmallow root per serving.
  • It has a simple serving size of only two capsules.
  • To ensure that most people would be comfortable, they have used vegetarian-friendly capsules.
  • It offers a very simple ingredient list, with only one other ingredient, which is gelatin.
  • Nature’s Way brand marshmallow root extract is not only organically grown, but is part of the non-GMO project, as well.
  • It comes in a variety of bottle sizes to better suit your personal needs.
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2. Oregon’s Wild Harvest Marshmallow

Oregon's Wild Harvest Marshmallow Organic Supplement

Specs and Overview

  • 850mg of marshmallow root per serving
  • Oregon’s Wild Harvest also has a serving size of 2 capsules.
  • Other ingredients proudly list ‘Pullulan vegetarian capsules and nothing else.’
  • It is also both certified organic and non-GMO.
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3. Bulksupplements Pure Marshmallow Root Extract Powder

Bulksupplements Pure Marshmallow Root Extract Powder

Specs and Overview

  • This brand and type of extract have a serving size of 1200mg.
  • Recommended taking 1/4 tsp twice daily or as directed by your physician.
  • Includes higher measurements for your ease and convenience.
  • BulkSupplements Pure Marshmallow Root Extract Powder comes in a variety of sizes so that it is most convenient for your needs.
  • BulkSupplements offers a more pure alternative to capsules, as there are absolutely no other ingredients.
  • Prides itself on being ‘clean & pure’ with ‘no fillers’ and ‘guaranteed purity’
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4. Solaray Marshmallow Root

Solaray Marshmallow Root

Specs and Overview

  • 480mg or marshmallow root per serving
  • Solaray Marshmallow Root service size is one capsule.
  • Though it does say that it is “Green Screened”, it doesn’t say if it is organic or non-GMO.
  • Comes in a few different sizes to provide you with a product that will fit your needs and wants.
  • It is great if you’re wanting to save a few dollars compared to other, similar brands.
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5. Thorne Research GI-Encap

Thorne Research - GI-Encap - Botanical Supplement for GI Tract Support

Specs and Overview

  • It contains 200mg of Marshmallow Root extract. Also contains 350mg of deglycyrrhizinated licorice (DGL) extract, 100mg of slippery elm (bark), and 50mg of aloe vera (gel, dehydrated powder).
  • The serving size for this brand of marshmallow supplement is 2 capsules with each meal or as directed by your healthcare provider.
  • Thorne Research Botanical Supplement comes in vegetarian capsules to help suit your lifestyle.
  • Other ingredients listed are – hypromellose (derived from cellulose) capsule, leucine, and silicon dioxide.
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6. Nature’s Answer – Marshmallow Root

Nature's Answer - Marshmallow Root

Specs and Overview

  • The serving size is 2 ML (approximately 56 drops) with 15 servings per container.
  • This brand of liquid extract supplement is completely Alcohol-free.
  • Nature’s Answer brand Marshmallow root liquid supplement uses a 1:1 ratio.
  • Other ingredients are only vegetable glycerin and purified water.
  • To use, take 1 – 2ml 3 times a day between meals with a small glass of water.
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7. Gaia Herbs Marshmallow Root


Specs and Overview

  • 1oz size
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Serving size for this product is 30 drops or 1 ml.
  • It comes in a variety of sizes to best suit your needs and wants.
  • This is a liquid herbal extract, which makes it best for ointments and balms.
  • This particular brand contains both water and alcohol, with the alcohol content being “20-30%”.
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8. Swanson Marshmallow Root

Swanson Marshmallow Root

Specs and Overview

  • 500mg Marshmallow Root per serving
  • You need only to take 1 capsule per serving.
  • This hosts a larger ingredient list than some other supplements. Its list includes marshmallow root, gelatin, microcrystalline cellulose (plant fiber), and may contain one or both of magnesium stearate and silica.
  • It has a guaranteed purity and potency seal.
  • This brand does warn that it may delay other medications if taken simultaneously.
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9. Starwest Botanicals Organic Marshmallow Root C/s

Starwest Botanicals Organic Marshmallow Root C s

Specs and Overview

  • The quantity depends on what you buy from their website.
  • They only use the most environmentally friendly growers for their marshmallow roots.
  • This provider offers the biggest selection of marshmallow root, both from sizes and whether you want it chopped or powdered.
  • They also offer a buy-in-bulk savings discount.
  • Perfect for teas or to grind down for pastes and salves.
  • Offers two types of marshmallow plants.
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10. Power Health – Marshmallow Root Powder

Power Health - Marshmallow Root Powder

Specs and Overview

  • Power Health Marshmallow Root Powder is 500mg of marshmallow root.
  • The powder is enclosed in capsules for your ease of use.
  • The capsules for this brand of marshmallow root powder are made of gelatin. (Though it is not specified if it is vegetarian-friendly or not).
  • The only ingredients are the gelatin capsule and the marshmallow root powder.
  • Power Health offers a couple of sizes for your selection.
  • Due to it being a powder, it is one of the more pure supplements/extracts you will find. It is solely the powder and the capsule.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Marshmallow Root Supplements

What is Marshmallow Root?

It may not be surprising to find out that the sweet, fluffy cocoa topping was originally made from the marshmallow plant’s root (sadly that is no longer the case). Though not as well known in the realm of sweets, the marshmallow root still has plenty of shelf life in other commercial uses. Mainly it is found in home remedy and natural health supplement stores.

This is unsurprising, given that is has been used as a medicinal herb for hundreds of years.
Marshmallow root extract is extracted from the marshmallow plant’s root, stem, and leaves. It has tons of medicinal properties.

Most notably, it is used as a demulcent. This means that it is excellent for reducing dry cough and soothing sore throats. (This is due to the fact that it provides a protective film over your mucous membranes, bringing you a sense of relief.

It’s also good to have around the house if you’re wanting a more natural way to help abscesses, bites, burns, skin ulcers, chapped lips, and even tangled hair!

How Do I Take Marshmallow Root?

Though many people prefer to make a tea from the roots to help sore throats and joint inflammation from the inside, there are plenty of external uses for marshmallow root extract. The root extract is great for rubbing directly onto things such as abscesses, and you can make a poultice with it for burns, wounds, and bites. If you choose to use it in an ointment, you can find that you have a wonderful chapstick for your lips.

You can also use marshmallow root extract in ointments for any swelling in your hands and feet. In fact, it is so popular and helps such a wide variety of ailments easily that many practitioners of natural health refer to marshmallow as a polychrest herb. Suffice to say that this is an extract you want in your home.

How Do I Pick a Good Marshmallow Root Product?

What you’re looking for should depend on what you’re needing to help with marshmallow root extract. Look for extracts with dosages and directions you feel comfortable following, as well as extracts that list our your ailment on them. It is easy to find a marshmallow root extract that will work for you, however. It just takes a bit of research and a willingness to check labels.

How Did We Pick These Supplements?

Our core value at Top10Supps is transparency which is why we are open about how we pick the supplements that you just saw. You can read more about our supplement ranking methodology here.

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